The Ancient Secrets of Immortality





by John de Akhetaton.

How To Live For A Thousand Years.

“And Adam lived a hundred and thirty years and begat a son in his own likeness, after his image, and called him Seth. And the days after he had begotten Seth were eight hundred years; and he begat sons and daughters. And all the days that Adam lived were nine hundred and thirty years and then he died”

“And Methuselah lived a hundred and eighty-seven years and begat Lamech. And Methuselah lived after he begat Lamech seven hundred and eighty two years and begat sons and daughters. And all the days of Methuselah were nine hundred and sixty nine years, and he then died.”

I am sure many must have wondered at some time what wonderful secret these great men possessed that enabled them to live for nearly a thousand years and also to father children at well over a hundred years of age.

The answer was primarily in their diet. They existed on a frugal diet of fruit and herbs, coupled with regular periods of fasting. This combination brought about perfect health and vitality and the regeneration of their youth.

Man was created to live and not to die. Death is unnatural. The soul is immortal and the spirit is immortal. If the blood is pure and the glandular system is in perfect working order then the body is potentially immortal too.

The ancients achieved perfect health and longevity by:

1. Choosing to live in a warm climate.

2. Taking plenty of outdoor activity.

3. Drinking pure uncontaminated water, free from chemicals and additives.

4. Eating only natural foods.

5. Eating frugally and never over eating.

The body has two main activities: the digestion of food and the renewal of itself. The moment the last morsel of food has been digested, and the stomach cleared, the body sets about renewing its old worn out cells and tissues and replacing them with new ones. In short the body is renewing its youth over and over. In todays modern western society there is almost universal overeating. The body is overwhelmed with food and spends nearly all its time in the process of digestion. This leaves little or no time for renewal and regeneration. Decay and ‘old age’ therefore sets in. Most people are literally eating themselves into the grave.

6. Eating food in its natural state i.e. uncooked.

7. Eating mostly alkaline forming (fruit and vegetables etc) rather than acid producing foods.

Alkaline foods are basically regenerating while acid foods are degenerating. Note they did not eat cereals which, excluding millet and soya, are hightly acidic.

8. Having fruit comprise the majority (60-75%) of the days food intake.

9. Not eating meat or other flesh food. Meat is poison to the body (killed food kills the body) and it is equally poisonous to the soul.

As the old proverb says: ‘You are what you eat’. The aggresive and bestial side of mans’ nature stems from his (unnatural) eating of animal flesh and blood. Man was intended to be a fruitarian and not a carnivore.

10. Regular fasting. Fasting enables the body to cleanse the bloodstream of impurities and toxins. A polluted bloodstream leads to disease and degeneration. A pure bloodstream leads to good health and regenearation – and the maintenance of youth and vitality.

11. Preserving the life force. The sex act was respected and practised solely in its sacred and intended form i.e. for the creation of children. The ancients had sex only once or twice a year.

Here then is the secret knowledge of the ancients that enabled Adam and Methuselah to live close on one thousand years. How tragic that the doctors with their ‘miracle’ modern medicines can offer 21st Century man a lifespan of little more than the paltry ‘three score and ten’ when we could all have immortality.

‘His flesh shall be fresher than a child’s: he shall return to the days of his youth.’ Job ch.33 v.25

This was written by John de Akhetaton.


9 responses to “The Ancient Secrets of Immortality

  1. I am a fruitarian, a total rationalist. God is unreality. I live in reality, there is nothing superior to me. Humans are the highest beings.

    I am fruitarian because it feels good to me.

    Yay!! 🙂

    • If humans are the highest beings, then why are you destroying the earth? Rationally speaking, the reality is that if you continue to destroy your environment & the life that depends on it, one day the earth won’t be able to support all these so-called “highest beings” any more.

    • Wouldn’t this make you God then?

  2. I agree. God is unreality without the direct realization which is trancendental beyond words, thought forms, time and space. Reality is in the Now, not in conceptual thoughts about God.

    • The concept of “now” requires an acknowledgment of abstract ideas that are essentially an incarnation of God.Most of human experience falls squarely into the realm of things that transcend thought words time and space. I would say that those things are representations that are tagged onto this baseline transcendental experience of just “being”. Simply put we are inconstant realization of God. “What isn’t proof of God?” is a much better question than “What is proof of God?”

  3. No one has proved that anyone has lived more than two hundred years so far. However I do believe that a pure diet of mostly fruits, vegetables, grains nuts and seeds is necessary if one wants to live a dis-ease free spiritual life of health and happiness.

    • Why does anyone have to prove it for it to be true? I don’t think the immortals are interested in “proving” they are immortal more than they are interested in “progressing” in their immortal prowess.

    • I agree.But As for proof of certain lifespans, there are serious limitations. We have no way of identifying long lived individuals in indigenous cultures and cultures from antiquity. We are limited to proving life spans on people who live among populations that have lifestyles conducive to disease (“civilized” modern areas who can be subjected to “scientific” tests).

  4. I think you left sleeping off the list. Sleeping is a key to regeneration. It’s when most of our regeneration occurs and constant work without the metabolic rest of sleep will wear a body down no matter pure a diet. Long periods of hibernation as part of the regenerative cycle was also practiced by ancients in tandem with regenerative fasting and meditation to extend biological lifespans indefinitely.

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