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Make A Difference Movie – The Teddy Stallard Story




You can never tell what type of impact you may have on another’s life by your actions… or lack of actions. Please consider this fact in your venture through life and just try to…make a difference.

Make A Difference Movie- The Teddy Stallard Story

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How to Love Unconditionally

Source: iloveulove

From “Friendship with God

How can I love

unconditionally and unlimitedly?


The first step in being fully loving is that you must fully love your Self. And this you cannot do so long as you believe that you were born in sin, and are basically evil.

If you believe that humans are by nature non-trustworthy and evil, you will create a society that supports that view, then enact laws, approve rules, adopt regulations, and impose restraints that are justified by it.

If you believe that humans are by nature trustworthy and good, you will create an entirely different kind of society, in which laws, rules, regulations, and restraints are rarely required. The first society will be freedom limiting, the second, freedom giving.

God is fully loving because God is fully free. To be fully free is to be fully joyful, because full freedom creates the space for every joyful experience. Freedom is the basic nature of God. It is also the basic nature of the human soul. The degree to which you are not fully free is the degree to which you are not fully joyful and that is the degree to which you are not fully loving.

To be totally loving means to be fully free.

We should allow everyone to be able to do anything they want.

That is how God loves. God allows everyone to do anything they want.

It is normal in your society to punish. It is abnormal in your society to simply allow a consequence to assert itself to reveal itself.

Punishments are your announcement that you are too impatient to await a natural outcome. Punishments are someone else’s decision that one has done wrong.

Consequences are one’s own experience that something does not work. That is, it did not produce an intended result.

In other words, we do not learn quickly from punishments, because we see them as something that someone else is doing to us. We learn more readily from consequences, because we see them as something that we are doing to ourselves.

The biggest punishment that you have devised is the withholding of your love. You have shown your offspring that if they behave in a certain way, you will withhold your love. It is by the granting and the withholding of your love that you have sought to regulate and modify, to control and to create, your children’s behaviors.

This is something that God would never do.

True love never withdraws itself. And that is what loving fully means.

I am love. One does not have to practice what one is, one simply is it.

I am the love that knows no condition, nor limitation of any kind.

I am totally loving, and to be totally loving means to be willing to give every mature sentient being total freedom to be, do, and have that which they wish.

Even if you know it will be bad for them?

It is not for you to decide that for them.

Not even for our children?

If they are mature sentient beings, no. If they are grown children, no. And if they are not yet mature, the fastest way to lead them to their own maturity is to allow them the freedom to make as many choices as possible as early as practical.

This is what love does. Love lets go. That which you call need, and which you often confuse with love, does the opposite. Need holds on. This is the way you can tell the difference between love and need. Love lets go, need holds on.

So to be totally loving, I let go?

Among other things, yes. Let go of expectation, let go of requirements and rules and regulations that you would impose on your loved ones. For they are not loved if they are restricted. Not totally.

Nor are you; you do not love yourself totally when you restrict yourself, when you grant yourself less than total freedom, in any matter.

Yet remember that choices are not restrictions. So do not call the choices you have made restrictions. And lovingly provide for your offspring, and all your loved ones, all the information that you feel you may have, to help them make good choices – “good” being defined here as those choices most likely to produce a particular desired result, as well as what you know to be their largest desired result: a happy life.

Share what you know about that. Offer what you have come to understand. Yet do not seek to impose your ideas, your rules, your choices upon another and do not withhold your love should another make choices you would not make. Indeed, if you believe their choices to have been poor ones, that is precisely the time to show your love.

That is compassion, and there is no higher expression.

What else does it mean to be totally loving?

It means to be fully present, in every single moment. To be fully aware. To be fully open, honest, transparent. It means to be fully willing, to express the love that is in your heart full out. To be fully loving means to be fully naked, without hidden agenda or hidden motive, without hidden anything.

And you say that it is possible for human beings, for regular people like me, to achieve such love? This is something of which we are all capable?

It is more than that of which you are capable. It is that which you are. This is the nature of Who You Are. The most difficult thing that you do is to deny that. And you are doing this difficult thing every day. It is why your life feels so difficult. Yet when you do the easy thing, when you decide to come from, to be, Who You Really Are – which is pure love, unlimited and unconditioned-then your life becomes easy again. All the turmoil disappears, all the struggle goes away.

This peace may be achieved in any given moment. The way to it may be found by asking a simple question:

What would love do now?

This is a marvelous question, because you will always know the answer. It is like magic. It is cleansing, like a soap. It takes the worry out of being close. It washes away all doubt, all fear. It bathes the mind with the wisdom of the soul.

What a good way of putting that.

It is true. When you ask this question, you will know instantly what to do. In any circumstance, under any condition, you will know. You will be given the answer. You are the answer, and asking the question brings forth that part of you.

Do not second-guess this answer when it instantly comes to you. When you second-guess is when you fool yourself – and can make a fool of yourself. Go into the heart of love, and come from that place in all your choices and decisions, and you will find peace.

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Ayah Itu Teladan

Ayah Itu Teladan via agussyafii by agussyafii on 12/9/07

Ayah itu teladan bagi anak-anaknya, maka berhati-hatilah sebagai ayah jika ingin bertindak apapun. Sebab anak selalu ingin mengalahkan ayahnya. Dulu sewaktu kuliah, saya memiliki teman yang sangat terobsesi ingin punya istri tiga. Kemudian saya tanya, kenapa ingin punya istri tiga.

“Karena ayah saya istrinya dua, masa saya kalah ama ayah saya” jawabnya.

Orang Terbaik

Why BreastFeed

Extra: BreastFeedingYourBabies, BreastFeedingBasics

Points to Consider

Breastmilk contains all the nutrients required by the newborn baby. It also contains non-nutritional components that may promote infant health, growth, and development, such as antimicrobial factors, digestive enzymes, hormones, trophic factors, and growth modulators.

Breastmilk composition is not constant and varies with stage of lactation, breastfeeding pattern, season, and parity. (How can any formulated infant milk that is generally one-size-for-all used as substitute for breastmilk??)

It also differs among individuals and among communities, for reasons that are not well understood.(same irony as above)

Human milk has a unique composition, which differs from that of other mammals in its ingredients and their concentrations.

All mammal species produce milk, but the composition of milk for each species varies widely and other kinds of milk are often very different from human breast milk.  

Today it is now recognized that there is no commercial formula that can equal breast milk. In addition to the appropriate amounts of carbohydrate, protein and fat, breast milk also provides vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes and hormones – all of the things that a growing infant will require. Breast milk also contains antibodies from the mother that may help the baby to resist infections.

Whole cow’s milk does not contain sufficient vitamin E, iron, or essential fatty acids, which can make infants fed on cow’s milk anemic. Whole cow’s milk also contains excessive amounts of protein, sodium, and potassium which may put a strain on an infant’s immature kidneys. In addition, the proteins and fats in whole cow’s milk are more difficult for an infant to digest and absorb than the ones in breast milk. Evaporated milk may be easier to digest due to the processing of the protein but is still nutritionally inadequate. A significant minority of infants are allergic to one or more of the constituents of cow’s milk. These problems can also affect formula milk derived from cow’s milk.


Human children feeding on mother cow? Isnt it extremely absurd?!!! It’s against nature. And we know all that is against nature will destroy itself, just as human civilization whose young infants inherits more of cow’s wild attributes. Research and the spread of information regarding breastfeeding have been commonly suppressed by those who have power and money standing at the top of pyramid, as greed drives multinational companies that produce milk not willing to lose profits nor its share market.


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Children – From the ‘Prophet’

“Your children are not your children.

They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself.

They come through you but not from you, And though they are with you, yet they belong not to you.

You may give them your love but not your thoughts. For they have their own thoughts.

You may house their bodies but not their souls, For their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow, which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams.

You may strive to be like them, but seek not to make them like you. For life goes not backward nor tarries with yesterday.

You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.

The archer sees the mark upon the path of the infinite, and He bends you with His might that His arrows may go swift and far. Let your bending in the archer’s hand be for gladness; For even as he loves the arrow that flies, so He loves also the bow that is stable.”


Author – Kahlil Gibran

Observing Evolution- Allowing Others To Walk Their Paths

Watching a loved one or a peer traverse a path littered with stumbling blocks can be immensely painful. We instinctively want to guide them toward a safer track and share with them the wisdom we have acquired through experience. Yet all human beings have the right to carve their own paths without being unduly influenced by outside interference. To deny them that right is to deny them enlightenment, as true insight cannot be conveyed in lectures. Rather, each individual must earn independence and illumination by making decisions and reflecting upon the consequences of each choice. In allowing others to walk their paths freely, you honor their right to express their humanity in whatever way they see fit. Though you may not agree with or identify with their choices, understand that each person must learn in their own way and at their own pace.

The events and circumstances that shape our lives are unique because each of us is unique. What touches one person deeply may do nothing more than irritate or confound another. Therefore, each of us is drawn to different paths-the paths that will have the most profound effects on our personal evolution. If you feel compelled to intervene when watching another human being make their way slowly and painfully down a difficult path, try to empathize with their need to grow autonomous and make their own way in the world. Should this person ask for your aid, give it freely. You can even tell them about your path or offer advice in a conscious loving way. Otherwise, give them the space they need to make their own mistakes, to enjoy the fruits of their labors, to revel in their triumphs, and to discover their own truths.

The temptation to direct the paths of others is a creature of many origins. Overactive egos can convince us that ours is the one true path or awaken a craving for control within us. But each person is entitled to seek out their path leading from the darkness into the light. When we celebrate those paths and encourage the people navigating them, we not only enjoy the privilege of watching others grow-we also reinforce our dedication to diversity, independence, and individuality.

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Seorang wanita bertanya pada seorang pria tentang cinta dan harapan.
Wanita berkata ingin menjadi bunga terindah di dunia.
Dan pria berkata ingin menjadi matahari.
Wanita tidak mengerti kenapa pria ingin jadi matahari,

bukan kupu kupu atau kumbang yang bisa terus menemani

Wanita berkata ingin menjadi rembulan
dan pria berkata ingin tetap menjadi matahari.
Wanita semakin bingung karena matahari dan bulan tidak bisa bertemu,
tetapi pria ingin tetap jadi matahari….
Wanita berkata ingin menjadi Phoenix…
yang bisa terbang ke langit jauh di atas matahari,
dan pria berkata ia akan selalu menjadi matahari….
Wanita tersenyum pahit dan kecewa.
Wanita sudah berubah tiga kali…
namun pria tetap keras kepala ingin jadi matahari,
tanpa mau ikut berubah bersama wanita.
Maka wanita pun pergi dan tak pernah lagi kembali
tanpa pernah tahu alasan kenapa pria tetap menjadi

Pria merenung sendiri dan menatap matahari.
Saat wanita jadi bunga, pria ingin menjadi matahari agar bunga dapat terus hidup.
Matahari akan memberikan semua sinarnya untuk bunga agar ia tumbuh, berkembang…
dan terus hidup sebagai bunga yang cantik.
Walau matahari tahu ia hanya dapat memandang dari jauh dan pada akhirnya kupu kupu yang akan menari bersama bunga.
Ini disebut Kasih…..
yaitu memberi tanpa pamrih.

Saat wanita jadi bulan, pria tetap menjadi matahari…..
agar bulan dapat terus bersinar indah dan dikagumi.
Cahaya bulan yang indah hanyalah pantulan cahaya matahari,
tetapi saat semua makhluk mengagumi bulan,
siapakah yang ingat kepada matahari?
Matahari rela memberikan cahayanya untuk bulan walaupun ia sendiri tidak bisa menikmati cahaya bulan…
dilupakan jasanya dan kehilangan kemuliaannya sebagai pemberi cahaya agar bulan mendapatkan kemuliaan tersebut….
Ini disebut dengan Pengorbanan…
menyakitkan namun sangat layak untuk cinta.
Saat wanita jadi phoenix yang dapat terbang tinggi, jauh ke langit bahkan di atas matahari…
Pria tetap selalu jadi matahari agar phoenix bebas untuk pergi kapan pun ia mau
dan matahari tidak akan mencegahnya.
Matahari rela melepaskan phoenix untuk pergi jauh, namun matahari akan selalu menyimpan cinta yang membara di dalam hatinya hanya untuk phoenix.
Matahari selalu ada untuk phoenix kapan pun ia mau kembali walau phoenix tidak selalu ada untuk matahari.
Tidak akan ada makhluk lain selain phoenix yang bisa masuk ke dalam matahari dan mendapatkan cintanya…..
Ini disebut dengan Kesetiaan…..
walaupun ditinggal pergi dan dikhianati, namun tetap menanti dan mau memaafkan.
Untuk para wanita…..
Siapakah Matahari yang ada di dalam kehidupanmu??
Bila engkau sudah menemukan dan melihat Matahari dalam kehidupanmu…pergi,lihat dan jangan pernah meninggalkannya