Still not using GMail yet? You must be Kidding!

Still using Yahoo or even worse, Hotmail?  Well, once you get to try  Gmail, you would never want to switch back.

Why i recommend gmail? Here are just some of its features that i often use that provides me much more convenience than others:

1. Super fast operation (one click, one flash, you get what you want)

2. No spam generated emails (unlike hotmail)

3. Less than 5-10 seconds delay between the time sent from somebody with the time the email gets to your account! (Unlike yahoo or hotmail you have got to wait so long for minutes and minutes even till half an hour!)

4. Integrated chat capability within the system (even group chat available).  Send instant message to contact list that appear online (no extra sign up, extra window, extra procedures).

5. Switch to GoogleDocs, Google Bookmarks, IGoogle, Google Notebook and many other services easily in just a single click on top part links of the window.

6. Group contacts into group list, insert personal picture to your account which later would be seenable by others, see each conversations and email transactions associated with the person when you click on his/her contact details.

7. Ever growing improvements and features.

8. Easy transition/switching to Gmail. Step by step guide provided, contacts can be exported to Gmail,  incoming emails towards old email can be forwarded to Gmail, contacts can be notified in one go about your new gmail address.


Information below sourced from: Gmail

No more folders, filing or fumbling to find your mail

Email is supposed to be a productivity tool. So why spend time filing messages, then later trying to remember where you put them? And why delete important mail just to stay within some arbitrary storage limit?Gmail makes email easy. With more than 2,500 megabytes of free storage, you never need to throw messages away. And with a powerful built-in Google search engine, you no longer need to set up folders, file your mail, or remember where you stored your messages. Just search for what you want. You’ll not only find the message you have in mind, but all the other messages that are part of the same conversation – arranged in chronological order so you can easily put everything in context.1) The secret is search
Google search is at the heart of Gmail. Fast, efficient, effective. Just type a few keywords into the search box and your message appears. You don’t have to remember where you put your mail. That’s our job.

2) It’s all in how you look at it
With Gmail, you’ll see your messages in context. If there was a reply to a message you sent or received, Gmail will automatically display it in chronological order with the original. This conversation view continues to grow as you respond and new replies arrive, making it possible for you to follow the whole back and forth discussion in one place.

(3) Never lose a message again
You never know when you might need to see a message again. So why delete it? With Gmail, you can store your messages instead. A single click of your mouse moves messages out of your Inbox into a secure archive where you can quickly find them with a simple search. With more than 2,500 megabytes of free storage, you can even keep all your back issues of the Lemur Lover’s newsletter.

(4) Filing email is not the best use of your time
Storing mail in folders with subfolders and nested sub-sub folders is not a productive way to spend your day. What’s the point? With Gmail, you can find an entire email exchange organized as a conversation, just by searching for keywords that appear in any one of the emails that’s part of it. If you want, you can further organize your messages by creating labels for them.



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