I AM – Awakening The Mind and Heart

The purpose of the I AM Movement is, saying it bluntly, to help save the world, by catalyzing the awakening of millions of people to recognize the literal truth of their oneness with each other, with the natural Earth and the Cosmos. Nothing short of that kind of spiritual transformation is likely to be sufficient to catalyze the renewal of our bodies, societies, and environment.

Go and see this amazing open source film!

“I AM is a sweeping, stunning, and brilliant overview of the history of the entire universe. What sets I AM apart from similar narratives is that it is told in a combination of 1st-person and 3rd-person voices, representing both the deeply subjective dimensions of the cosmos as well as the objective dimensions. I AM is highly recommended for all human beings!” Ken Wilber, A Brief History of Everything


One response to “I AM – Awakening The Mind and Heart

  1. What happened to this site and movie? It has disappeared!

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