Green Living – Mejiron MyBag

Do you know that in for example Marushoku, you can get gifts and small prizes for bringing your own plastic bag instead of using the cashier plastic bags? Yeah, get extra benefit n be rewarded for treating the Mother Nature nicely!


So how does it work and how should you do it?

1. Bring your own plastic bag to shop at Marushoku or related stores. Hand it to the reji(cashier) and ask for a new card(if you are new). As for the name, probably you can call it “Mejiron”, so just say to the cashier, “Atarashii Mejiron kado wo kudasai.” No any application or fee required of course.

2. The simple card is made of paper and have 20 brachets on the back side for stamping (if a card is filled 20 stamps, you can ask for a new one). So everytime you shop using your own plastic bag, you will get one stamp on it from the cashier. (Don’t forget to hand in the card when you are paying your shopping bill at the cashier!) 

3. Accumulated stamps on the backside of the card can be exchanged for gifts/presents.  Many kinds of small gifts are available, the one that interest me most is a mejiron shopping bag that can be exchanged for 100 stamps.  Where to exchange it? Just inside the marushoku store itself. I’m not so sure the exact location as i haven’t get 100 stamps myself, so just ask the staffs ok?heheh


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