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A very nice generous guy initialed Onyxguapo have on his Youtube uploaded video list quite plenty some of interesting mind-blowing documentaries videos, divided each into 10 minutes videos, the available movies include so far:

1. The Case of a Creator with Lee Strobel

It raise the question, “Are all these just product of chances?”. The movie shows us in very well animated sequence how wonderful n complex system of life is, which we shouldnt take for granted or else we’d never realize the grandness of life/God(God=Life). Well, truly good work of documentary, the movie made good use of the ability of movies to depict mental pictures/diagrams/sequence in clear imagined way to the audience mind. Top recommended! Hand it down to your(our) children! yay!

My personal conclusion: Life itself is all permeated with supreme inteligence(read: God), Life itself is God (Life=God). The creator itself is within the creation itself, it is not separate entity at all, but one with it. The creator is one with the creation. Furthermore, nothing is created in the first place (so there is no so called creator literally), the all-that-exist from the beginning only just changed form, just as how energy cannot be created nor destroyed, but can only change/take other forms

2. What the Bleep Do We Know?

Wat the Bleep! do we know!?? How far the rabbit hole do you wanna go? Is a movie from the perspective of quantum physics about chances, probability, potentials and the reality itself, packed in the life of Amanda, a divorced photographer.

The movie moves about from nature of realities, how we shape and determines it, relation with God, to emotions and addictions. However, the part that i dun really enjoy bout this movie is the melodrama, especially the noisy glooey party scene at the later half part of the movie. Some controversies also arised out from the movie. Personal rating: quite ok, just the later part of the movie wasnt so enjoyable.

Various things said by various featured individuals in the movie:

Your own thoughts is the shaper your reality, therefore your reality is in your hand, square lap of your responsibility your life is. What is happening inside us will create what is happening outside us. Your brain doesnt know the difference what is taking place out there n what is taking out in here(brain). There is no out there,out there that is independent of what is going on in here.

Atoms are not things, they are only tendencies. The moment you see at it, it is particle, the moment you are not looking at it, it is wave, when you see, it is solid reality, but when you look away it is soup of probability. The observer cannot be ignored…Reality is our possibility, possibility of consciousness itself. I create my own reality!

At the deepest sub-nucleus level of our reality, you and i are litrally ONE! The height of arrogance is the height of control of those who create God in their own image.

Any information that we take in from the environment is always colored by the experiences that we had and the emotional response that we have when we bring it in. No observation is not influenced by the observer. Quantum physics itself is physics of probability. The consciousness is the ground of our being.

3. The Priviledged Planet

(personal review is yet to come)

4. Unlocking the Mystery of Life

(Yet to come)









Well, anyway, here to get them: ‘Beam Me There Bro Lone!

So…like what you watch? If you do, then would be good if you:

1. Share it and spread it around to people. Orally, writtenly, telepathically(hehe), artiscally, online-ly, commercially, n so on

2. Support the movie maker buy buying the DVDs (can have them for your special collection, in order to have more ‘share n spread’, can also serve as your grandchildren’s grandchildren’s sake n inheritance as well, hehe)

3. Support the financially-under-priviledged people by posting/uploading free videos of your own purchased mind-blowing documentary in YouTube(just like what our bro onyxguapo did in favor for us – this guy must be really something, having those videos watched over more than 10.000 times already, hehe, wat great deed you have done, brother…)

4. Any other way you can think of! (Leave comment here if you please)

5. Support me by buying the DVDs from the links above, hehe ??? Dun get it? Well, as amazon.com associate, i can get 10% of the revenue made from my personal link. Interested in becoming one? Here is the link . Let’s get richer bro n sis!


3 responses to “Mind-Blowing Documentary Videos on YouTube – Free

  1. Its a real shame, what the bleep do we know is no longer available on YouTube. A great docu…if anyone finds it elsewhere please post it here.

  2. ^_^, thanks for the comment.
    Well, there is in Youtube:
    (From there, browse to page 6,7, Down the Rabbit Hole is more extended version of the original one)

  3. The worst grammer and punctuation I have ever seen. If you want your reviews and opinions to be taken seriously try spellcheck.

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