So you live in Beppu and have got yourself a part-time job?Well, why not be an angel and use just a bit amount of your 1- 1 1/2 hour working wage each month to have a poor kid sent to school. 

Hoshizora is a social community pioneered by the initiatives some Indonesian APU students who really wanted to make a change for the poor street-children of Yogyakarta, Indonesia so that they can go to school and strive for their dream as high as the stars in the sky!

The basic idea is that each month we contribute 1000 yen to support our sponsored child so that the kid can go to school.It’s only 1000 yen?! and it does make very much difference there in Indonesia, since 1000 yen is quite a sum of money in Indonesian rupiah. To give you an image, even my school fee when i was in Indonesian high school only cost 600 yen/month, and that is the rate for the top best public high school i attended in my province. Then, for only about 50 yen, you can get yourself what we call ‘nasi ramas’, a complete set of packed meal of rice with the beans, fish, toufu, vegetables to fill your stomach.

So you can imagine how much more valuable 1000 yen is for poor kids.But our help does not end there, it was not just about giving-receiving money, but also, Hoshizora aims to foster the intimacy between us(the ‘kakak bintang’) and the child that we sponsor (the ‘adik bintang’).

Before i proceed further, i think it would be good if i get you more familiar with some Indonesian vocabularies i mentioned, since it is also interesting. ‘Hoshi’ means star, and ‘Zora’ means sky. Therefore, HoshiZora literally means ‘the starry sky’. “Wish upon a star, dare to dream and make it happen!” Very cool slogan for the kids rite? Then, ‘kakak bintang’ and ‘adik bintang’, ‘kakak’ of Indonesian language means older brother/sister while ‘adik’ means younger brother/sister, and maybe you can guess that ‘bintang’ means stars in English.

Every 1-2 months, the Hoshizora community would hold up forum in which the ‘kakak bintang’ can write letters to their ‘adik bintang’, getting updated with the latest news, making video letters, discussing stuffs, and many many more. It’s fun and worthy, really! 

So here are the various programs you can help the children through.


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