Excerpt: Secrets and Mysteries of The World





Book by: Sylvia Browne
Excerpt by: Johnny Lone

Part I: Mysterious Places


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Easter Island

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Shangri – La

…Francine says that there is a lotus-shaped city in the center of the Himalayas that is inhabited by beigns from outer space. Might these be the Dropa of the stone discs and crystal skulls that were found in the mountains of China?) This mysterious place is also called Shamballa by the local Tibetian inhabitants. According to an article in The People’s Almanac #3 by David Wallechinsky, it is known as the “Hidden Kingdom”, where perfect and semiperfect human beings exist who are guiding the evolution of humankind (i dont want to be harsh, but they arent doing too good a job as far as i can tell; then again, maybe we would be a lot worse off if they werent there)

Shangri-La is supposedly protected from the outside world by psychic barriers and what the Tibetians call “snow guardians.”…

…Shamballa or Shangri-La is also supposed to be the source of the Kalacakra, the highest form of Tibetian mysticism…

…The People’s Almanac reports that “the prophecy of Shamballa states that each of its kings will rule for 100 years and that there will be 32 in all.” As each reign passes, “conditions in the outside world will deteriorate” until the last king saves the world by leading a mighty host against evil….

The Bermuda Triangle

…Francine says that from Mexico to Egypt and from Peru to China Sea, there are vortex points on each side of the equator that interconnect to form a grid of highly electromagnetic areas (there are approximately 12 in all) that cause strange phenomena to occur -not only in these 12 areas but also the interconnecting lines that tie them together. She states that the lines made travel easier for early alien visitors and were also a sort of radio or transmission grid to get information from one place to another quickly on the planet’s surface, almost like the satellite system we use today…

…My doctor friend reported seeing a pyramid with a crystal on top under the water. He tried to get closer to it, but was repelled by what seemed to be an electrical force that went through his body

This I believe wasn’t just because of the pyramid (or pyramids – reports indicate that there may be more than one); the crystals also send out an electromagnetic force. I am sure that in the next ten years or so, we will find the remains of a pyramid with a crystal sphere as my friend saw, probably near Bimini, which is off the coast of Florida. Divers have found what looks like steps near Bimini, but for some reason, there has been no further investigation….

…Francine said that the Bermuda Triangle was and is an intergalactic highway in which people could transport themselves from one planet to another – a kind of “Beam me up, Scotty” experience from Star Trek…

…She said that the only problem is that we don’t have the technology to understand its concepts, or do we know how to get in touch with the planet we are trying to reach so that they can employ the mechanism to utilize it. Imagine getting on an elevator without knowing how to push the buttons – you would just be stuck standing there, not knowing what to do or how to get anywhere…

…Also, many people don’t know that the Bermuda Triangle isn’t the only place where there have been a lot of missing ships, planes, and the like. There is also an area in the China Sea known as “the Devil’s Sea”, which has experienced much of the same phenomena as the Bermuda Triangle…

…An old book by the English explorer Percy Fawcett tells of isolated South American Indians who described great crystals atop ruined and buried temples in the jungles of Brazil. They spoke of glowing columns and shafts of glass and crystal, just like Edgar Cayce, the great “sleeping prophet”, and Francine have…

The Lost Continent of Atlantis

…The eastern part of Atlantis of Atlantis was off the coast of Spain and Africa, and Francine says that the western part extended into the Caribbean and the Yucatan Peninsula, also encompassing the Bermuda Triangle and the Sargasso Sea.

…The continent of Atlantis seems to have first appeared approximately 500,000 years ago, and reached its prime about 12,000 to 15,000 years ago as a very artistic, scholarly, and science-oriented continent – unlike Lemuria, which had a strong spiritual base rooted in its culture (I will talk more about Lemuria in the next chapter). And whereas Lemuria got destroyed because of a natural progression of events by Mother Nature, the highly competitive Atlanteans actually destroyed themselves as a result of their knowledge of atomic energy and nuclear physics.

…what was discovered was that the crystal amplified energy that passed through it.

…Francine said many years ago that Atlantis had three great cataclysms in its history: the first about 50,000 years ago; the second about 25,000 years ago; and the third, which destroyed their civilization, about 12,000 years ago…

…Many think that what happened to Atlantis was much like what I have often said on TV: a polar tilt puts a strain on some land masses along with a planetary shift, causes a crack in the continents. Lemuria and Atlantis both went under due to a polar tilt, and the result was that much of the earth was covered with water.

Atlanteans were experimenting with electromagnetic energy and gravity, which Francine says was a major cause of so much devastation. Normally a polar tilt will only precipitate volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and some land masses to move or crack slightly, but this one was the largest In Earth’s history. (and without stretching it, this could explain why we have the story of Noah and his ark). Most of this “covering of the earth with water” can also be found in ancient Sumerian texts.

Life on Atlantis

There are many theories about what Atlanteans were like. We do not know that their hierarchy basically consisted of two classes: wealthy citizens and slaves. Of course they had their rulers and various councils of elders and advisors, but these were included in the class of “citizens”, most of whom were fairly wealthy, probably in large part due to the fact that there was also a slave class. Interestingly enough, slaves were treated well and respected for their talents – in fact, by today’s standards, they would be called “middle class” – and some even attained wealth in large degrees. Atlantis was a very indulgent civilization, and almost everyone shared its bounty.

People on the lost continents had life spans of 800 years (sounds like Methuselah in the bible) and were 8 to 12 feet tall (the Bible also speaks of giants, in Chapter 6 of Genesis). We might think that these “giants” were only fantasy, but archaeologist were shocked when more than a dozen skeletons measuring 8 to 12 feet tall were found in various locations throughout the world. The diaries of Spanish conquistadors also describe blond-haired giants 8-12 feet tall running around in the Andes during the conquest of the Incas.

Atlanteans’ love for the arts and culture was paramount in their lives, but so was technology – the pursuit of which led to their downfall when it got out of control. The lost continent’s civilians started out pursuing creative endeavors such as philosophy, writing, sculpting, and painting, but they gradually become more technocratic and very commercialized. (on this planet right now, I see a similar situation in that we have both the spiritual faction, which goes along with aesthetics, and highly commercial money-making technocrats)…

…Many theorists (including Granma Ada and myself) believe that Atlantis was a colony of extraterrestrials – some believe they came from the Lyrian star system, while Francine says that it was Andromeda. This possibly explains why Atlanteans could levitate. And perhaps because they were from another planet, that is how they knew how to use Earth’s gravitational fields. They had sky cars, nuclear-powered vehicles, and machines that cooled or warmed entire cities. They knew so much bout the atmosphere that they were able to control it with powerful ionized machines, and they were the ones who constructed the portal in the Bermuda Triangle.

They also had some control over weather, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions, although at the time of their existence, our planet was even more violent in nature than it is today. This control over weather contributed greatly to the Atlantean economy by helping to produce bumper crops that would put our puny vegetables to shame. In addition, their preservation of food was stunning: While under hypnotic regression, one of my clients said that they “saw” the Atlanteans used a type of alum that would preserve food for years and never destroy its taste.

Atlanteans have breathtaking gardens and waterways, almost like a canal system, which went through and around many of their cities. Their homes and public buildings were spectacular in their beauty: Many lived in pyramid-type structures; in fact, the Atlanteans made pyramids the focal point of their civilization. My grandmother and I both intuited that some of their pyramids were holistic center, as well as communication hubs that were used as relay or phone stations form which people could send and receive messages instantly. These structures could be built speedily, using a type of anti gravitational rod, and the technology was carried over to ancient Egypt and other cultures and then lost. Most Atlantean architecture contained many columns and aches, designs that were also embraced by the Greeks and Romans.

People on the lost continent didn’t bury their dead; instead they cremated them, using a type of laser energy focused through crystals. They built large pyramids for healing, again using crystals. Their healing centers had what we might call a massage table today, on which the ill person would lie down, and multiple crystals would be focused on him or her to employ light and color therapy, laser surgery, and magnetic energy. Healing technicians (doctors) would come in with different types of ointment and balms or drugs, depending upon the treatment needed, and use the crystals in the healing process.

Atlanteans also had a type of machine for the rejuvenation of the body that employed electromagnetic energy through crystals, which helped in life extension…and, as I stated, life spans in Atlantis were usually very long. In addition, they used this machine for the diagnosis of maladies, because the person would go into a type of chamber and the machine would “read” the person’s aura, almost doing a magnetic X-ray (but more sophisticated than an MRI) that provided comprehensive pictures of the body.

Artificial organs were used for transplants when needed, but toward the end, when their civilization became more corrupt, Atlanteans began to experiment with animals and humans in bizarre and dangerous ways, even to the point of trying to make man-beast combinations. Francine says that many of our mythological creatures, such as the Satyr or the Minotaur, derived from stories of these experiments. It started with just trying to make different creatures out of two distinct species, but deteriorated from there.

As time progressed, it seems that the Atlanteans used their technology to attain more power, and not just for healing and staying young. As in all things great and small, greed became its own master – so they began to use crystals to enhance their technology and barter more for bigger and better things. It seems that the power of the crystal was then used for destructive purposes such as wiping out groups of people who didn’t please the ruling classes. (Maybe these are the flying machines described in Sanskrit texts, with death rays that wreaked havoc and destroyed thousands of people)….


Lemuria, a continent that existed in the Pacific Ocean around the same time as Atlantis, seems to have become forgotten, even thought it was Atlantis’s spiritual opposite. Lemurians believed that materialism was not an end in itself; instead, they placed more emphasis on healing, art, music, and spirituality.

… Lemurian homes were shaped like pyramids, just like Atlantean domiciles. (You will notice that pyramids show up a lot in this book – after all, look at the tepee of the American Indian: Isn’t it pyramid shaped? This shape seems to be efficient, as it can keep the warmth in and the cold out.)

… Francine says that every 12,000 to 15,000 years, the polar tilt causes continents to rise and fall, so Lemuria and Atlantis will rise again around the years 2020 to 2030.

Part II: Strange Creatures


…A Tulpa, according to traditional Tibetan doctrines, is an entity created by an act of imagination, rather like the fictional character of a novelist, except that tulpas are not written down. [Alexandra] David Neel became so interested in the concept that she decided to try to create one.

The method involved was essentially intense concentration and visualization. David-Neel’s tulpa began its existence as a plump, benign little monk, similar to Friar Tuck. It was at first entirely subjective, but gradually, with practice, she was able to visualize the tulpa out there, like an imaginary ghost flitting about the real world.

In time the vision grew in clarity and substance until it was indistinguishable from physical reality – a sort of self-induced hallucination. But the day came when the hallucination slipped from her conscious control. She discovered that the monk would appear from time to time when she had not willed it. Furthermore, her friendly little figure was slimming down and taking on a distinctly sinister aspect.

Eventually her companions, who were unaware of the mental disciplines she was practicing, began to ask about the “stranger” who had turned up in their camp – a clear indication that a creature which was no more than solidified imagination had definite objective reality.

At this point, David-Neel decided things had gone too far and applied different lamaist techniques to reabsorb the creature into her own mind. The tulpa proved very unwilling to face destruction in this way so that the process took several weeks and left its creator exhausted.

…Through my research, I ran across a group of six people in England who were also able to create a tulpa some years ago. Every night, Marian Hallsley gathered her friends together in order to try to contact the dead. These people weren’t uneducated or frivolous – among them were a journalist, a scientist, a dentist, a doctor and a businessman. After numerous attempts to connect with the deceased, they still had no success. Mediums were even called in, yet on one could manage to contact anyone on the Other Side.

One night Marian had an idea: The group would make up their own spirit! So night after night, this gathering took painstaking details to bring an entity into being. They gave him a birth date, a birthplace (Liverpool), and a name (Edward Howard). His height was noted; as was his exact weight, hair color and mustache. They gave him a wife and two children, and an occupation as a banker; they even determined that he wore a bowler hat and a tweed suit, smoked a pipe, and carried a walking stick. The group began to create a childhood for Edward and imagine his thoughts. As one of the six participants remarked, “WE know more about Edwards than we do about each other.”

One night, after almost a year and a half of constructing the full scope of Edward’s life, the table at which the gathering sate began to move so violently that they all jumped away form it. Sure enough, there was Edward Howard in all his glory! The group, with their unbelievable concentration, had created a tulpa. This story has been well documented – I even talked to Minnie Bridges, who was a student at the Spiritualist college that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle frequented and she corroborated that she had also seen Edward; in fact, many of the area mediums were called upon to get rid of him.

Now, I don’t mean to give you any fear of creating a tulpa, and I should mention that this process only seems to work for those who have too much time on their hands; in addition, the atmosphere and conditions have to be just right. Tibet would be and ideal place because of its mysticism and meditative practices, as would England, for its fog helps conduct electrical energy (in this case, mental energy). So again, the idea that thoughts are things takes on a new meaning!

The Loch Ness Monster

…However no matter how often science debunks Nessie, believers keep popping up and more sightings keep occurring. What is the explanation for this? Well, clearly there is a type of monster – possibly even one with a dinosaur-shaped body and head – but I believe with all my heart that Nessie is a tulpa that has been created by a belief, many books and supposed sightings. She is real, in a manner of speaking, because thousands of thought forms have helped create her.


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The Leviathan

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The Fairy World

…Francine says that there is a subphylum of creatures that helps Mother God keep the world in balance as much as She can: fairies.



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Banshee and Sirens

Francine told me that when someone is going to die, his or her psyche or soul will know that its passing time is imminent. The soul lets out a psychic scream, even before the person passes, and because of the dense air and dew in the British Isles, the “silent” scream is often heard – which has been attributed to the banshee.

The Incubus and Succubus

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…As Francine says, “If you can think of the question, the answer will become available to you.” So read and explore, and you will find enlightenment and the answers to all your questions.

Witches and Werewolves


…Wiccans do employ spells, but true practitioners use them for positive ends, such as bringing rain where there is a drought, healing cattle or livestock, or dealing in herbs and folk medicines to create wellness. People don’t realize that affirmations are actually part of a type of Wiccan ritual – these white witches believe that what we repeat comes to us, and we are programmed for good…


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Vampires and Chupacabras


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I believe that the chupacabra is quite different from the vampire bat – it is actually a creature from another planet that was put there for research purposes and sometimes runs amok.

Children’s Invisible Friends

…Children’s eye are so unclouded by the world that they see the dimension from which the guides come. Yet their invisible friends seem to fade from their reality – I am convinced that life crowds in and pushes them away, or well-meaning parents tell them that they have an overactive imagination. To encourage our children, we should get them to talk about their friends. In fact, our kids can even give us very psychic messages from their guides.

For example, a little boy named David recently told his mother that Marty (his imaginary friend) said that her dad (David’s grandfather) was going home to God’s house. David’s mother did not pay much attention until the next day, when she got word that her father had died suddenly of a heart attack. Likewise, Francine told me when I was staying with my grandmother that my grandpa, whom I loved dearly, had gone to heaven – she even gave me the exact time he made the transition.

You don’t have to probe, but in a conversational or matter-of-fact way, question your child and act interested. I bet you will be amazed at the information that comes through. Don’t be afraid – if we listen to our children, we will enhance their communion with their guides and with God and their angels. Then we will have a group of people who will grow up not feeling so alone, and who realize that God sends emissaries to guide us along the way.


…As Grandma Ada said later, if aliens looked so grotesquely different, they wouldn’t be able to visit our planet undetected. (Here my guide Francine interjects to say that whatever you want to believe is great, but she and all her fellow guides have only seen what are humanlike creatures: Some are tall and some are short; some are dark and some are light; some look Caucasian and some look Asian; and so on. Doesn’t it make sense that this is how they blend in with us? After all, they are walking among us, even in politics.)…

…”Why did you come to us?”I queried. “Maybe someday you will write that we are not here to hurt your planet, but rather to observe and help,” he responded …[excerptor’s note: from the conversation the author had during an encounter with an alien (the alien also turned out to be from those well-intentioned ones, not mentioning the fact that some other alien races are bad -mentioned, such as the Greys and the Reptilians)]

Part III: Unexplained Objects

The Crystal Skulls

…Francine says that, as with the stones of Egypt`s pyramids, we don’t yet possess the technology to tap in to the knowledge that was put in the crystal skulls. Since crystal has always been a conductor) after all, the first radios were old crystal sets), much ancient information was put into the skulls. Francine also says that these artifacts were made by her ancestors – who were very adept at carving and polishing with a white, powdery sand – and they were apparently religious symbols that dated back thousands of years before her birth. These symbols showed Francine’s people two things: (1) Life is fleeting; and (2) we should always honor and remember the dead we will someday join. …

I was also reminded that Francine told me that all the world’s pyramids carried crystals on their apexes because they brought knowledge from the ancients. Even today, we wear crystals because they absorb negativity. And an old Native American tradition that’s been passed down through the ages claims that when we lose our negativity and our shortsighted minds, crystals can be used as instruments for seeing evil things and warding them off, as well as for healing the sick. Are they trying to tell us that crystals can heal? Yes. Are the artifacts telepathic? Yes.

The Ica Stones

…After studying the Ica stones for years and consulting with various geologists and scientists, Dr.Cabrera had his theories. He postulated that a very ancient civilization, which was originally from a star system in the Pleiades, landed on Earth and attempted to colonize it. He also claimed that at that time, this planet was entirely different from the one we live on today. It was comprised of an 80 percent land mass with very little water, and because of the planetary conditions, the atmosphere had heated up considerably. Therefore, he theorized, this ancient civilization tried to manipulate the biological cycles of nature to correct the situation, but the attempted corrections caused massive tectonic shifts, great floods, and the movement of continents (in other words, cataclysmic events that changed the planet’s land masses). With Earth’s stability in question, this ancient civilization prepared to depart for their home planet in the Pleiades. (A large stone in Cabrera’s library shows the hemispheres of that planet having intelligent life and space-traveling capability.) …

…It was also rumored for many years that he had a secret chamber of stones in his museum that he never let the public see. These special rocks held a “message for humankind” that Dr.Cabrera insisted would be let out someday when we were ready…

…Francine goes on to state that the stones were indeed a record left behind by extraterrestrials who inhabited the area millions of years ago and whose effect also extended to Pampa Colorada and the surrounding areas. They also had an impact on very early cultures in not only Peru, but in Atlantis and LEmuria as well, which influenced other highly advanced later civilizations such as the Egyptians. Francine also told me that in about 15 years, humans will be able to tap in to these stones for the information contained therein, which she said functions like computer databases. …

Otherworldly Maps and Instruments

The Piri Reis Map

…Francine, as well as my own psychic abilities, tells me that the map was actually drawn about 12,000 years ago by extraterrestrials from the Andromeda galaxy, who ten gave it to the Atlanteans. From there, it ended up in the library at Alexandria, and copies were transferred before it was burned down. …

The Antikythera Mechanism

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The Pyramids and the Sphinx

… He immediately came back with, “We used antigravity rods from the large spaceships, which would then leave – and in seconds we’d have a stone that was instantly placed on top of another.” He also kept saying that the stones contained imprints of knowledge, much like a library. … [Excerptor’s note: ‘He’ refers to one patient of the author during a hypnosis session that “flipped” during the session.]

The Great Pyramid

… Scientists have tried to x-ray (for lack of a better word) the Great Pyramid with sound, and each time they get a different reading. Francine says that knowledge put there by an intelligence greater than ours is trapped inside the stones, and it will be revealed in the not-too distant future. …

…Oh my God, I thought, this isn’t really a tomb – it’s a symbol of man’s ascent through his lifetime! This logically explains why they never found any mummies buried in the King’s or Queen’s Chamber. It also reminded me of the ancient riddle of the Sphinx: What walks on four legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon, and three legs at night? The answer, of course is the human. A baby crawls on all fours, a young person walks on two legs, and an elderly person uses a crane. …

… As the group I was with ascended higher, we came to a place where the ceiling was so low that it was like a crawl space. After bending down and getting through, we emerged in the King’s Chamber, where only an open sarcophagus stared at us. Rebirth, I realized. The open sarcophagus symbolizes rebirth. We climb through life, through good times and bad; keep on going, no matter how difficult it gets; and then are reborn until our final death here on Earth – at which point, we are released to go to the Other Side. This is a real temple of worship and knowledge, I thought, and Francine said, “Very good! Now you are getting it.”…

…I descended, suddenly feeling so vibrant and energized – especially after I stayed in the King’s Chamber with the sarcophagus, which greatly reverberated with positive psychic energy, thoughts, songs, rituals and prayers. …

… Regardless of what you believe, the Great Pyramid is a mystical place, and no one ever comes out feeling the same. After all the trips I’ve made there, I have a file cabinet full of hundreds of people’s accounts of the life-changing experiences they had. Some folks I have taken with me have even been physically healed in the King’s Chamber. The first time I went to Egypt, as I mentioned before, I took about 80 people, but on my next trip I took 275, many of whom experienced great cures. Take Nan, for instance: “I had migraines for 20 years, but after coming down from the King’s Chamber, I haven’t had a headache since.”…

The Sphinx

… Francine dropped a bombshell when she told me that the Ark of the Covenant is buried beneath what is left of the Sphinx. (After all, what better place to hide the Ark than beneath the Sphinx, where no one would think to look for it?) Since the Ark was made of wood and gold, it conducted some kind of electrical current because it housed so many secrets about life and how it should be lived. It even contained plans on how the Sphinx and Egyptian pyramids were built – it was almost like a small reference library…

…Dr.Zahi Hawass told Abass and me that some Egyptologists were beginning to look beneath the Sphinx and had found a hidden room, but there was some problem or diplomatic confusion that was holding up the excavation.

Abass said, “Sylvia, the fact that you knew there was a room beneath the Sphinx is remarkable, especially when no one heretofore believed that anything was there.”

Someday I know they will find the Ark there. Maybe the tables are in it, but even if they aren’t, I am convinced that there is enough evidence to prove its authenticity – and this theory. …

Other Pyramids and Tombs

… Francine says that if you look at a map, you will see that pyramids form a triangle form the jungles of the Yucatan in Mexico to Peru to Giza; they were also used as a sort of telegraph station. She said that in the beginning, all the pyramids had crystals on top (which have eroded over time), and that is how the ancient people communicated with each other. …

… It seems that those who have questioned popular theories have either been blackballed or called downright frauds. Such was the case with Michael Cremo, who put together a controversial documentary challenging the building of the Egyptian pyramids. When his film was aired, NBC was deluged with calls by scientists who called him a completely unscientific sham.

Dr.Virginia Steen – McIntyre was another maverick who offered controversial data what wasn’t unlike that of Hart and Cremo. She was asked to retract her information, and when she refused, she lost her job at an American university. Scientists today are much like doctors – that is, their organizations hold a lot of power to suppress new information and truths, … [Excerptor’s note: Bold is special emphasis particularly made by me, the excerptor. Also take into consideration rumors that cures to great diseases such as AIDS, cancers was found by some sincere scientific individuals but was greatly suppressed by the medical community, so as to make profit from ever-growing sick population, what the heck INSANITY!!!]

… Aliens interacted with ancient humans because primitive people already believed that God came from the sky, so it wasn’t unusual for them to accept extraterrestrial visits. However, after the advent of the One God, an alien might have appeared to Moses in a burning bush, but that was about the end of it, except for Elijah, who “went up to heaven” in a “chariot of fire.” (2 Kings 2:11). Many scientists have tried to duplicate the way Elijah’s journey was described in the Bible, and they came up with a machine that looked like a space vehicle, but they didn’t know how to make it go. …

… Francine says that extraterrestrials colonized us – … Later on, I was floored to discover that Edgar Cayce had said the same thing as Francine…

…Francine did say that anyone who comes to this planet is the bravest of the brave and learns faster than anywhere else because this is the insane asylum of the universe…

Crop Circles

…Do not believe all that you hear from televisions, newspapers, magazines, and the like. If you do, you will often miss the truth. Being under constant media scrutiny myself, I know firsthand how many mistakes the press in general makes by jumping quickly without proper investigation. I have many friends who are celebrities and many who are scientific researchers, and the horror stories they have related to me about misrepresentation, misreporting of facts and downright lies are mind-boggling.

This entire journalism profession has one big problem that they try to push under the rug, but cant – and that is that they are in their business for profit. This results in stories being released quickly in order to “scoop” the competition, which then leads to falsehoods and poor research. It also culminates in stories being fabricated, pictures being falsified, quotes being misrepresented or made up, and a general unprincipled attitude. …

… Crop circles have been discovered mostly in barley and wheat crops, but they have appeared in corn, oats, canola, grass, rice fields, trees, sand, and even snow. They have been found in more than 70 countries around the globe – many near ancient or sacred sites. Inexplicably, many farmers have reported greater yields (a 30 to 40 percent increase in their crops in the years following the appearance of formations in their fields. …

…Francine says that not only are they (the extraterrestrials) trying to communicate by symbols, but they are also trying to show where they are from in the galaxy…

Part IV: Mystic Phenomena

Spontaneous Human Combustion

…She (Francine) said that SHC is caused by a buildup of phosphorous, which is highly flammable – that is what causes the body to implode upon itself and start burning from the inside out. …

…It is interesting to note that phosphorous burns with high heat and intensity, as do most metals, such as sodium (just expose some to the air and see what happens and magnesium. This would explain why, if the body did start to incinerate inside, the power of the fire would literally burn up the body, but not necessarily any of the surrounding area, as the intensity would immediately cease once the phosphorous in the body was gone. …

Kinetic Energy and Auras

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Voodoo, Astrology, and Shamans


…Devlin began to explain that voodoo was a religious practice that was very old and had existed in Africa for longer than recorded history. Followers believe that anything in nature carries energy (somewhat like the Wiccan belief), and the religion deals with spirits of the dead. …

… belief is a powerful thing, and if people feel as if they have been cursed, then they begin to almost fulfill their own prophecy. …

…Voodoo is practiced extensively in Brazil, Haiti, and a lot of South American countries. One of their primary aims is to get rid of the devil (or evil) and align oneself with God or spirit gods for protection. …

… “What doesn’t kill me just makes me stronger.”… (Excerptor note: refers to the ridicule, criticism, and scorn the author had gone through)

…Like all faiths, voodoo has its beautiful and wonderful side, as well as its dark aspects, which are grossly overexaggerated.


…The different birth configurations in the sky then began to take on the component parts of what the stars represented. For instance, if born under the sign of Taurus, a person was said to be stubborn like a bull; a Libra was seen to be balanced like the scales of justice; Virgo was pure like a virgin; Sagittarius was a fearless and outgoing as an archer; Leo was as proud and regal as a lion; Capricorn was as steadfast and steady as a goat; Aquarius was fluidly moving and artistic; Cancer was as tenacious and home-loving as a crab; Gemini had a dual nature, like twins; Aries was as fiery and headstrong as a ram; Scorpio was as intense as a scorpion – with as deadly a sting; and Pisces was a deep, psychic, and submerged in self as a fish.


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Universal Enigmas

Black Holes

Francine said that first and foremost, a black hole is like the universe’s vacuum cleaner: A star explodes (or implodes) and creates a type of crater in the atmosphere, piercing the veil of the universe and bringing everything around it into a funnel-like aperture, which then shows up in a parallel universe. In other words, there are universes backed up to this one, which is possibly the reason why we discover new stars of planets.

The Polar Tilt

Approximately every 15,000 years or so, Earth goes into what I call a polar tilt, in which the axis of the planet shifts to a point at which the magnetic polarities change and move. At this time, great upheaval in the world’s ocean and land masses can and do occur. The last polar tilt was in the time of th destruction of Atlantis and was also the cause of the “great flood” described in the Bible and other religious and historical facts.

A polar tilt also affects the planet’s animal population as well as its weather. For example, as geologists know, the Sahara was once a very abundant part of Earth, yet today it is one of the driest place we know. And creatures that have followed migratory paths for hundreds of years are becoming confused; we now see, for instance, that the swallows are intermittently failing to come back to Mission San Juan Capistrano, in Southern California, where they used to show up every March 19 without fail.

We are also going to see more and more sea life beached – just like all those whales in California that, for no apparent reason, seemed to lose their way and died not long ago, regardless of how many marine biologists tried to save them. Even when they got some of the whales out to sea with the help of volunteers, the creatures turned around and beached themselves again. Did they want to die together, or were they convinced that they were going in the right direction because somehow their perception of topography had changed?

The polar tilt is also the reason for our strange climate change. Right now, some areas of the world are enjoying very mild weather, while others endure harsh conditions -almost the opposite of what they normally get for different periods of the year. Aside from the greenhouse effect, people will be most affected by weather changes and more intensive natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and the rise and fall of land masses. Californians will be greatly affected, with massive land upheavals in about 20 or 30 years (although the polar tilt itself will take longer), and land will rise in the Atlantic. Although loss of life and extensive damage will be enormous, as always, humankind will survive.

The Hollow Earth Theory

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Alien Abductions

(No excerpt from me)

Part V: Christian Controversies


…Stigmata can be termed a “miracle” or it can be a type of deep conviction or state of devotion that brings about a type of self-hypnosis. It is a known fact, as simplistic as it may sound, that you can hypnotize someone and tell them that you are putting a hot poker on their arm but instead apply an ice cube, and a high, angry blister will appear. …

The Shroud of Turin

…In any case, Granma Ada looked to the left and said, ” Well, it is not Jesus. For one thing, the height is all wrong on the Shroud. Also he wasn’t the only one crucified back then – countless people received that punishment.” …

…I always remember what Granma Ada used to say: The only thing we seem to remember about Jesus Christ is that he died on agonizing death. I have to agree -after all, what about the happy Christ, the teaching Christ and the healing Christ? We only seem to recall the terrible sadness. (Many years after my grandmother passed, Francine told me that Jesus felt that his teachings fell short and all people remembered was his suffering and death). …

The Holy Grail and The Holy Spirit

The Holy Grail

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Historians and writers have hinted that a group of high-profile writers, scientists, and artists – including WaIt Whitman, Victor Hugo, Arthur Conan Doyle, Isaac Newton, Sandro Botticelli, and the great Leonardo da Vinci – were not only reincarnationists, but also members of secret societies such as the sacred Priory of Sion, the Knights Templar, or the Masons.

In fact, not many people realize that along with being a great painter, Leonardo da Vinci was a prophet of sorts – not so much in written matter but in his sketches. I recommend that you check out his wondrous knowledge of technology and the structure of the human body. Long before science and medicine caught up to him, he’d made sketches of flying machines, helicopters, rockets, war machines, and cars; as well as finely detailed sketches of muscles, tendons, organs, and other body parts. He was way ahead of his time, and it wouldn’t be until centuries later that much of what he drew would come to pass.

Leonardo also had knowledge of the Holy Grail, including where and what it was. The books Holy Blood, Holy Grail and The Messianic Legacy by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh, and Henry Lincoln scratch the surface of this topic, but Dan Brown’s novel The Da Vinci Code breaks it wide open. Most Gnostics (which my church is dedicated to) have known this “secret” information all along, but the Rosicrucians guarded it with a vengeance because the known world of Christianity would have branded this the worst of heresies.

So now with information about the Holy Grail coming out all over, we Gnostics feel a certain amount of exhilaration over a real truth of Christianity being brought forth. That’s why long before The Da Vlnci Code came out, I told my publisher that I wanted to write about Mother God and uncover Her once and for all-no matter how controversial it might be.

You see, the Crusaders knew that there wasn’t really a grail (or cup as such) at all; instead, there was a holder of the sacred knowl­edge, which was the womb of mankind. Early Christians even went underground with this knowledge to avoid persecution by the Catholic Church. Some French libraries have much information on this subject, but after Holy Blood, Holy Grail was published, they shut their doors to more research. (It’s also interesting to note that The Da Vlnci Code takes place in France for the most part.)

So concerned was the paternal side of Christianity that they feigned ignorance on what da Vinci knew about the Grail, and many people were mysteriously killed because they possessed this knowledge. As God will have it, though, we can only keep truth buried for so long before Mother God will rise up and re establish a kinder, gentler Christianity. It’s now becoming quite apparent that there must be two sides.

If you’ve read my book Mother God, then you probably have a better handle on this long-buried, supposedly mysterious infor­mation that’s been known since long before Christ’s birth, but was suppressed by men who felt it tool away from Christianity. How it would is beyond me-unless it just points to patriarchal control and the fact that these men would have had a hard time explaining what they’ve covered up for all these years.

Dan Brown also has another powerful book that addresses this topic, called Angels & Demons. And if you read the Dead Sea Scrolls in depth, you’ll discover that Mary was known to chan­nel information, another fact that seems to be hidden and only held by the Essenes (the forerunners of the Gnostics) . . . it’s only a matter of time before the truth about the Mother Goddess­es well as the “Holy Grail”-becomes common knowledge.

The Holy Spirit

When I was in Catholic school and we made the sign of the cross, it was for the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Then, many people began to change Ghost to Spirit (I guess they felt that the words Holy Ghost smacked of being too esoteric).

Anyway, there has always been a controversy regarding the idea of three persons in one God. St. Patrick was supposed to have taken a shamrock (which we still see in Irish dishes, rings, and so on) to try to explain the Trinity, saying that it was three sep­arate entities on one stem. It still seemed so confusing to me, until I came to understand that the third person in the Trinity was actu­ally Mother God.

Some people believe that the Holy Spirit was the love between the Father and Mother that made the Son. Logically, this takes more sense when you see that the Church tried to obliterate the feminine principle. We have the Father, the Mother, and the Son, who came horn the divinity of male God and female God. So the early Church decided to just name Mother God the “Holy Ghost.”

The Holy Spirit’s symbol of the dove came about because such a bird was seen over the head of Jesus. So horn then on, the dove was used as a symbol of the Holy Spirit, which of course means peace, but doesn’t have anything to do with Mother God.

I don’t by any means think that you have to change your sign of” the cross-I’m just giving you an insight into history and what your logical mind and heart will tell you.

The Lost Years of Jesus

(Full Excerpt here

The Devil

…The greatest tulpa ever perpetuated is good ol’Lucifer, or Beelzebub, or whatever name the culture deems to give to this “fallen angel.”…

The Mythology of Popular Holidays


…It just goes to show that some organized religions – and ultimately, some of humankind – seem to need to focus on fear, demons, and devils, instead of love, peace and goodwill …

Other Holidays

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…”Take with you what you want and leave the rest” …

…”Life is a banquet!”…

… Never quit searching and exploring because therein lies our heritage – and, at the bottom of it all, we discover humankind’s search for ourselves and especially our search for God. …


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