Printing Paper Double Sides – APU

Finally! I managed to print out on my materials on both sides of each paper sheet!

It is possible to do so from every public Printing Machine at APU, and it is important to do so!

Even though it would cost the same price nevertheless, but it saves up a lot of otherwise wasted paper! Research showed up that paper consumptions are the highest in offices areas, and that if piled up, it would be a mountain! Even though one person might just waste 3-5 sheets of paper, make it more realistic figure by doing the multiplication and it would turn out to be massive quantity.

So here is the way to print on both pages:

  1. Open the document you want to print
  2. Go to –> File then select Print
  3. Under the print screen you select Printer Properties
  4. On the left side of the printer properties, click on the second icon “Duplex Option”
  5. Select the long edge or short edge according to your need (not simplex)
  6. On the screen you will see the preview of the document have a side that have rimmed, that’s mean is OK.
  7. Click OK, then you can print out your document.
  8. Then Feel great about yourself and tell yourself “I did something to save the world”

Please be kind enough also to spread this information to your friends or whenever you see somebody you know is printing at the public printing machine, please remind them that duplex printing is available.

Also, if you are affiliated with APU System Assistant (SA), please encourage them to spread this info by printing the instruction and paste them at the wall beside the printing machine (i’m currently on progress doing that). 


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