Worlds and Dimensions

— Saad Aquarius <> wrote:

“Can anyone explain me the whole dimensions concepts? I want to know how many dimensions are there. What is the limit of knowledge? … A human being can explore
how much? … What are higher and parallel dimensions? … How we shift into 5D after ascension?
.. please reply ..

thank you

Saad !

By: Pholus Aquula Xephyr

I’ll start the ball rolling…. Someone else can add on about the 5th and higher dimensions, as well as alternate or parallel ones, and even vibrations… all very cool stuff, but this is the basics….

What are Dimensions?

Some may get annoyed at my explanation, but I am only being VERY, VERY basic…

First, if you are familiar with physics/mathematics…simple physics, that explain our “physical” world…the world in which “human beings” live, is Three Dimensional… we have width (latitude), Length (longitude) and Height (altitude) …. We live and experience a world of shapes, space, scents, colors, textures, sounds, etc. We relate to things in this way.

The word “Dimension” is a Latin word meaning “measured out”. In other words, “space.” A dimension is a measure of space and the dimension is how it relates
to that space.

Our bodies are 3D, our landscape is 3D, our food is 3D, etc. Everything takes up space and shape. This is living in physicality. We understand and relate to things we can feel, see, smell, hear and taste (utilizing our 5 basic senses). We don’t just see Squares, we also see CUBES, Circles can become Spheres, Triangles, Pyramids, etc. That is living in

So you might say, what is 2D or 1D? We are beyond or above or higher than those dimensions, but basically, consider a “point”, it has no height, no length or width… it is 0D (Zero Dimensions), it doesn’t move, it is it’s totality of existence. Some refer to “God” or “The Source” as the “Zero Point” meaning the point where all Reality Begins or the Source of Everything.

Now consider a “line”. It has length, but that is basically all. That is 1D. It’s interaction with it’s reality is related to the amount of space it takes up.

Now consider a shape like a “square, circle, triangle, etc.” These all have width and length, but no height or depth. If a square or circle was alive and could sense and move it could only perceive you in same way it relates to it’s own reality, as a 2D object. It
could perceive you as having length and width but not as having height/depth… You could stand above the square and it would only relate to the plane of your body, i.e. your foot, as a line blocking it’s path…
the square could go around your foot as though it were an odd shaped 2D object having length and width (longitude & latitude), but it could not move UP (altitude) your body as that would be a NEW dimensional experience for the square. The Square
would need to first realize there WAS an UP dimension before it could learn to relate to it and possibly move UP.

So understanding that we generally relate to our world in 3D we are typically wrapped up in what we perceive from that perspective, and like the “point” who is trapped in the totality of it non dimensional experience or the “square” who limits itself to only
what it thinks it really THERE we often see things as they are presented to us and accept it as “all there is.”

What is 4D? Physicists add “Time” to the 3rd Dimension. So now we have Length, Width, Height (or Depth) and Time. This dimension is also called “Space-Time.”

In general we all do fluctuate in and out of Space-Time, but typically we do not perceive TIME, because time is relative to our physicality. In other words, we perceive time via our 3 dimensional faculties. We see it as linear, or ever moving
forward and with our 3D selves trapped in that movement unable to alter it’s course. We “remember” the past or “contemplate” the future, but we cannot move our 3D selves into the past or the future. We are always in the present no matter what moment of time we think about… we are ALWAYS here, now. The sad thing is, most people don’t truly comprehend that simple fact…. They spend much of their waking life worrying about what MIGHT happen in the future or what horrible things happened in the past, or retreating from things they can’t face by living in their
memories. Our minds ARE capable of perceiving TIME.
Proper control of our thought processes help us to better focus… meditation, relaxation, and understanding all help us to put things in their proper perspectives. The relativity of time is a difficult concept.

Think of this… If you had a twin who was born only seconds after or before you were, you’d generally think of your twin as being the same age (time-wise) as you are, but if you are one side of the Earth and your twin traveled to the other side to live, your twin would then be 1 Day older or younger than you are… Sure you started out as being the same age, but now you are a day different. If your twin travels
back to your side of the planet you are the same age again.

Now imagine if your twin was to travel to the nearest solar system outside of ours; Proxima Centauri, which is about four light-years away. What is a Light-Year? A light-year is a measure of distance. It’s how far light travels in one year. The fastest thing that we know of is light which travels at a speed of 186,000 miles or 300,000 kilometers per second in empty space. To get an idea of how fast this is, light can travel about seven times around Earth in one second!
Astronomers use the speed of light to measure how far away things are in space. They use a unit called the light-year (ly). In one year light travels about 5,880,000,000,000 miles or 9,460,000,000,000 kilometers. That is, about 5.87 trillion miles. Thus, the light from Proxima Centauri is four light-years old when we see it. The light traveling from Proxima Centauri to Earth takes about four light-years to get here. But, at present, we cannot travel as fast as light, so for your twin to travel to the Proxima Centauri (s)he would need to traverse the distance by more conventional means, and the distance plus the speed, plus the length of time it takes is very, very long indeed so you and your twin would be long dead before such a trip could be completed. However, if there was a way to move your twin there without using up time, say, using a transporter which can react in less than a second… then your twin would still now be older than you, because there is still distance between you and your twin and the time it would take to relate to your twin would take, at a minimum, 4 light-years (the time it takes for the light of that start to reach the Earth). Thus you would always have to imagine your Twin being, at the very least 4
light-years older than you, though, (s)he’d really be MUCH, MUCH older, if not already dead, than you are.
That’s way too simplistic, and not even using the proper mathematics… Just understand that as you enter the realm of Time, things work on a different
level of comprehension. You can’t relate to time with your 5 senses or your physicality. For a person in 3D, time just HAPPENS, and happens to them, without any control or resistance on the 3D persons part. A 3D person cannot stop, slow down, speed up or reverse time. However, at times, we can perceive time to have accomplished one of those things. At times it could feel as though it slows down or speeds up or even moves ahead without us realizing it. This is why time is “relative” to the perceiver! It is at moments like this that we actually, unconsciously touch on the 4th Dimension.

So you see, even though we are physically 3D beings, with our mind we do have the capacity to comprehend the 4th Dimension. With that realization, we can then learn how to best relate to it and help it to work for us.

So what is the 5th Dimension? I think I should stop there. I already know some mathematical types will jump all over me for what I’ve said so far… I’m really not trying to teach Physics, only to simplify the concepts in a way that can be comprehensible by even the most unlearned mind.

How many Dimensions are there? Some say 6, some say 11, some say 26 or more.

The basic thing to know is that you should first realize is that you are MORE than your senses, and your capacity to relate to YOUR “Personal Reality.”
First, understand that as a 3D person you live in the NOW… not the Past, and certainly not the Future….
You exist NOW, HERE!

Once you understand THAT you can better control the way you act, rather than “re-act” to your reality. After that you can begin exploring OTHER Dimensions. The explanation of Time was only to help you “Think outside the Box (cube)” as they say… stop being “only 3D” and understand there are OTHER ways to understand reality beyond what we can see, feel, hear, etc. The best way to understand dimensions higher that the 3D is to relate them to “The Spirit” or the Universe.

Add time… step outside of the NOW and see things from a NEW Paradigm and realize that Time is relative. What you see as “happening” doesn’t have to be that way. There are other ways of seeing Time. Don’t be a victim of Time, but rather control time and make it work FOR you. Create your Reality… or Relativity!

Then you can move beyond that to the next Dimension. I’m not that well versed on the higher dimensions, such as those related to the String Theory, etc.

I hope that helps in some concrete way. And remember… We are more than just what is physically perceptible!

EMPHASIS: “We are NOT Human beings on a Spiritual Journey, but RATHER Spiritual beings on a Human Journey”

Pholus Aquula Xephyr
“SUNBOWS” -Shift Happens! GET INTUIT!
“We are not human beings on a Spiritual Journey,
but rather spiritual beings on a Human Journey”


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