Reality of Love and Fear

“please use your discrimination and judgment in assessing this material. If something rings true to you, fine. If something does not resonate, please leave it behind, for we would not wish to be a stumbling block for any”.


Our entire universe and everything in it, was created by a God of love to provide us a beautiful planet, created in perfection, for us to experience life in all of its many forms.

But because of manipulation, ignorance, not knowing, we created a world of chaos and fear, and a God of fear. A God who wants vengeance and wrath who will punish us if we do anything wrong and send us to hell to burn for eternity.

That is the illusion, because fear is an illusion. It was created to provide the duality.

Truth: Love is all there is. Love is reality. The saying that love makes the world go round is very true because love permeates everything in our lives, in our world, perhaps without our even realizing it.

Fear is the illusion. Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. Since fear is an illusion, it can also be removed from our world with a thought, a change in attitude or perception.

Since duality is ending, so is the fear or the need for it.

It’s all in the perception, attitude, learned beliefs that were part of the illusion. We have already shown you in the World of Reality and the World of Illusion that things we were lead to believe are true or lies are not what we thought they were.

Leaving you totally disillusioned was not the goal. Helping you find truth was the real or true goal. One can’t find truth unless the illusion is exposed and removed.

To help people understand, to help us remember, we need real truth now.

Providing truth in this section will help remove more of the illusion. This section will be mainly focused on personal issues in our lives that cause us the most trouble…love and fear are major ones.

Truth: We are all part of the One, part of the Prime Creator who created the many universes, and everything that is in existence everywhere, regardless if it is universes, galaxies, solar systems, stars, planets, rocks, trees, animals, vegetation, and beings of every size, shape, color, description, not just humans, but who are all part of the Prime Source to be Co-Creators.

Prime Creator wanted to experience life, and created everything that is, so He/She would be able to experience it ALL through His/Her creations. We are part of that creation.

We each have a fragment of the Prime Creator that is immortal, that can never die, and that is Who We Really Are. Our external bodies may die, but not Who We Really Are.

The Earth is a showplace, a beautiful planet with a diverse variety of people, cultures, religions, animals, birds, trees, plants, vegetation to add to the experience and diversity of life. The more diverse it is, the greater the opportunity to experience a vast number of very different lives on our path to remember Who We Really Are.

What we have on Earth is unique, unusual. Most planets do not have duality or a place to experience the diversity of life in all of its many forms like we do.

In our world of duality, we had many obstacles put in place. One big one was removing our conscious memory of who we really are so we forgot we were part of the One. We did not lose our subconscious memory. On a subconscious level we remember everything that has ever happened to us, in this life, and every other life, back to the beginning of our creation. The subconscious memory is actually our soul essence that goes with us from life time to life time.

In the near future, we will have the veil totally removed so we will be able to remember it all, clear back to the very beginning of our creation.

After each life, we went to the beyond and unlearned some of these errors, and tried again, but with a new experience, hoping that this next one would give us the answers in which we were seeking…to remember Who We Really Are.

We are also provided guides, Guardian Angels, to protect us and help guide us in the right direction.

While living in the World of Illusion we have been lead to believe a lie…that we are born sinners, not perfect, not Co-creators. That we were created from dirt and will return to dirt once we are dead…then to go to our eternal reward or eternal damnation, but only if we believe the right way. Otherwise, we are condemned to burn in the fires of hell forever.

Think about the inconsistency of that statement above. If we have free will choice, how can we be condemned to hell if we commit a sin? A God of love would not condemn or bring us unspeakable wrath, or send us to kill others of his Creation. The lies are obvious.

No one is any more special to the Creation of the One than any other, so why would the Prime Creator send part of His/Her Creation to kill another? Prime Creator allows, it is mankind who does the killing, the harming, not Prime Creator.

The truth: Prime Creator created our Universe and us in perfection. He gave us free will choice. We have lived hundreds of life times to experience life in all of its many forms so we can grow spiritually since our soul essence goes with us each time.

Earth has a huge diversity of times, countries, cultures, religions, races, beliefs. It could not all be experienced in one life time, or even a dozen life times, so it was necessary for us to have hundreds of life times so we could live a full range of experiences.

We are not here just to learn, but to remember…Who We Really Are: that we are all Co-creators of God, who are eternal immortal beings who can not fail. There is no doubt in any of this. We cannot fail at the Ultimate goal. Yes, it might take us many life times to pull it off, but we cannot fail because it was created or planned for us to not fail…ever.

We can take as long as we want. Screw up as many times as we want. Play the game any way we want. Be anyone we want. Remember: free will choice.

By having our memory erased, we were given a severe handicap. But we were also given an inner knowing of the truth. By going within, we could find the real truth.

But through many years of programming, manipulation, learned beliefs, people stopped going within and instead listened to others who tried to tell them something different.

This increased our handicap of trying to remember Who We Really Are.

But think of it in another way, because we had so many handicaps put in our path to prevent us from succeeding, it has made the victory much sweeter, more glorious and triumphant because we won against such incredible odds and handicaps.

Had the road or path to remember been made much easier, the End Game would have been far less victorious.

Nothing worthwhile is ever easy.

Since duality is ending, we have lived this wide range of experiences. We can choose to continue in the illusion or go on to the next level of evolution, to a higher dimension and new and different experiences from what we have been doing for many centuries.

We are now in the time of sorting. Each person was given the choice of what they want to do next, remain in the illusion or ascend.

Since you are reading this, you are probably one of the ones who chose to ascend.

It’s time for Earth to Ascend, for Her to be healed, for all of the Creations on Earth to be healed with Love, not fear. It’s time for us to remember Who We Really Are and see that all of this has been an illusion for us to grow, to experience life in all of its many forms so we could be greater than we were before we began.

It’s also time for us to remember that we create our world with the power of thought, words and deeds. There are no victims or villains. We have been both, the victim and the villain. The Light and the Dark. Rich and poor, prince and pauper. We have done it all, so it is time to move on to greater things.

In order to learn how to be a Co-Creator with Prime Creator, we first had to learn not to be. There in begins the paradox…the Duality, the Yin and Yang. To remember love, we had to experience hate or fear. To remember honor…experience dishonor. To remember success, experience failure. To remember happiness, we experienced unhappiness. To remember joy…experience sorrow. To remember compassion, experience suffering. To remember being a hero or heroine, we experienced being the villain or villainess. To remember abundance and prosperity, we experienced lack and poverty. To remember a world of peace, we had to experience a world at war with itself.

We have done all that, it’s time to end the illusion, end the duality and remember Who We Really Are…Co-Creators with Prime Creator. Remember we are all part of the One.

Is it not said that experience is life’s greatest teacher?

Earth is a free will zone. What that means is anything is allowed…anything.

Unfortunately that allowed some outside forces to come in here and take advantages of that fact. Prime Creator allowed it because it was a free will zone.

Manipulation was done to our DNA, so our connection to Prime Creator was severed. We still had a connection through our spirit or soul, but through this manipulation, we were programmed or conditioned to look to others for answers. These answers were not truth.

Prime Creator sent messengers to us to help us remember: like Esu Immanuel “Jesus” and Buddha, Confucious, Krishna, Mohammed and others.

Prime Creator has again sent us help in the form of the Ascended Masters, those very same messengers are back to correct the manipulations of how their message got twisted and distorted from the message of love and peace that they originally gave.

The Galactic Federation is here to dispel the lies about the UFOs and the cover-up. And to keep us from blowing ourselves up, which we would have done, had they not been up there.

People from the Inner Earth will be returning to the surface to reveal the truth of our past.

You have been shown in other parts of this website how these messages were distorted. Love and peace was the message they all gave…all of them.

You were shown how we were lied to about our ancient history. Our ancestors, who were probably us, knew the connection to Prime Creator. But it later got severed by those who lived in fear who felt a lack, a need for power in their lives and felt they had to conquer, to control, to manipulate. They did this out of fear.

While they were creating fear for others, they were themselves living in fear. Fear that we would wake up, fear that we would remember of our true connection to a God of love, instead of the God of fear and wrath and vengeance they told us we had.

Even though the messages got distorted we still saw through the distortions and lies.

But even the ones who controlled us finally came back to love in our recent history and are helping us remember Who We Really Are. It was a journey for them to remember they are Part of the One of All That Is.

But by allowing this outside force to manipulate us, making it harder for us to remember Who We Really Are, it again made the victory of Light over Dark so much greater.

As Mike mentioned in the Introduction, we create our world, our reality, every minute of every day, whether we do it consciously or unconsciously.

Many people don’t even think about life, they just let life happen to them without being consciously aware that they are creating every part of it on some level.

We are basically made of three parts: depending on your point of reference. Id, Ego, Super-ego; or mind, body, spirit; or conscious, unconscious, super conscious. Father, son, holy spirit.

For the sake of clarity we will take the easiest definitions: mind, body, spirit (soul).

Thoughts are things that create. Words add power to that creation. Deeds add even more.

We experience two basic emotions, love and fear or varying degrees of both. When we focus on love, great things come into our world, into our creation. When we focus on fear, that too comes into our reality.

Since we are actually in 4th dimension now, our creations are happening much quicker now. It’s essential that we let go of fear and negative emotion because fear will not be allowed in the higher dimensions because fear causes chaos.

Our own past is proof of that.

When we think about bills, we get more bills to think about paying.

The Law of Attraction is working overtime now because we are in the higher frequencies now. Like Mike said, the Universe is neutral. It will give you whatever you want or focus on, be it good, bad or indifferent. If all you focus on or think about is negative things, then your whole world will be bombarded with negative things.

By changing your thinking or focus, you can change your world just by choosing love over fear. Remember…every thing negative in your life is based on fear of some type.

Since the frequency and vibrations of the Earth are increasing dramatically, everything that is not based on love is crumbling, falling apart, because fear is the illusion and it can not exist in the higher frequencies.

People in fear see utter chaos in our world today.

People who understand that the world is based on love, not fear, see the world in its true reality…a world that is changing, a world that is ascending to a higher dimension and frequency so that everything that is not vibrating at the love frequencies are crumbing right before our eyes. People who understand this are not fearful for we know this had to happen, that the old had to fall away to allow the new to be created.

What we are seeing crumble are things, businesses, institutions, governments that were not vibrating on the love frequency because they were all based on corruption, greed, and fraud which are all forms of fear…the fear of lack, of not having enough, so they have to take from others. Fear of not being in control, loss of security, fear of exposure.

Only love will remain, and that includes people who have been caught up in the illusion. It‘s time to come back to love, come out of fear for the world of fear is crumbling and will soon no longer exist, not even as an illusion.

Most of our world is and has been controlled by fear, rather than by love, for centuries. Clearing away this fear is part of the cleansing, the healing of the world that we need.

Even love was often used to control others and was rarely unconditional love.

Most people experience the first love in their lives from their parents, provided the parent or parents felt good about themselves and could pass the love on to their offspring.

If the parent or parents were emotionally and or physically abusive, not even then.

For many centuries it was considered a man’s right to abuse his wife and children and it was not anyone else’s business or right to interfere. That is now changing.

This learned belief got passed down from one generation to another, so it was accepted as just the way things are…men are abusers and women are victims of this abuse. It was just their lot in life so they suffered in silence, assuming it couldn’t be changed.

This too was something that everyone experienced, both being the abuser and the abused, until some inner knowing made future generations understand it was detrimental to both the abuser and the abused, and laws were put in place to prevent it, to stop it.

Some of it still goes on, but not as much as it did in centuries past.

More people have equal rights today than we had 100 years ago.

In years past, many families had a lot of children as unpaid hired help. It was not uncommon for women to have a dozen children. I know, I am one of 11, my father is one of 12, my mother is one of 13.

Most people have children today because they want them. Most of them are also not abused or forced to work in factories at a very young age, like they did a century ago.

Yes, some are still abused but not like they were in the past.

Children are still getting mixed messages from parents. How many times in a child’s life do they hear the words, “no”, “stop” “you can’t.” “I forbid”. In most cases those words are done out of love as a way to protect the child from hurting him or herself or others.

I was forbidden to do things as a child and teenager. I rebelled because I was not told why I was being restricted. It was done to protect me. I did not realize it at the time.

It’s the nature of most teenagers to rebel. It’s rare if they don’t rebel on some level.

They are lead to believe they must obey their parents every wish or be punished. Perhaps even disowned if the offense is something the parent can’t overlook or forgive like getting involved in drugs and or alcohol; commit a crime; marrying someone the parent disapproves of; or a girl getting pregnant without her being married. Or even believe a different way than the parent does.

The child does not have free will choice to do anything they want without their parents punishing them in some capacity or even disowning them. To not be forgiven.

This experience reinforces the belief of not being loveable if a person’s own parents put some type of condition to their love and punishes them if they do not obey them.

Romantic love. This one also usually carries conditions. A person has to do or be what ever the other person expects of them…or the love will be withdrawn. Again, free will choice is not allowed in this relationship either, to be able to do anything a person wants and not be punished for it, or have the relationship be destroyed because of it.

People fall in love all the time, or think they do. Most of the time they fall into lust. The love is as fleeting as the wind. The love is not real and can easily be shattered if the image of that love does something different or unacceptable.

Women are often considered the romantics, but traditionally men fall in love faster and harder than women do. Men are more inclined to love unconditionally than women.

When the love dies, or is lost, men are more often totally shattered by the loss.

Many men who have received Dear John letters during a time of war, have been so totally distraught that it caused them to allow themselves to be killed in battle because the pain was simply too deep to bear.

Many poems and songs are written about a lost love.

The movie of “Love Story” was one that affected many people, but it was based on a lost love. Not from dying, but leaving. In the book and story, Eric Segal had the character Jenny die of leukemia, but it was symbolic, of a women who left him…who was dead to him so he killed her off symbolically in the movie.

The Taj Mahal, which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World, was built by one of our Ascended Masters in one of his early life times to a lost love.

Here is another. No greater love can anyone show than to give up their life for another.

Romeo and Juliet, a forbidden love. The movie of “Sayonara“…another forbidden love. In both cases the couple committed suicide rather than live without each other.

The movie of “Titanic” is another story of tragic or lost love.

“Camille” is another one. “A Tale of Two Cities”. “Dr. Zhivago.” “Cleopatra.”

“Helen of Troy” A love that caused a 10 year war.

“Wuthering Heights” “A Farewell To Arms.” “Out of Africa.” “Ghost” all tragic love.

The love of a pet. Pets often show unconditional love more than people do. People don’t call dogs man’s best friend for nothing.

Most of the love stories in history or literature were based on tragic love stories. What real message does that send to people…that even deep special love doesn’t last.

In true unconditional love there are no conditions. It doesn’t matter what the person does, the love remains constant, unchangeable, it can‘t be destroyed.

Some parents have this type of love for a child, that it doesn’t matter what the child does, the love remains constant. But the child does not always know or feel it’s unconditional.

Love of friends. This is also conditional if the person does anything they want. These are often referred to as fair weathered friends. They are friends only if nothing special is asked of them or the friend does not think or behave outside the box

Love of self…primary. Too many people don’t love themselves enough and it shows in how they treat themselves, how they allow others to treat them. Or they treat others.

In order to be able to receive or show love, one must first be able to love themselves first. It’s an age old problem that if a person finds it difficult to love others or feel loved, it is because they don’t love themselves or they feel they are not worthy of being loved.

Goes back to the belief of being a born sinner, of not being loved by parents, or family. Not being able to find love after many failed relationships. Lack of love of self is very often the real cause.

Is it any wonder that people can’t comprehend a Creator who gives us free will choice to do anything we want and not be punished for it when we have been lead to believe by our own experiences with parents, friends, lovers, self, ministers, preachers, priest, rabbis, even the Bible that we are not worthy of being loved?

So even the concept of love carries a degree of fear…fear of losing that love unless we perform or behave according to someone else’s wishes, rules or commands.

That is not free will or unconditional love.

The belief of a vengeful, wrathful God, who punishes us if we disobey, is much more believable because it matches how we interact with the people in our lives from our earliest memories.

If our own parents, love interest, friends, even self, can’t love us unconditionally, how can our Creator grant us free will choice, and unconditional love if no one else can?

Can you see how truly liberating the truth actually is, that our Prime Creator has given us something that no one else in our world has given us…free will choice, to be allowed to do absolutely anything we want, create the most horrible crimes, and not lose that love, because we were created in perfection and this is all an illusion. It’s not real.

We came here to experience life in it’s many forms so Prime Creator will not punish us for doing what we were sent here to do, to experience life to its many forms, even if that life is being someone truly and completely horrible.

There is no sin, there is no judgment.

We can let go of the fear, because we are immortal beings who are loved for Who We Are, and that love will never die, never leave us, no matter what we do.

Everything horrible that has ever happened in our lives, or any life, we did it to someone else in another life time. It’s the duality, so we could learn both sides of it.

Remember…no victims, no villains.

We were all allowed to do these truly horrible things so we could learn, so we could choose to not do them. Not because we were forced to obey, but because we chose to do so. That is what the Prime Creator wants for us, for us to chose to do the right thing, not be forced to comply, which only causes rebellion and resentment.

We knew this when we entered the illusion, that it didn’t matter what we did, we knew we would not lose the unconditional love of our Creator.

That is why we agreed to enter into the illusion because we had that guarantee.

We chose to come here. We knew what the rules would be and have come back time and time again, because we knew we had free will choice and unconditional love. Who in their right mind would keep doing this over and over again if they knew they were going to be punished with hell fire and damnation if they screwed up, especially since half the lives we experienced were on the dark side of life?

The Creator couldn’t get anyone willing to risk the consequences if punishment in the form of hell fire and damnation were assured if the person lived one of the Dark lives.

You can’t have free will choice and punishment too. It doesn’t work or compute.

It’s not a matter of learning the desired behaviors, it’s a matter of remembering them and then choosing to be or do the desired behavior. Nothing is forced…even that is a choice. We all know what these things are. It’s not a matter of learning them. We were created knowing them as truth, yet in order to experience duality, we had to experience both sides of the coin, the good and the bad. Being the prince and the pauper. Hero and villain. Male and female. We came here to experience it all which took many life times.

We could hardly fully experience all these many different lives if we did not have free will choice to experience them fully, and suffer the consequences of man’s laws, not God’s unconditional love. Also the consequences of Universal Laws of cause and affect.

The Universal Law of Attraction…of attracting to you what you think about.

Many are now shouting for world peace. They are sick of war. That is a sign that we are learning to put war behind us. A way to help create peace is given below. I sent this to others and have included it here as well.

Our World At Peace

Dan (twoguns) sent me a special gift: a book, “Conversations With God.” It put a new perspective on many of the things we have been doing that is interfering in bringing home NESARA, First Contact, Second Coming, Golden Age of Prosperity and World Peace that are all right on the edge of manifestation. I want to share it with you and perhaps if we all do this collectively, it will bring them all the rest of the way home.

We are co-creators with God. We create our world. If we want peace, or NESARA, or money, or success, or love, or whatever in our world, then it is up to us to create that into our reality instead of waiting for someone else to do it for us. We don’t do it by begging, pleading or using supplication, but by creating it…first with a thought, then words, then deeds or actions.

Everything in our world is first created with a thought, a dream, a vision. Once that thought, dream or vision comes to mind, then send it out to the universe to create it.

Nothing travels faster than the speed of thought.

Then add power to that thought by the spoken word. Words of faith, belief, gratitude that your vision, thought or dream is a fact and is being created as the words are then spoken …making them a reality.

Deeds. Sharing this vision, thought, dream with others. Two or more in my name gives the thought, vision or dream more power than a single individual alone can create.

Whatever we really and truly want to create can’t be expressed as a want or a need or it will forever more remain a want or a need and not be realized because the Universe will give us what we say we want. If we say we want World Peace or NESARA, First Contact, Second Coming, Golden Age of Prosperity, any or all of them will remain a want. But to say we have any or all of them would be a lie, and both your soul and the universe know it’s a lie.

What to do?

It’s all in the wording. Gratitude is important. Thankfulness and total belief that World Peace, NESARA, First Contact, Second Coming, Golden Age of Prosperity are in fact a reality.

Try this instead. “Thank you, God, for bringing world peace into our lives to stay,” then know, believe, have full faith that World Peace is being brought into our world, instead of it remaining a want or need, and is never fulfilled.

Or expecting someone else to do it for us.

Add in what Sananda suggested. “We suggest taking this idea to the highest level of creative imagination possible. Add color and depth, touch and taste, smell and sound. Make this virtual reality a common one and watch your world change for the better. You all have a part to play and there is no longer any time for procrastination. Time and again we have emphasized the importance of using these tools to create change, we cannot overestimate the importance of it all. Pass these visions along through art and song, dance and love, the highest forms of expression.”

Then try this for another way of looking at NESARA, First Contact, Second Coming, Golden Age of Prosperity.

Thank you, God, for bringing NESARA, First Contact, Second Coming, Golden Age of Prosperity in our lives to stay.

Thank you, God, for bringing us love, harmony, peace, perfect health, joy, compassion, abundance, prosperity, forgiveness into our daily lives to stay.

Since we are Co-creators with God we are thanking ourselves and God while we create it.

Today, being Valentines Day, it seemed appropriate to be writing about love, and one of the messages that came through again from Diane of the Galactic Federation gives us a clearer picture of what our world is becoming through our own creation.


Diane 14-Feb-06

Each day brings forth a new set of possibilities, and the mass consciousness is continually changing. People have a tendency to react to what goes on around them, in a way that goes back eons of time when your strongest instinct was for your survival. With the threats that are now made against various countries that are pictured as a danger to you, it is easy to create an atmosphere of fear and distrust. The peace that you seek sometimes seems elusive and so far away.

There is however a great movement into the Light and it is destined to fulfill your dreams in the very near future. It quietly creates the conditions and opportunity to bring the changes that are necessary so that you can further proceed. As ever, your part is to keep your focus on the outcome and live that vision now. We tell you this often so that you are not distracted by the saber rattling of your leaders. The dark is making its last stand, but it is ultimately doomed to fail.

Have you considered how you will accept the far reaching changes that are due to happen upon Earth? The old is going to be replaced by the new, and already the new energies are bringing the first changes that are needed. In the gradual lifting up the old cannot exist in the higher vibrations and you will become aware of subtle changes that are occurring. On a grand scale you must first realize that the Earth must cleanse itself, and this will become more noticeable as Mother Earth carries it out. The Human Race is also greatly affected, as the time of choice has long arrived and two distinct paths are being carved out.

To those of the Light it is perhaps easy to choose the higher path, as you have been preparing for it for eons of time. However, there are others who are still held down by the attractions of the lower vibrations and they lack the preparation to carry them forward. One major problem for many is that you cannot take your possessions with through to Ascension, anymore than you could at any other time of transition. Ascension takes it a stage further, as some of those souls who are part of your family and friends, have made a decision to stay in the 3D and have no desire to move on as you do.

Ascension means a letting go of all that is of the earthly vibration, as it cannot exist in the higher vibration. It is a simple Universal Law that allows only that which is of the same vibration to be drawn together. Having regard to the rewarding changes that accompany Ascension, there is really no necessity to feel sadness or regret over that which you leave behind. You will have everything you could possibly need to maintain a wonderful quality of life, and want for absolutely nothing. In the higher vibration your needs will in any event change quite considerably to what they were. You will be a free soul able to create for yourself whatever you desire.

On Earth you have been used to acquiring wealth to pay your way through life. That will no longer be necessary as there will be no necessity for payment when all you need is freely available. Health is no longer a problem, as you will be in a body that has been perfected through the affect of the higher vibrations. It will no longer be heavy physical as you experience now, but light and not subject to any adverse affect from outside influences. All around you will be uplifting energies that will interplay with your own, and the most noticeable change will be in the feeling of well being, peace and harmony with all else.

It is as well that you begin to accept that all changes are for good, and trust in the higher forces that have your best interests at heart. Know that God’s plan is perfect, and that it desires for you all that is a reflection of the highest manifestation of God’s Love. Those of the Light have found a way to make the best out of their time on Earth. It has not come without sacrifice, but in their understanding of the higher truths they are able to put it aside.

Dear Ones, there is only one thing that you take with you when you leave the old Earth behind, and that is experience. Love has always been with you, but at times you have allowed it to sink in the morass of the dark energies. Personal love has grown into Unconditional Love, and this is a growth that takes place as you rise higher in the vibrations. Take the time to meditate on these matters and you will find yourself at one with such ideas. They should come naturally to you, as you are returning to the higher state that you left eons of time ago to enter duality.

This cycle is now drawing to a close and everyone has a designated level to go to, and none are left without direction and opportunity to continue their upward journey. Freewill is a marvellous gift that has allowed you to create exactly what you have wished. However this has applied to both the dark and the Light who have fought each other for supremacy. The Light has not always been used in its pure form, and sometimes has been passed off as such simply to ensnare people in the lower vibrations. You have been tried and tested in the fires of conflict and the power battles of Man. Now it is time for all of that to cease, and Heaven has decreed that the end of this cycle now takes place.

I am Diane of The Galactic Federation and like all of my fellow travelers I come to Earth to lift your spirits. I also desire that you see us as your Brothers and Sisters because you are us, and we are you. Our God is Universal and One of Everlasting Love, and our God is your God. We are not strangers, but from one big family that seeks to bring the Light to all forms of life wherever they are. Let us share our love together, and the joy and happiness it brings.

Thank you Diane.

Mike Quinsey.





“…How did this happen? Who’s to blame? Well certainly there are those who are more responsible than others and they will be held accountable but again, truth be told, if you’re looking for the guilty you need only look into a mirror.

I know why you did it. I know you were afraid. Who wouldn’t be? War, terror, disease. There were a myriad of problems which conspired to corrupt your reason and rob you of your common sense. Fear got the best of you…” – V FOR VENDETTA


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