Microsoft Photosynth – Revolutionary 3D Photography

Wew! Take a look at this coming new innovative technology of digital photography!

The idea is to make a seamless literally boundless 3D imaging out of 2D pictures. What a big leap in the field! Very revolutionary way of sharing pictures.

I can’t imagine how complex the operation would be when the similar pictures are in mumble jumble amounting to hundred thousands,hehe, wouldnt that create confusion for us the user? Well, let it be, i guess, let the technology such as internet and photosynth teach human to know when enough is enough, let the greedy ones be exhausted and overwhelmed by their own greediness. But who says greediness is bad anyway? Not me though. Oh man, is this another philosophy pun…? heheheh

Well, nice nice imagine how we then would be able to navigate 3D digital life through clicks n clicks. Thinking how convenient it would be. Wat if such technology is to be applied to online gaming? to virtual reality? to dating and social networking sites? to what else huh would be fun…3D E-book n photo album perhaps? Personal profile photo in 3D?

Hmm..i guess this advancement might motivate the scientist community to research a new kind of camera that can take 3D photos? Well, we will just see what magic will come to us to play with, not magic perhaps i should say, but toys, big-boys-toys, hehe.


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