Why Men Dont Listen And Women Dont Read Maps


Talking and Listening

– If you are presenting an idea to a mixed group of men and women, it is safer to use a male speaking structure to make your points. Both sexes can follow ‘man-talk’ but men have difficulty following a woman’s multitracked conversations and can quickly lose interest.

– Women, they multitrack!

– ‘Get to the point please!’ is another command barked by men to women everywhere.

– To argue successfully, a man needs to understand that a woman will use words that she doesnt really mean, so he shouldnt take them literally or define them.

Spatial Ability: Maps, Targets and Parallel Parking

-Boys excelled when their right eye was covered so that only the left eye could receive information which was fed to the right brain where most spatial skills are located

-The idea that women have not succeeded in society is only valid when based on the assumption that success by male standards is, or should be, the benchmark for everyone’s success. But who says being a chief executive controlling a corporation, flying a jumbo jet or programming a space shuttle’s computer is the ultimate pleasure of fulfilment?
Men do. Its their standard of excellence, not everyone’s

– Want to persuade a woman to go with a certain set of plans? Show her a three-dimensional version

– Thoughts, attitudes, emotions and other disaster areas

– Male awareness is concerned with getting results, achieving goals, status and power, beating the competition and getting effectively to the bottom line. Female awareness is focused on communication, co-operation, harmony, love, sharing and our relationship to one another. This contrast is so great that it is amazing men and women can even consider living together in the first place.

– Girls want relationships and co-operation, boys want power and status.

– While men have side-by-side friendships based on things and achivement, women have face-to-face friendships based on emotional sharing.

– A million years of not wanting to be seen as a failure seems to be wired into the brains of modern men. Most women do not know that if a man is driving in the car alone, he’d probably stop and ask directions. But to do it when she is in the car makes him feel like he is a failure because he couldnt get her there.

– For a man, listening to her talk about problems is hard work because he feels he is expected to solve each problem she brings up as she talks aloud. He doesnt just want to talk about it, he wants to do something about it!

– Boys will be Boys, But Not Always

– If the public understand that scientific evidence shows that most, if not all homosexuality is inborn, there would be as much interest in a gay rally as there would be in a rally for people with red hair and freckles, a genetic combination that occurs at the same rate as homosexuality. The public would be more accepting of homosexuality and gays and lesbians would not have as many problems with self-esteem, and would not be treated with more dignity, and far less rejection and ridicule. Ignorance on both sides keeps both apart.

– Scientist have shown that homosexuality is an orientation that is unalterable. It’s not a choice.

Men, Women and Sex

– The fact that something may be instinctive or natural doesn’t mean that it’s good for us. The brain circuitry of a moth gives it an instinctive attraction towards bright lights and this allow the moth to navigate at night using the stars and the moon. Unfortunately, the modern moth is also living in a world that is dramatically different to the one in which it evolved. We now have moth and mosquito zappers. By doing what is natural and instinctive, the modern moth flies into the zapper and is incinerated instantly. In understanding their biological urges, modern men have a choice of avoiding self-incineration as a result of doing what comes naturally. (talking about womens’ monogamous and men’s polygamous inclinations)

– A woman wants a lot of sex with the man she loves. A man wants lots of sex.

Towards a different future

– Relationships become rocky when men and women fail to acknowledge they are biologically different and when each expects the other to live up to their expectations. Much of the stress we experience in relationships comes from the false belief that men and women are now the same and have the same priorities, drives and desires.


Lone says: 

Well, indeed a very good book i had came upon it was. I would recommend you buy the book (so that you not only can gain from it but can also ‘share n spread’ it to start making a change!) Many things are covered beyond this excerpt, such as the actual data and research, the laboratory results facts, numbers and diagrams, and many more. The book also discuss in detailed scientific way the way our brain and hormones works shaping our wired-tendency, gays, lesbians, and how all those orientation occurs, and many many more. If you like this excerpt, i would recommend you to buy the book.

Afterall, this was just a personal excerpt, so i just jotted down what was new for me and those infos that i regard needed to be repeated several times to my head before it sticks!, the things that i already knew and had pasted in my mind i guess i didnt write in this excerpt. So this one was not meant to be full substitute of the book, hehe.

Why spread this book? Well, it bridges our misunderstandings towards each other sex. Misunderstandings often create conflict, wars, and disputes. So, you think you want to make this world a better peaceful world? Well, get this book then, read it for yourself, and have the book read by others, and tell that others to spread to the others and so on, hehe.


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