Breaking Through Poverty with Microfinance – Grameen Fdn

For many of the world’s poorest people, access to credit is their golden opportunity to forge a better life for their families with microfinance, a proven poverty reduction program. Since 1997, Grameen Foundation has been working across the globe to help them pull themselves from poverty by starting, sustaining or expand tiny businesses. Breaking Through gives you a glimpse of what this has meant for millions throughout Africa, Asia, the Americas and the Middle East. The 16-minute documentary introduces you to our front line partners and some of the families whose lives have changed through microfinance.


One response to “Breaking Through Poverty with Microfinance – Grameen Fdn

  1. Hi all,

    I’m excited to present you with a program that celebrates the last two Nobel Peace Prize concepts: environment and microfinance. Electronic waste like cell phones pollute the environment (up to 35,000 gallons per phone) and microfinance has been proven to be an effective poverty alleviation tool. In response to these issues and as a fundraising technique The Chiapas Project, a Dallas based 501(c) 3 non profit founded by Lucy Billingsley, created a program called Recycle to Eradicate Poverty.

    In one sentence, we recycle used cell phones to fund microfinance loans to the poor.

    At, we allow anyone who has access to the Internet to get pre-paid baggies and make a difference for free. After entering in your information, we send as many baggies as you want to your address within 3-5 business days so that you can in turn distribute them among events, in offices, to pass out, etc. Each person simply puts their cell phones inside a baggie (up to 5 per bag) and places it into their mailbox.

    Using this process and the support of an organization such as yours, we hope to beat the One Million Cell Phone Challenge. Recycling one million cell phones across America will save 350 trillion gallons of water and allow 100,000 women to rise from poverty through microfinance). Click here to watch our short video or here to wach our longer video on youtube.

    * Would your organization be interested in becoming a partner or ordering baggies from our website?

    I included a few attachments for your consideration: Press release, baggy design, and “What We Do” program explanation.

    Look forward to hearing from you,

    It would be great if you order some baggies and put your used cell phones inside and mail it back to us.

    “Help the poor people and save the environment”


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