4 Word Sacred Mantra to Trigger Enlightenment

Source: http://anmolmehta.com/blog/2007/08/27/4-word-sacred-mantra-to-trigger-enlightenment/ 

Written by Anmol Mehta – Mastery of Meditation, Enlightenment and Kundalini Yoga 

4 Word Sacred Mantra to Trigger Enlightenment
Zen Teachings: Advaita Vedanta (non-dualism): Enlightenment

These 4 words are the greatest mantra in the Universe.  If you can chant this mantra sincerely, Enlightenment is yours.  In fact if you can chant this mantra sincerely, you have completed your evolution and nature will no longer include you in the cycles of life and death.  Here is a story to demonstrate the incredible power of this mantra.

Raja Antkarma was a tremendously powerful emperor.  He had performed the Ashwamedha Yagna (where a special horse roams all the kingdoms and if stopped by any king war is declared and the defiant king must be defeated) successfully and was considered the ruler of the known world.  Filled with this great sense of power he summoned his wise court adviser, Guptjeet, and asked him, “Tell me Guptjeet, is there any man on this planet known to you who is more powerful that me?”

Guptjeet, knowing his response was not what the King was looking to hear said, “O Lord, you have performed Ashwamedha Yagna, you have conquered all known kingdoms and are ruler of this world.”

“GUPTJEET! You have not answered my question.  Don’t play games with me.  Give me a straight answer,” barked the King back.

“My Lord, if you insist.  You are not the most powerful man I know.  Zen Master Blumise is more powerful that even you,” replied Guptjeet directly.

The King was bewildered.  A Zen monk, more powerful that him??  This he had to see for himself, so, Zen Master Blumise was immediately summoned to the palace the very next day. 

The next day…

A great hush fell over the entire court as Master Blumise made his way in.  The very atmosphere seemed to get charged as he walked towards the throne.  He moved so gracefully he almost seemed to float in the air.  All the members of the court were mesmerized by this mysterious, gentle, yet obviously self-assured old man.  Even the flowers seemed to turn and bow to him as he passed by them silently.

“My Lord,” said Master Blumise bowing.  “You have called for me.  How can I be of service?”

“Greetings Zen Master,” replied the King, also evidently shaken by the mere presence of the man now standing confidently in front of him.  “I had summoned you here as I was informed that you are more powerful than me.  As much as I hate to admit it, now that I have met you, I have to agree that this is true.  You have no crown, no army, no weapons, no wealth, but, you exude incredible palpable power.  I pray you tell me the secret of this unearthly strength you posses?”

Master Blumise smiled.  Pretended to think for a moment and then said, “Great King.  I will tell you my secret, but, first you must give me what I ask.”

“Ask away,” replied the King, eager to be proxy to this great wisdom.

“So be it, I will tell you… if you give me your kingdom,” Master Blumise requested casually.

A murmur spread through the court.  The King was also taken aback.  He tried to think fast.  “Master Blumise, I cannot do that as I have promised the Kingdom already to my eldest son.  Please ask for something else.”

“Very well,” replied Master Blumise and with a twinkle in his eye asked, “You have a most beautiful queen.  I will tell you if you let me sleep with her.”

The King turned red.  All sorts of violent thoughts coursed through his head, but, gathering himself he replied with as much composure as he could, “Master Blumise! Please you ask too much.  Something else perhaps?”

“Ok,” said Master Blumise obviously enjoying this dialogue immensely.  “I will tell you in exchange for your eyes.”

“No, Master Blu…” exclaimed the King back.

“Ok, just your left eye,” interjected Blumise and before the King could reply he continued.  “You see great King this is why I am more powerful than you.  It is because the following 4 words are true for me and not true for you.  These 4 words are I Don’t Want Anything.  Not wanting anything makes me completely invincible and fearless.  You want and thus are attached to your kingdom, your wife, your body etc.  I am attached to nothing.  I seek nothing.  I want nothing.  Thus, I am untouchable.  This is the secret to not only great power, but, is also the secret to enlightenment.”

Upon hearing these words, Guptjeet was immediately enlightened.  This insight exploded within him and all chasing spontaneously ceased.  All seeking ended.  A great freedom descended on him and he laughed at the comedy of it all.  Enlightenment was always so near and the only thing keeping it away was the ever wanting mind.

Of all the mantras this is one to embrace.  “I Don’t Want Anything!”  If it’s true for you, you are free, if it’s not true, you are still a prisoner.  

Written by Anmol Mehta – Mastery of Meditation, Enlightenment and Kundalini Yoga


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