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Life path is 7:

“Seekers of spiritual truth and wisdom, 7’s research all that is related to the occult and spirituality. Their analytical minds help them concentrate, solve problems and synthesize information. This is a loner path; 7s enjoy solitude and privacy, which is necessary for their search in this lifetime. Marriage will prib not be a priority in this lifetime.Good careers that will help develop keen mental powers include research, science, inventive avenues, and anything related to the occult or religion. They must watch out for becoming too isolated and withdrawn, which will lead to loneliness.Learning to express the self more and enjoying the companionship of others can help them maintain balance.”

Qualities of 7:

Positive: Spiritual, analytical, withdrawn, insightful, philosophical, introspective, truth seeking

Negative: reclusive, critical, cold, skeptical, aloof, lonely

Chinese Horoscope : Dragon

Dragons talk big, live big, and actually succeed. Dragons never are “just talk” or idle boasters.

They succeed and do exactly what they say they were going to do. Dragon people are hugely successful in their fields, which can be varied. Whatever they put their minds toward they attain.

Others will perceive the Dragon as arrogant and aggressive, fearless and without doubt. They also will see the Dragon as wise and brave, possessing keen intelligence and discernment.

Usually the Dragon is in a profession that requires intelligence and wisdom on many levels. The Dragon’s unending lust for life and endless ambition is admirable. Even enemies of the Dragon person will respect the Dragon qualities. The Dragon person is usually in the leadership position at work and is apt to philosophical and military speculation.

Socially, the Dragon is often the professor or inventor, spiritualist or philosopher. They are also the kings and wealthy ones of the earth, imposing their will with a totalitarian yet paradoxically gentle approach. Beings will automatically follow the word of the Dragon person without even knowing why. Perhaps the Dragon’s magnetism toward wealth, prestige and social rank attracts others to him, or perhaps it is the cosmic sense of timing with which the Dragon moves .Over Dragon, no one truly rules or can order around. No matter what the situation, the Dragon already somehow knows everyone else’s weaknesses, likes, and dislikes.

They are great leaders because they share the bounties of success with their workers and inferiors. Even when a Dragon person is in an inferior social position they will end up running the show, including subtly telling their bosses what to do and helping fellow employees with an unsaid influence over their superiors. It is always rewarding to do good work for a Dragon; one is aptly rewarded and given full compensation for their efforts.

Dragons can be extremely vain however, mistaking superficialities for real qualities. Wealth and social position can often influence an otherwise wise Dragon toward a mistaken path. An overly ambitious Dragon can be ruthless to the extreme, overriding all counsel with an overwhelming drive toward their goal. This can increase the Dragon’s negative qualities. Normally, the Dragon is usually the life-saver in bad circumstances, the one who will help out in the shortest notice. The seeming arrogance of the Dragon is a cover for true compassion and altruism that they express through their leadership. They are also the first to bail a friend out of trouble or give a loan to a friend in need.

Dragon person, make sure you remember to tone down your arrogance when dealing with others . If you are in a relationship with a Dragon give the Dragon a little room when they annoy you; they will be the last to recognize their conceit and pushiness.

A trait Dragons have is a denial of negative actions; they will have every justification and reason for everything they say and do, never able to make a mistake in their own eyes. The worst quality of a Dragon person is this denial. They sometimes won’t even know what’s going on, yet they act as if they rule the world.

The other signs usually find this the most annoying quality of the Dragon.. As a Dragon person’s friend don’t try to point out any of their problems; they will think you are only being mean without regard to how they come off originally. The Dragon has a very idealistic view that makes them forget or ignore their own negative traits. The Dragon person’s utopian leanings will sometimes replace reality when they are faced with problems they don’t want to admit.

The Dragon is a person who has integrated spiritual enlightenment with their regular personality.

In the I-Ching, Book of Changes, Heaven’s primal lines are depicted as Dragons riding the heavens, assuring the sage that a pack of Dragons is the most powerful force on Earth in all matters of Earth, Heaven, and amongst Man. The Dragon is the Emperor, the Tiger the General and the Rabbit the Minister. A group of Dragons without a leader will create vast projects of a grand nature. A group of Dragon people working together can achieve anything.

This is the primal arrangement of Heaven, the Dragon person being the key to channeling the primordial Tao.

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