Secret Of Eternal Youth




(Have anyone tried this technique? If so,pls share your experiences through the comment)


Written By: Jayne The ancient secret of never growing old. Plus increase sexual energy, psychic powers. Also possible to increase size of breasts if required (or size of penis).

The secret of never growing old was discovered in an ancient Chinese medical manuscript. After being hidden from public view for many years I am now pleased to release part of this knowledge to this Blog’s readers. You must, of course, promise me that you will use this secret wisely and will not divulge the information to anyone else. This is strictly between you and me – okay?

This information is certainly not for general public consumption as, by it’s sexual nature, may offend some people. If, therefore, you do not wish to read further I will understand, simply move on to a blog about crochet, cuddly animals or cauliflowers.

If you are open minded enough to still be with me then, as well as learning the secret of eternal youth, you will also discover:

• How to enlarge your breasts (if female)
• How to increase sexual energy
• How to strengthen ‘private’ muscles to prevent flabbiness in later years
• How, in time, increase your psychic powers
• How to enlarge the head of your penis (if male)

There are also other benefits possible to both sexes who put into practice the methods that follow. Please do not read on if you think the subjects mentioned may upset you in any way – there will be no further warnings.


Welcome to the Inner Sanctum to hear of a secret Chinese excercise that may well alter your life.

Briefly – the ancient Chinese discovered that the body can only function properly if there is a continuous balanced flow of energy. When balanced properly this energy gives perfect health. If there is a deficiency then disease or illness may follow. The manuscript tells of a system of linking energy centres throughout the body, that correspond to seven major glands, and that these regulate the energy flow.

These energy centres can be thought of as small cups, linked to the next one by a tube. As the bottom cup fills, it will overflow and so energy will travel to the next cup and so on. The seven centres support each other. If the lower ones are not full then the highest, which is also a spiritual centre, will not be filled either.

We are going to concentrate on the first centre. This corresponds to the sexual glands – the prostate and testes in the male and the ovaries, uterus and breasts in the female. We are about to stimulate these glands. This action will push energy up through the centres giving many health benefits.

The ancient Chinese text states that if we have strong sexual glands we will never grow old.

The exercise that follows will …
(a) keep your sexual glands strong and
(b) will stimulate your lowest energy centre and so help to fill it with energy i.e. sexual energy.

The exercise is called The Deer. This is based on observations of how deer continuously stimulate their sexual glands by the movement of their tails from side to side. There are two versions of The Deer, one for male and one for female. If possible do them when naked.

The Deer – Female Version.
Sit cross legged, with your back straight. Use a cushion and wall as support if necessary. The heel of one foot must press tightly against the vagina and clitoris. If you are unable to do this use something such as a hard rubber ball to press against the area. This may give you a pleasant feeling due to the stimulation and release of sexual energy.

Rub your hands together vigorously to make them warm. Once warm place your hands on your breasts so that you can feel the warmth permeating your skin. Now rub your breasts in an outward circular motion. Do this at least 36 times working up, with practice, to 306. This action is also said to help prevent lumps and cancer of the breasts.

The breasts can also be massaged in an inward circular motion (i.e. right hand clockwise, left hand anti-clockwise). This, according to the Chinese, will have the effect of enlarging the breasts.

While rubbing it is important to concentrate on feeling the warmth generated in the breasts and genital region. This shows that sexual energy is being created and will build within the body. This is the first part of the exercise.

Now tighten the muscles of the vagina and anus. Hold for as long as you can, relax and then repeat several times. This can sometimes produce a sensation in the genital area that rises up the spinal column to the head. This indicates that sexual energy is moving up through the glandular system. Once the mentioned muscles get stronger, and can be held, this part of the exercise should be done at the same time as part one.

This simple exercise energises the pubic area and helps maintain beauty and youthfulness. It will increase energy in the body and can build your psychic ability. The Chinese claim this will also cure and prevent vaginal & menstrual problems, colitis, haemorrhoids and similar disorders. Note the exercise should not be done during menstruation or if pregnant.

The Deer – Male Version
Again sit cross legged. Rub hands vigorously until warm. Once warm gently cup the testicles with the right hand. Place the palm of the left hand on the pubis area (about one inch below the naval). Rub your left hand firmly in a circular motion 81 times so that warmth can be felt in the area. Then, after warming hands once more, reverse the positions of the hands – again rubbing 81 times, but this time with the right hand. 81 times creates the highest level of ‘Yang’ energy.

When doing the exercise it is important to concentrate on the warmth being generated, almost as a form of meditation.

After completing part one tighten the anal muscles. Hold, then relax and repeat several times As with the female version after practice this may produce a pleasant feeling that will rise up the spinal column to the top of the head.

Once you have gained control over the anal muscles then tighten and hold them while carrying out part one of the exercise.

The male version of The Deer is said to cure and prevent prostate problems and help treat impotence and premature ejaculation. It will also stop you from growing old. Contracting the anal muscles will enlarge the head of the penis which will increase the enjoyment of your sexual activity. Ejaculation should not follow this exercise as the purpose is to store the sexual energy created. Should an erection occur while practising The Deer press down firmly with the thumb, of the hand holding the testicles, on the base of the penis next to the pubis. This will inhibit the flow of blood into the penis and allow the energy to build within the sexual glands.

The Deer is a serious, though simple to learn, exercise that can bring genuine health benefits. It is often carried out as part of a regime that also includes exercises called The Turtle and The Crane as well as what the Chinese call Internal Exercises. Unfortunately there isn’t the space here to expand on this more.

The Deer ideally should be practised twice a day – first thing in the morning and just before going to bed. For most of us this isn’t possible but once a day will bring interesting results – providing done regularly. The exercise increases sexual energy which may well lead to a greater sex drive – which is perfectly natural. Taoism advises, however, to always maintain a reserve of energy. This will lead to strong sexual organs which in turn is part of the secret of continuous, never ending youthfulness.

Try The Deer and then, when you feel and see the benefits, go on to discover the other Chinese exercises I have touched upon. I have personally found them to be of great value and combine them with my Yoga most evenings. A friend of mine increased her breast cup size and recovered her sex drive and energy following her son being born – by practising The Deer. Her partner is delighted.

May you never grow old – you have now discovered the first part of the secret.

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