Alchemy of Nine Dimensions

Alchemy is the art of understanding resonance, which makes it possible for humans to materialize things by raising or lowering frequencies.
Geomancy is the art of working with the powers of Gaia in order to harmonize with Earth’s frequencies.

According to Quantum Physics, our bodies are much more filled with space than matter.

When we use time intentionally, instead of just floating along day by day like a piece of driftwood, we realize that the past is a data bank that is useful in the present moment, or the “now”. The now is the unique moment in which we can craft our future according to what we already know – the past.

Allopathic medicine should only be used for surgery or diagnosis which are sometimes needed. The drugs bypass the messages your body is offering you and lock the problem deep in your body. The bad feeling goes away because the ailment draws back into deeper levels. Eventually, you become sick, since the underlying cause has not been discovered. Physical ailments are signals of energy imbalances, which can be healed with bodywork, emotional processing, mental reorientation, and spiritual contact.

For example, if your knees or hips are creaky, painful and not bending well, and you take drugs instead of getting your flexibility back by moving these parts correctly, you are already dying in that part of your body. If you put plastic parts in your body, you are plastic in that zone. Of course, some people need to use such parts for a while, yet this should always be the last resort.

Such as water level changes caused by the tides, all biological species respond profoundly to the lunar cycles month after month, since living things are mostly water.

J.S Bell proved in 1964 that two particles that have been split apart communicate by telepathy; they are connected in an immediate and intimate way showing that the universe has consciousness.

According to Satya in The Pleiadean Agenda, as well as to Hunbatz Men, our solar system is being awakened by a band of light – the “Photon Band” – which is transforming Earth’s atmosphere.

Thought travels faster than light, yet love travels even faster than thought.

According to the Ps, Earth is Alcyone’s laboratory, and Alcyone is Earth’s library. The Pleiadian Agenda and this book are records from the Alcyone Library. A new sacred culture – harmonic biology – is seeding in the Milky Way, now that our solar system has returned to a key location in its orbit around the galaxy. When the solar system was in this same location 225 to 250 million years ago, Earth was selected (because it holds nine dimensions in its field) to be laboratory where biological life would be developed for the Milky Way. The P’s say Earth’s new biology will be disseminated in the Galaxy on December 21, 2012, like a dandelion releasing silica filaments in the wind. Only life that vibrates in all nine dimensions will be carried out into the stars.

Stars are cells of the galaxies, just like the cells in our bodies. Star lore reawakens “cellular memory”, memory that is light-encoded in our cells.

Cosmologist believe the universe is flat while space is curved.

From my point of view, space exist in all the dimensions, time is some sort of function that operates differently in each dimension, and gravity is the force behind everything and generates the whole vertical axis.

History tends to repeat itself unless people learn from it, change the path, and fumigate the mist.

According to the P’s, the library on Sirius A transmits the laws of sacred architechture: The science of building stuctures that model 6D geometric forms.

The Greeks noticed that whatever remains in form through time is reflective of the higher dimensions.

Both the ancient Egyptians and the great sages of India taught that yoga is a necessary practice for activating ourselves, because Yogic practice moves our bodies in and out of postures that align us with our 6D M fields.

If you watch cats, they hold yoga postures all day. When they sleep, they seem to be meditating. Cats are very Sirian, which is why the Eqyptians revered them. Doing yoga correctly patterns you with your light geometry, which regenerates your body.

Ayahuasca – the halluciogenic brew

DNA is the mechanism for 6D replication in 3D.

(unfinished – to be continued some day)


2 responses to “Alchemy of Nine Dimensions

  1. Just found this book this evening at a secondhand store…thanks for the insight. Much that you wrote validated some synchronistic happenings I have been experiencing.

  2. quite well put, please continue

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