Macintosh Theme Pack for Windows OS

So cool! Now you can try to feel Mac display theme in your PC, easy download, easy install, and i love the docking!

Prosoftco said : Flyakite OSX 3.5 is the conversion pack to make your Windows based operating system look and feel like Apple Mac OSX. This software is free ware and is not affiliated or endorsed by Apple or its affiliates. Please download and use at your own risk.


This is how it is like:

Download : FlyakiteOSX


7 responses to “Macintosh Theme Pack for Windows OS

  1. none so far

  2. richard williams

    i’ve used this program before and it is fantastic but unfortunately i lost the software but thank God i’ve even got a higher version.

  3. wow this is nice.i love this

  4. this is great.i like this theme vary much.once is lost it and now i got the newer
    version of it.

  5. i love the way it looks…

  6. thanks to dowloading

  7. Thank you for the info.
    Now i know where to get Mac Style for my Windows.
    Thank you very much.

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