Books Excerpted?




Well, just as the name says, those are excerptions from books that i have read, namely those important ideas in the books that i highlighted. Important? Essential? But important and essential to who? Well, for me, i guess, most of them. See…we all have different stage of learning and mastery, so the idea of what is important concept from one to another may differs. However, points that i consider many of us need to read or be reminded of again i usually highlight it as well, as well as those that i want to pass to you readers as well.

Why doing all these? Simple, to make a change! Well, dont you know? I am pretty avid reader of books, those books that can grow a person bigger, well, self-development books you can say, ranging from metaphysics, psychology, philosophy, quantum physics, etc. Or i can say rather specifically into fields and realms of mind and consciousness. I found many many wonderful things so far, and whenever i was hit by them, it made me feel quite disturbed for i kept wishing how people all around the world realize this thing, if they do surely the world would be better one of their existence…I so far have never been satisfied, no matter how esoteric the knowledge i gained, it still bears the loneliness inside me, for as if it makes me feels i am alone or only me and several people who are aware of it! Really…i really want to share with you and everybody the joy that had come through me… Well, gladfully i started to do ‘it’ rather than never at all. Though many books have passed through my hands and mind without me even bothering to highlight them and type them into my compie, but still it better late than never. Knowledge, blessings, wealth shall never be kept alone. The more we share the more come to us…The act of sharing mutiplies that thing. As time pass, i expect to add more content of the wonderful things i found and learned so far. It has becoming passion for me not only to keep growing, but also to share, and perhaps to see growth in others as well? In case some excerpts are written in a kind of language that you dont understand, that means it ought to be in Indonesian language (excerption from Indonesian books,hehe). Anyway, good luck reading them! The excerpts may provide quick glimpse of what is inside a particular book for those who doesn’t have much time to read the whole book, but they are not meant to be substitute to the real book. For most of the excerpts i provide, you can get much more of it by reading the whole book. So if you enjoy the excerpts, let’s support the authors! You may want to purchase them for your own reference, collection, or even as life-changing gifts for loved ones or even as present for yourself ^_^. Oh, and also, whoever you are, whether we have met each other yet or not, i love you…For you are life, and you are me myself indeed… Love you all… NB: Where to access them? It’s right here, buddy


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