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How to Create a River of Abundance in Your Life Right Now

As for me(Lone), i am opposed to the idea written below in bold that “This consciousness takes a look at who is allowing resources to flow through them, distributing them and putting them to good use. It then rewards or replenishes that person with more resources, usually much more than what they allow to flow through them.” 

I believe that the universe is non-judging and doesnt discriminate just as any other natural laws which is literally “blind”. Anyone who apply and understand its law can take advantage of it, regardless it going to be used for good/bad purpose (In ultimate reality good and bad doesnt even exist!)

How to Create a River of Abundance in Your Life Right Now

 By Mike Adams

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

People always ask me about the secret to abundance. They say, “How can you give away so much, Mike, and still attract so much abundance at the same time?” Actually, that’s the whole secret right there. Be a river, not a dam, and abundance of all kinds (financial and otherwise) will flow through you.

This article is a discussion about what I call “money harmony” or “energy harmony”. Being a river means being the kind of person who is a conduit, who allows resources, including money, to flow through you rather than being the kind of person who tries to dam up the flow of energy and selfishly keep it all for yourself. This whole discussion gets rather philosophical, but it’s also quite practical as you’ll soon see.

There is a system at work in the universe that distributes resources to those who are the most responsible in putting them to good use. Of course, there’s a competing system at work, too. That is a system that results in resources being collected in the hands of people who are deceitful, who cheat others, who are dishonest, unethical and so on. That system definitely works for some corporations and some individuals, but the price they pay for that is much too high.

I advocate a system that allows you to be rewarded for being a conduit of responsible use of money and resources. In this system, the universe acts almost as if it were a conscious dispatcher of resources. This consciousness takes a look at who is allowing resources to flow through them, distributing them and putting them to good use. It then rewards or replenishes that person with more resources, usually much more than what they allow to flow through them. So if you’re the kind of person that donates money or time to a constructive purpose, and you approach it with the attitude of being a river and not a dam, you will be blessed with far more wealth than you give to others.

Health flows
Let’s return to the metaphor of being a river and not a dam. Healthy rivers flow; water continues to move downstream and it gets replenished from an upstream source. In that river you’ll find all kinds of life: fish, micro-algae and plants. But if you dam up that river, you cause stagnation. You stop the flow.

This is what happens when people try to covet money. They try to collect money and put it all in their pockets without sharing with anyone. They become a collector or a dam rather than a conduit. What happens when water starts collecting and it’s not moving? It begins to stagnate; it becomes brackish and the life in it dies. The energy becomes a negative energy and it’s not the kind of place that people want to be around.

This is also true with people. People who operate on greed and whose main purpose is to try to collect and control resources, rather than share them, are not well-liked by other people. They won’t be successful in any business endeavor, other than by using methods of deceit and dishonesty. The dam model is the model of stagnation.

If you function as a dam in life you’re typically espousing a philosophy of scarcity. This is how a lot of people accidentally end up functioning as dams. They approach life with a fear… a fear of not having enough. They’re afraid they won’t have enough food or money. They contract and stop the outflow of resources, thinking if they conserve more money, if they try to keep everything for themselves, they will be better protected. And in fact, that only creates a situation of stagnation.

On the other hand, a person who approaches life from a point of view of abundance believes there is more than enough financial wealth for the world and more than enough food. They say, “In my life, I am an abundant person in everything I deal with,” and they attract abundance and wealth. That person is going to flow like a river and notice that, even as they allow all of that water to flow downstream to other recipients and provide life further down the line, they are always replenished with new water coming from upstream. It is in fact the flow of that water that keeps it healthy and full of life.

So remember, fear creates constriction or contraction, which leads to stagnation, loss of life and negative energy. On the other hand, sharing or opening up to others through generosity creates abundance; it brings life and broadcasts a higher vibration that attracts people. People want to be around you.

I’m suggesting that you adopt the vibration of abundance, and you can start by giving. It may sound counterintuitive if you’re new to any of this, but the best way to become wealthy, in terms of money, friendships, wisdom and everything else that matters in life, is to actually start giving away all of those things. By that I mean, start giving away some of your money. Find a good cause that you can donate to. Start giving information to the people around you. Give the gift of knowledge. Give the gift of time and effort or volunteer somewhere. Make the effort to be part of something constructive.

As you start doing this, you may say, “Well, I was broke before I started this. Now I’m giving away my money and my time, and I’m even more broke.” To that I would advise to look where you’re coming from. Once again, it’s from a perspective of scarcity and fear of not having enough. What if, instead, you started giving away time, financial resources and gifts of knowledge and information, and told yourself that this is an investment? Tell yourself, “I’m investing in others and in the flow of the river, and I know that this investment will come back to me. By taking these actions, I am in fact enhancing my wealth.” What if you said that? What would happen?

Be an attractor of abundance
You’ll notice that I give away far more information than I charge for. I give away 90 percent of what I write. That is intentional; that’s my way of sharing information and allowing the river to flow. A shrewd businessperson who didn’t understand this concept might say, “Mike, you could make a lot more money if you stopped giving away all this stuff and started charging people for it.” I’ve heard that before, too. When someone tells me that, however, it indicates they don’t understand how to be a river and not a dam.

They don’t understand the power of being a river, because once you start to flow, to allow resources to flow through you by helping others, the universe will reward you. It’s as if someone made a decision and noticed that you are responsible and you are a good steward of financial resources. You therefore are being granted a much larger collection of those resources.

You must unlearn false beliefs about money
Most of us have been trained that we have to hold on to every single dime and the only way to achieve long-term financial success is to cut our costs and not give away anything that we don’t have to give away. Basically, we’re taught to pinch pennies.

But I’m coming from a very different point of view, which holds that pinching pennies is exactly the wrong attitude. You should not go around wasting money on silly products you don’t need; rather, put your money to a good use. For example, I buy no jewelry. Buying jewelry does nothing for me personally. I don’t typically spend a lot of money on clothing, either. I buy only enough clothing to look presentable at board meetings. I dislike fancy cars, and I have no interest in a lot of material stuff. I prefer comfortable clothes, such as hemp pants, silk shirts and materials that feel good and are made from natural fibers. I don’t spend a lot of money on frivolous things.

However, I do spend money on good causes. I will send a few thousand dollars worth of food supplies to a needy community, or I’ll send emergency preparedness supplies to the American Red Cross. I’ll donate money to earthquake victims, tsunami victims or people who are caught in some kind of a natural disaster. I’ll donate software to groups that are doing good work and need some technology for their automation. Such acts are more important to me than collecting a lot of consumer products or things I don’t really need.

Heal yourself with flow
In a nutshell, that is my own personal secret to abundance. From my experience, this is what really works. You’ve got to give, have an open heart and be willing to invest in others around you in order to attract more abundance to yourself. Whether your goal is to have financial success, meet new people or heal yourself, you’ll find all of those things happening when you’re willing to give to others.

In fact, this is a very healing exercise to engage in. If you are knowledgeable about chakras and the energy centers in the body, you are most likely aware that simply giving actually opens up the flow of energy through those chakras. Once again, that returns us to the metaphor of the river: When you give, you flow. At an energetic level, that is exactly what’s happening. When you flow, you actually prevent disease and you can start to reverse diseases.

Many diseases are energetically related to stagnation and lack of flow. Heart disease is definitely one of them. It’s no coincidence that individuals who aren’t willing to give to anyone are said to “have no heart.” That’s technically quite true. They have no heart health, and they tend to be struck down by heart attacks, strokes or other forms of cardiovascular disease. That saying is part of our reality because it’s been based on observation over the years. People who don’t give don’t flow, and people who don’t flow tend to have heart attacks. So by allowing yourself to flow by giving to others and being generous, you will simultaneously attract health and heal yourself.

You will also attract financial abundance, and will meet new people who can help you succeed in practically any endeavor. You will be able to create every bit of the success you imagine (and most likely achieve something far beyond that as well).

With financial wealth comes responsibility
Do you now have a sense for how incredibly powerful this can be in your life? How healing is part of every step here? How healing others is also healing you? All of this is absolutely true. When you heal others, you become healed in the process. When you allow resources and money to flow through you, you will be recognized and rewarded with more resources and more abundance. You’ll have so much financial abundance that you won’t know what to do with it.

At some point – and it doesn’t take very long to get there – you’ll have more than you need to feed and clothe yourself and live comfortably. Everything else, then, is excess money. Here’s perhaps the most important point of all: when you reach the point where you have more money than you know what to do with, be a responsible host of that money.

Let’s say that you receive a nice fat raise to $250,000 / year in salary. “Gee, I’ve made it. I’m going to have a quarter of a million dollars a year. I’ve got a lot of money coming in. I’m going to blow it on a world cruise, a brand new Jaguar and this $10,000 necklace I’ve been wanting.” You start loading up on all these luxury items that serve no one but you.

I guarantee the first thing that will happen is that the universe will say, “This person doesn’t need any more money, because they sure don’t know how to use it.” You’ll then find that that flow is going to stop. That is the natural order of the universe; it’s the way things work.

On the other hand, if you say, “I’ve got a couple hundred thousand dollars here. I’m going to take 10 percent and donate that to some important causes. I’m going to take another 10 percent and buy some health products for people who need them. I will also go to the nursing home here and work with some patients as a volunteer.”

When the universe sees that happening with you, it says, “This person is a wonderful steward of financial abundance. This person knows how to take care of money and put it to a good use. We’re going to reward this person with some more money.” You’ll then find even more abundance headed your way. That’s the magic of abundance.

Remember to reward yourself, too
One final thought on this. While this is going on, recognize that as you’re receiving financial abundance, you do have the right to spend some of that money on yourself. As long as you are simultaneously sharing and rewarding others around you, you deserve to reward yourself as well.

I find too often that in the natural health industry, people feel guilty spending even one dollar on themselves. That is ridiculous. There is a time and a place to say, “I deserve to have some nice natural-fiber clothes, or to upgrade my automobile to something that’s more comfortable and safer. We deserve a nice meal at a fine restaurant, or we deserve to buy organic foods, and move to a better part of town, or to a better part of the country.” You deserve to be abundant. But it’s important to do these other things at the same time that you’re rewarding yourself. Don’t feel guilty about spending money on yourself. Just make sure that you are allowing the flow to others at the same time that you are rewarding yourself.

Now, of course, the purists out there would say we don’t need anything material at all. The fewer attachments we have to material wealth, the freer we are. I agree with that completely, but I also recognize that for the vast majority of people in the western world, there’s a certain level of “stuff” that’s necessary simply to operate in this society.

That’s true for myself as well. I couldn’t do this work without having lots of computer equipment and a comfortable place to write. I couldn’t talk about nutrition and physical exercise if I didn’t invest in nutritional supplements and exercise equipment. So there’s a certain level of physical infrastructure that’s necessary to even have a conversation with those in the western world. But the key is to gather what you need to do your job (and pursue your mission) without going crazy on the accumulation of stuff.

There’s a saying in the west: “He who dies with the most toys wins.” And actually, it’s completely backwards. In reality, he who accumulates the most toys dies while still alive, because he turns into a dam and stagnates. The measure of a person is not how much she accumulates in life, but how much she helps others.

Understanding this flow of energy is truly one of the secrets to abundance. You can call it energetic, you can call it karma or you can call it a spiritual approach. It doesn’t matter what you call it; it’s the way the universe works. If you flow, you will be blessed with more resources than you know what to do with.

It may be time to look at your life and be honest with yourself about what you do with your money. Be honest about what you do with your time, and what your reasons are for getting involved with any endeavor. If you don’t have the most altruistic reasons yet, or perhaps you don’t have any altruism at all, it may be time to redefine yourself.

You can alter your flow in an instant
We can choose to change at any time we want. Even if we’ve never given a penny to anyone in our entire lives, we can make a change right now, and make a donation today. We can restructure the river inside of us right now. It only takes one decision and one action. You can restructure your life from this moment forward; you can create the flow even if you’ve never had it.

If you have a river that’s dammed up and the water is stagnant, brackish and lifeless, you can tear down that dam. The water will break through and begin to flow downstream, and all that brackish water will empty out and be replenished by new, fresh water. With that new, fresh water will come new life, oxygen, plants, fish, living creatures and energies of incredible joy and health. You can do that right now by making the decision and breaking down any dams inside your own belief systems that may have been stopping the flow of resources. You can create a river of abundance in your own life right now.


*Tips 164: Law of Attraction – The Law of Vibration*




Kami sekeluarga, pernah mempekerjakan seorang pembantu rumah tangga, yang kebetulan tetangga kami sendiri, sebagai tenaga pencuci pakaian.
Selama belasan tahun, ia bekerja pada keluarga kami dan beberapa keluarga
lainnya secara bergiliran, dengan penuh dedikasi dan kesetiaan.

Beberapa tahun yang lalu, ia pensiun karena kendala fisik yang dialaminya.
Tangan dan kakinya tak lagi mampu bersentuhan dengan dinginnya air untuk
lebih dari beberapa menit saja. Setiap kali tangan dan kakinya tersaput air,
ia akan merasakan ngilu yang sangat luar biasa, tak hanya di tangan dan
kakinya, tapi juga di seluruh tubuhnya.

Sebagai pekerja super keras, Saya melihatnya sebagai contoh yang sangat
nyata. Kendala fisik di atas sebagai muara dari kerasnya ia bekerja, adalah
sebuah ironi tentang fenomena kerja keras.

Apakah setelah semua itu kehidupan fisiknya juga berubah? Kecuali tentang
penyakit encok dan rematiknya itu, tidak ada. Penghasilannya selama ia
bekerja hanya cukup untuk hidup hari demi hari.

Saat ia memutuskan untuk pensiun, pakaiannya tetap sama seperti saat ia memulai profesinya dahulu. Begitu pula rumahnya, tetap sebuah pondok berdinding kayu dengan segala perabot yang sama. Begitu pula dengan warung pecelnya, tetap seperti semula, bermeja reot berbangku reot, beratap terpal plastik yang itu-itu juga.

Bagaimanakah fenomena ini bisa terjadi? Mengapakah seseorang yang telah bekerja sedemikian keras di sepanjang hidupnya, tetap jua tak mengalami berbagai kemajuan dan peningkatan dalam kesejahteraan?

Lihatlah sekeliling Anda, Anda juga pasti akan menemukan banyak fenomena yang sama. Bagaimana dengan Anda sendiri? Mungkin Anda sudah membanting tulang setengah mati sepanjang hidup Anda. Kemudian, Anda menyadari bahwa keringat dan air mata yang bercucuran sekian lama, tak jua membuahkan peningkatan dalam kesejahteraan. Ya, sangat mungkin Anda “bernasib” seperti itu.

Bagaimana dengan ini?

Seorang Bill Gates drop out dari sekolah hukum ternama, tapi kini justru menjadi orang paling kaya di muka bumi. Akankah ia tetap menjadi orang paling kaya sedunia, jika ia tidak drop out? Saya yakin tidak. Sebab sebagai sebagai pengacara, sepopuler dan setop apapun ranking bisnisnya, tetaplah “pasarnya” lebih kecil dari dunia IT. Dan itu, tak akan membuatnya jadi orang paling kaya sedunia.

Seorang Aa Gym, yang “tak pernah” mengenyam bersekolah di pesantren, kini
memiliki pesantren yang terhitung paling besar, sekaligus juga menjadi konglomerat bisnis.

Atau bahkan ini?

Seorang Rasulullah SAW, adalah pebisnis tulen sebelum menjadi Rasul. Saat
menjadi Rasul, ia tidak lagi berbisnis. Apa yang terjadi? Setengah wilayah bumi kemudian menjadi “miliknya”, separuh kekuasaan di muka bumi “berada di tangannya”, dan setengah dari kekayaan dunia “berada di dalam genggamannya”.

Pernahkah Anda melihat orang yang santai bekerja, tapi kemudian kaya raya?
Pernahkah Anda melihat seseorang, yang hanya bekerja empat jam sehari dan
dua hari dalam seminggu, tapi berpenghasilan jauh lebih besar dari orang
lain yang pontang-panting dan babak-belur lebih dari empatpuluh jam seminggu? Hoki? Nasib? Atau bisnis ideal?

Perhatikanlah bagaimana seorang konglomerat di dalam kesehariannya.
Sangat mungkin, Anda akan melihat mereka begitu santai dan rileks. Waktu
kerjanya mungkin akan sama seperti Anda. Begitu pula dengan jam tidurnya.
Jika Anda bekerja pada mereka, sangat mungkin Anda justru bekerja lebih keras
dari pada mereka.

Saat mereka memiliki satu perusahaan, jatah waktunya untuk berbisnis pada perusahaan itu mungkin delapan sampai enambelas jam. Saat punya dua perusahaan, waktunya untuk satu perusahaan mungkin akan berkurang menjadi setengahnya.

Saat punya empat perusahaan, mungkin waktunya untuk satu perusahaan hanya tinggal dua sampai empat jam saja. Dan saat perusahaannya sudah mencapai ratusan, maka bisa jadi mereka hanya punya waktu lima sampai sepuluh menit untuk setiap perusahaan.

Pada intinya, peningkatan di dalam kesuksesan dan kemajuan di dalam bisnis, justru berasosiasi dengan makin sedikitnya waktu mereka untuk semua upaya.
Mereka makin sedikit bekerja, tapi justru makin sukses dan makin kaya.

Bagaimana ini?

Bagaimanakah Anda bisa memahami fenomena paradoksial seperti itu?
Mengapakah ada orang yang bekerja keras dan makin keras, tapi nasib baik justru
makin jauh berlari? Sebaliknya, mengapakah ada orang yang lebih santai,
malah makin sukses dan makin sukses lagi?

Bapak dan Ibu sekalian yang budiman, apa yang akan Anda baca berikut ini, adalah ringkasan dari sebuah buku yang berjudul *”The (Shocking!) Truth About Action”*. Di dalam judulnya ada kata “shocking”. Itu bukan gertak sambal. Sebab, apa yang diulas di dalamnya, memang benar-benar akan mengguncang apapun yang Anda yakini selama ini tentang kesuksesan.

Pada sub judulnya, bahkan dikatakan kurang lebih begini,

*”Ini semua adalah tentang bagaimana dan mengapa, nyaris segala yang Anda
terima sebagai bahan pelajaran, di sepanjang hidup Anda, di sekolah, di rumah, dan di manapun, dari guru manapun, justru membangun tembok besar yang makin tinggi dan tebal, yang menjadi penghalang utama Anda mencapai kesuksesan.” *

Bapak dan Ibu sekalian yang budiman, ulasan berikut ini bisa memperjelas berbagai fenomena di atas. Dan seperti yang sudah Saya ingatkan, semua ini sangat mungkin bisa membuat Anda mengalami shock berat.


Kesalahan itu adalah, Anda sudah terlanjur meyakini – di sepanjang hidup Anda – bahwa Anda akan mencapai apapun yang Anda inginkan dengan melakukan tindakan. Alias, Anda meyakini bahwa untuk mencapai sukses, Anda harus bertindak.

Inilah kenyataannya:

*Keyakinan Anda itu justru menciptakan yang sebaliknya.*

Dalam konteks ini, Anda telah menomorduakan kekuatan pikiran. 90% orang,
ternyata bertindak dalam rangka mengkompensasi berbagai bentuk pemikiran yang tidak tepat.

Maksudnya, nyaris setiap tindakan yang Anda lakukan selama ini, adalah didorong oleh motivasi untuk struggle. Untuk selamat dan untuk survive.


*Nyaris setiap tindakan yang Anda lakukan, sumbernya adalah ketakutan, kekhawatiran, dan keragu-raguan. *

Dalam hal ini, Anda telah memaksa pikiran untuk terealisasikan dalam bentuk nyata melalui berbagai tindakan. Jika keputusan Anda untuk bertindak lebih dominan, maka apa yang akan menjadi fokus Anda adalah *doing*. Dan Anda menjadi lupa akan satu hal, yaitu *being*. 
Apa yang akan tercipta dari pemikiran seperti itu, adalah sesuatu yang menyimpang dari tujuan awalnya. Anda merasa akan berbahagia dengan menjadi kaya. Tapi yang tercipta adalah; Anda memang menjadi kaya, tapi tidak berbahagia.

*Being*, adalah syarat pertama dan paling penting di dalam proses penciptaan.

*Ketahuilah bahwa segala sesuatu diciptakan dua kali. Pertama dalam bentuk blue print, dan kedua saat direalisasi menjadi nyata. *

Sebuah bangunan diciptakan dua kali, pertama saat di atas kertas dan kedua saat pembangunan fisik. Di atas kertas, arsitek bangunan itu tidak akan pernah menggambarkan proyeksi bangunan, dengan asumsi bahwa bangunan itu akan segera roboh.

Saat Anda menggambar “blue print” di dalam kepala, Anda bisa menggambarkan diri Anda sebagai orang yang super kaya misalnya. Tentunya, Anda tidak akan pernah menggambarkan bahwa di samping kekayaan itu, diri Anda juga tidak berbahagia.

Jadi, semuanya harus dimulai dengan *being* pada saat ini juga.
Mulailah dengan berbahagia. Peganglah itu dengan kuat. Setelah itu, barulah
Anda mulai melangkah untuk memanifestasikan bahagia dalam bentuk “menjadi orang
kaya”. Bukan sebaliknya, “pokoknya Saya mau kaya!” dan menomorduakan bahagia.

Bukankah urutannya adalah *being*, *doing*, baru kemudian *having*?

Ingatlah bahwa kaya tidak sama dengan bahagia. Untuk keduanya, Anda akan
mengejar “having”. Kaya sekaligus bahagia. Kaya boleh nanti, tapi bahagia?
Rugi besar jika Anda menundanya. Dan jika Anda menundanya, maka ia akan
segera terlepas dari Anda seumur hidup. Anda akan kaya, tapi Anda tak akan pernah berbahagia. Mengapa demikian?


*Bukanlah tindakan Anda yang menciptakan sesuatu, tapi niat Anda.*

Anda akan bisa meminimalisir tindakan Anda (sehingga Anda lebih santai dan
rileks), dengan berfokus pada semangat dan cita-cita – yang dibentuk oleh
niat, sampai Anda merasa sudah waktunya untuk bertindak. Sehingga, tindakan
itu nantinya tidak dilakukan dengan drive rasa takut, kekhawatiran, dan
keragu-raguan. Saya pribadi menyebut ini dengan konsep “TUNGGULAH GONGNYA”.

Bagaimana supaya kita bertindak setelah bunyi “gong” dan tidak mendahuluinya?

*Fokuslah pada apa yang Anda inginkan, dan bukan pada apa yang tidak Anda inginkan.*

Dengan fokus itu, Anda akan tahu kapan harus bertindak. Dan saat tindakan itu dieksekusi, maka semuanya akan terasa ringan dan tidak menjadi beban.

Di titik itulah, Anda akan berangkat dari titik departure yang benar, yaitu bertindak bukan dengan dasar rasa takut, khawatir, ragu, atau bahkan hanya sekedar ingin cari selamat alias struggle, melainkan dengan dasar semangat, cita-cita, dan enjoyment. Maka, seluruh alam semesta akan mulai mendukung Anda, dan memberi jalan yang mulus di hadapan Anda.


*Jika Anda sudah fokus pada semangat dan cita-cita, tapi Anda masih merasa grogi dan tidak percaya diri, Anda belum siap bertindak.*

Jika Anda paksakan, semua tindakan Anda akan berubah menjadi beban.
Padahal, Anda bisa bertindak tanpa beban, tanpa penghalang, dan tanpa rasa sakit.
Sesungguhnyalah, Anda bisa bertindak nothing to lose. Alias Ikhlas.
And that’s fun of course.

Mendasarkan diri semata-mata pada tindakan, adalah tidak tepat.
Tindakan Anda harus dibarengi dengan rasa tanpa beban. Menyenangkan dan nothing to
lose. Hanya itulah yang akan membuat lingkungan dan alam semesta mendukung

Anda harus memperbaiki konsepsi tentang “no pain, no gain”. Mengapa? Karena
“pain” Anda semestinya berproporsi benar. Memang harus ada “pain”, tapi itu
tidak berarti bahwa semua bentuk “pain” harus Anda alami terlebih dahulu.
“Pain” Anda haruslah worthed dengan “gain” yang Anda cita-citakan.

Jika Anda salah memahami konsep “no pain, no gain” ini, maka tindakan Anda
hanya akan berbentuk struggle dan cari selamat saja.


*Anytime You are struggling, You are miscreating. *

Jika Anda bertindak untuk struggle dan cari selamat saja, maka Anda akan sangat fokus pada “menghindari sesuatu”. Ketahuilah, “sesuatu” yang Anda hindari itulah yang justru akan Anda dapatkan!

Ini menjelaskan fenomena masyarakat miskin di berbagai belahan dunia, yang terus bekerja keras siang dan malam, tapi nasibnya tidak berubah.
Mereka, sebenarnya bisa merubah nasib dengan “hanya” merubah niatnya.

Bukankah Anda juga melihat, mereka yang tadinya di bawah, memang terbukti
berubah nasibnya dengan merubah niatnya? Lihatlah perubahan nasib pengrajin,
yang tercipta karena pergeseran niat dari “mencari sesuap nasi” menjadi “berbagi keindahan”. Lihatlah pemenang Kalpataru. Lihatlah penerima penghargaan UKM. Lihatlah fenomena Grameen Bank. Mereka, telah merubah nasibnya dengan merubah niatnya.

Apa berikutnya?

*Tindakan itu perlu, tapi ketahuilah bahwa tindakan adalah komponen terakhir di dalam proses penciptaan.*

Tindakan tidak dapat dijadikan sebagai inisiator dari hasil.
Inisiasi adalah fungsi dari being, thought, baru kemudian action. Dengan kata lain, inisiatif-lah yang menentukan hasil. Maka, di sini Anda mungkin perlu memperbaiki konsep tentang inisiatif. Inisiatif bukan hanya ide. Inisiatif adalah paket lengkap dari being, thought, dan action. Inisiatif akan menciptakan vibrasi.

Alam semesta ini adalah vibrasi. Setiap atom dan molekul alam semesta bervibrasi. Atom dan molekul di tubuh Anda juga. Pikiran Anda juga.
Pikiran Anda punya frekuensi listrik seperti juga gelombang radio. Dan teori modern
telah membuktikan bahwa gelombang itu termanifestasi secara fisik sebagai atom, molekul, dan partikel. Alias, punya bentuk materi juga.

Di dalam alam semesta ini, segala sesuatu diciptakan untuk bisa saling harmoni sehingga seimbang dan tidak hancur. Dengan harmonisasi vibrasi itu, alam semesta bergerak dan berubah. Dengan harmonisasi itu berbagai proses penciptaan lanjutan berlangsung. Termasuk, apapun yang menjadi cita- cita Anda, baik fisik maupun non fisik.

Maka sebelum bertindak, bertanyalah terlebih dahulu pada diri Anda sendiri:

*”Bagaimana Saya bervibrasi, harmoniskah dengan vibrasi alam semesta?”

“Sesuaikah dengan tujuan dari penciptaan diri Saya?”

“Sesuaikah dengan tujuan dari penciptaan alam semesta?”*

Bagaimana Anda bisa mengetahui dan mengatakannya? Anda bisa mengetahui dan mengatakannya dengan bertanya pada perasaan Anda. Lebih tinggi lagi, bertanyalah kepada nurani dan kalbu Anda.

*Apa yang Anda rasakan, akan menentukan apa yang akan Anda tarik.*

Dengan hanya berfokus pada apa yang Anda inginkan sesuai perasaan, nurani, dan kalbu Anda, maka alam semesta akan menciptakan satu set situasi dan keadaan khusus, di mana Anda akan bisa bertindak dengan ringan dan tanpa beban, dengan sebuah jaminan akan kesuksesan.

Setting situasi dan keadaan khusus itu, pasti tercipta bersama dengan apapun yang menjadi niat Anda. Alias, setting itu netral sifatnya.
Begitulah hukum universalnya.

Dengan kata lain, semudah Anda jatuh, gagal, dan tidak sukses, semudah itu pula sebenarnya, Anda bisa bangkit, berhasil, dan menuai sukses, tanpa perlu terlalu ngoyo dan tergopoh-gopoh, apalagi kemaruk.


Hasil Anda tidak ditentukan oleh tindakan Anda. Hasil Anda, ditentukan oleh
niat Anda.

Saya Ingin Anda Sukses,
Saya Harus Membuat Anda Sukses.
*(Ini niat Saya.)*

Ikhwan Sopa
Trainer E.D.A.N.
ikhwan dot sopa at gmail dot com

*Monggo dicopy, paste, link, tempel, republish, forward, save,
print, dan
dibagi-bagi. *

FINANCIAL FREEDOM ala Tukang Becak vs Howard Schultz (Starbucks)


Perbedaannya akan bagaikan langit dan bumi.
Berapa besar space yang ada “di dalam box” tsb ? Relatif Berapa besar space yang ada “di luar box” tsb ? WOW! No Limit
Coba kita lupakan segenap teori canggih dunia entrepreneurship (ttg  modal usaha, skill, keberanian untuk memulai usaha, dst,dst).  
Sementara banyak orang yang masih harus bergelut dalam kesibukan bisnis setiap hari setelah 10 tahun berbisnis, mari kita simak kisah ilustrasi seorang TUKANG BECAK tamatan SD yang sudah mencapai “financial freedom” setelah bekerja hanya lebih kurang 5 tahun saja, dgn “passive income” Rp. 9 juta/bulan !!!
Becak ke-1 :
==> Seorang tukang becak memiliki becak motor dengan penghasilan bersih Rp. 60,000/hari (bekerja dari pagi hingga larut malam). Biaya hidupnya sekitar Rp. 30,000/hari. Lalu ia berjuang utk konsisten menabung Rp. 30,000/hari. Dalam tempo 400 hari, ia mampu membeli becak kedua yang harganya Rp. 12 juta/unit.
Becak Ke-2 :
==> Ia sewakan becak keduanya dengan tarif Rp. 30,000/hari. Sementara ia tetap menarik becak pertamanya. Sekarang ia bisa menabung Rp. 60,000/hari. Dalam tempo 200 hari, ia mampu membeli becak ketiga.
Becak Ke-3 :
==> Ia sewakan becak ketiganya, sehingga sekarang ia mampu menabung Rp. 90,000/hari. Dalam tempo 134 hari, ia membeli becak ke-4.

Becak Ke-4 :
==> Ia sewakan becak tsb, sehingga sekarang ia mampu menabung Rp. 120,000/hari.
Dalam tempo 100 hari, ia membeli becak baru lagi.Becak Ke-5 :
==> Ia sewakan becak tsb, sehingga sekarang ia mampu menabung Rp. 150,000/hari. Dalam tempo 80 hari, ia membeli becak baru lagi.
Becak Ke-6 :
==> Ia sewakan becak tsb, sehingga sekarang ia mampu menabung Rp. 180,000/hari. Dalam tempo 67 hari, ia membeli becak baru lagi.
Becak Ke-7 :
==> Ia sewakan becak tsb, sehingga sekarang ia mampu menabung Rp. 210,000/hari. Dalam tempo 57 hari, ia membeli becak baru lagi.
Becak Ke-8 :
==> Ia sewakan becak tsb, sehingga sekarang ia mampu menabung Rp. 240,000/hari. Dalam tempo 50 hari, ia membeli becak baru lagi.

Becak Ke-9 :
==> Ia sewakan becak tsb, sehingga sekarang ia mampu menabung Rp. 270,000/hari. Dalam tempo 45 hari, ia membeli becak baru lagi.

Becak Ke-10 :
==> Ia sewakan becak tsb, sehingga sekarang ia mampu menabung Rp. 300,000/hari. Dalam
tempo 40 hari, ia membeli becak baru lagi.Setelah becak ke-10, ia berhenti menarik becak. Ia sewakan becak pertamanya ke orang lain. Ia lalu menggaji seorang “mandor” untuk mengurusi ke-10 becaknya. Ia PENSIUN. Kini ia menikmati penghasilan Rp. 300,000/hari, atau Rp. 9 juta/bulan (sebelum potong gaji sang mandor). Jika ditotal semua usahanya tsb hanya dicapai dalam tempo 3,2 TAHUN SAJA.============ =======
Tentu saja ini cuma sebuah ilustrasi, dengan menarik garis lurus dari sebuah bisnis. Katakanlah dalam tempo 10 tahun (bukan 3,2 tahun seperti dalam ilustrasi), sang TUKANG BECAK mampu mencapainya. Ini LOGIS, dan bisa terjadi.
Berapa banyak TUKANG BECAK di dunia yang seperti itu ? Mungkin 1 banding 10 juta. Tetapi ADA.
Berapa banyak TUKANG BECAK di dunia yang menjadi tukang becak seumur hidupnya dan terus hidup susah ? Buanyyaaak sekali.
============ =========
Sekarang bandingkan dengan banyak profesional tamatan S1 ataupun S2, atau bandingkan dengan para pengusaha yang masih harus bergelut dengan kesibukan mencari nafkah setiap hari. Kontras
sekali bukan….THINK OUT OF THE BOX. Perbedaannya akan bagaikan langit dan bumi.
Kunci kesuksesannya terletak pada “duplikasi”. Ini rahasianya : “Jalankan bisnis yang mudah diduplikasikan, dan tidak perlu keterlibatan kita secara penuh dalam bisnis tsb”. Cth : ikuti bisnis franchise yang berpotensi, beli asset lalu sewakan asset tsb, dst.
KUNCI UTAMA LAINNYA adalah : Hidup hemat pada awalnya untuk menabung,  uang tabungan di-investasikan untuk menghasilkan uang, lakukan terus
berulang2, setelah penghasilannya sudah cukup besar, barulah hidup  bersenang2.
============ ========= ========
Mari berhitung matematika …
Jika Anda diberikan 2 option kontrak kerja / kontrak bisnis berikut  ini, mana yang Anda pilih ?
1). Kontrak 2 tahun, tidak dpt dibatalkan, penghasilan/ bulan Rp. 100 juta.
2). Kontrak 2 tahun, tidak dpt dibatalkan, penghasilan di bulan pertama cuma Rp. 1000, tapi berlipat dua setiap bulan.Pilih mana ????
Jawabannya :
Option I : Penghasilan Rp. 100 juta/bln x 24 bln = Rp. 2,4 Milyar
Option II :
Bulan ke-1 : Rp. 1000
3. 4000
4. 8000
5. 16,000
6. 32,000
7. 64,000
8. 128,000
9. 256,000
10. 512,000
11. 1024,000
12. 2 juta
13. 4 juta
14. 8 juta
15. 16 juta
16. 32 juta
17. 64 juta
18. 128 juta
19. 256 juta
20. 512 juta
21. 1 milyar
2 milyar
23. 4 milyar
24. 8 milyar
Jika Anda pilih option I, Anda kecolongan hampir 6 MILYAR !!!
Kita hanya diajari oleh guru di sekolah tentang teori2 Albert Eintein  spt rumus kekuatan bom atom spt “E=MC2”, dst. Tetapi tidak diajarkan bahwa “kekuatan duplikasi” juga dikagumi oleh Albert Eintein, ilmuwan paling cemerlang abad 20, ia mengatakan “Kekuatan duplikasi adalah keajaiban dunia ke delapan”.
============ ========= ==
Bayangkan seorang pengusaha jenius sekaliber Schultz ( ia baru dijuluki pengusaha jenius setelah sukses, tetapi saat pertama kali menawarkan ide bisnis menjual segelas kopi seharga puluhan ribu  rupiah, ia diteriakin GILA dan ditolak ratusan orang). Ia mampu mengubah produk komoditas murah (kopi) menjadi produk eksklusif (customer-experience) berharga luar biasa mahal. Ia pandai  pula mendapatkan dana segar nan murah melalui GO PUBLIC. Ia pandai pula memanfaatkan media sebagai “public relation” untuk mempromosikan  Starbucks. Ia pandai pula membangun partnership dgn perusahaan global spt Pepsi, dst.
Hasilnya LUAR BIASA. Dengan kekuatan “KONSEP DUPLIKASI”, kedai kopi pertama yang dibangun Schultz tahun 1985, menjelma menjadi lebih dari 10,000 toko di tahun 2006, tersebar di seluruh dunia. Dan terus berlipat GANDA setiap tahun sampai sekarang…. .
Schultz lalu memutuskan untuk PENSIUN. Di tahun 2000, ia menggaji seorang “mandor” utk mengurus jaringan Starbucks nya di seluruh dunia. Tentu saja sang mandor disebut dengan istilah keren “CEO” bernama Orin C. Smith.
sang TUKANG BECAK maupun SCHULTZ sama2 mencapai “financial freedom”. Yang satu pencapaiannya hanya kelas regional, yang satu lagi kelas dunia……
Sedangkan milyaran penduduk dunia tidak pernah mencapai “financial freedom”, walaupun hanya di kelas regional saja….
============ ======
Bila sang TUKANG BECAK tamatan SD mampu melakukannya, seorang tamatan S1 secara logika pasti bisa melakukannya dengan hasil 3 kali  lipat lebih banyak (SD ke S1 kan ada 3 tahap, yakni SMP, SMU, baru  Universitas) ..
Mari kita ambil hikmahnya. Seandainya salah satu dari kita bisa memanfaatkan hikmah tsb dgn TAKE ACTION, semoga financial freedom bisa tercapai dalam 5 tahun mendatang… .Bila Anda bermurah hati, artikel ini bisa dikutip utk disharing ke berbagai pihak, teman2 Anda, rekan2 kerja, famili2, ataupun disharing pada milis2 lainnya. SEmoga bermanfaat bagi kita semua. Semoga kisah Starbucks2 lain bermunculan di bumi Indonesia dalam 5 tahun mendatang… .OK, semoga bermanfaat.

How to Create In the Eternal Now


How to Create In the Eternal Now

By Adrian Cooper
Excerpt from Our Ultimate Reality

“Time” is an illusion, a purely human construct of mankind, designed for convenience in order to measure a perceived “past”, “present” and “future”. The illusion of “time” on Earth is maintained by means of a scientific measurement of the relative positions of the Earth and the Sun in the physical three dimensional Universe in order to observe the seasons and the time the Earth takes for a complete rotation relative to the Sun in the measurement of ongoing “time”, in turn measured by various physical instruments such as clocks, calendars and charts.

Beyond the perceptions of most of those in the physical world, “time” simply does not exist. There is only Now, the Eternal Now where everything that has happened, is happening and ever will happen relative to the Earth concept of time already exists, always has existed and always will exist. Beyond Earth therefore the concepts of “past, present and future” simply do not and cannot exist.

The entire Universe from The Source, The First Cause, God is Energy vibrating at a frequency relative to The Source, The Source being the very centre of the Universe of Energy and the physical world being the outermost shell, the physical three dimensional Universe as observed by means of the physical senses and by science, existing at the lowest rate of vibration and the highest density. It should also be mentioned that the physical Universe of matter represents only a tiny fraction of the Universe of Energy and vibration in its entirety.

All Energy is influenced by the causation of thought before configuring under the influence of that thought, manifesting as an observable effect in the plane at which the thought originated. Everything that happens, ever happened and ever will happen in the entire Universe therefore, including the physical world, first originated as a thought originating from the Mind of a Being, and which thought in turn has its corresponding effect on the Energy of the Causal Spheres of the Universe while becoming the corresponding and potentially observable effect.

The Ultimate act of Creation by The First Cause, The Source, God of the entire Universe in all of its glorious spheres, planes and dimensions originated in the very beginning as a thought in the Mind of God. It can be truly said therefore that we all exist as “expressions”, within the Mind of God, made in the true Spiritual image of God.

Since the beginning of the human concept of “time” mankind has sought to live life based around that concept, thereby always thinking in terms of past present and future rather than Now. The Universe and the Energy we influence in the creation of our own individual realities have no concept of time, only Now, and as a result there is a no past or future irrespective of how much mankind forces his own existence around those erroneous notions. This tendency to force everything to happen in compliance with a notional concept of “time” has a very profound effect on the lives of those who do not fully understand these realities.

When a person thinks in the future tense, for example ” I will”, “I want”, “I could” then the Energy being influenced by those thoughts that can manifest into individual reality will be influenced only in the Now, with the perceived future never actually arriving. So if someone thinks, says or behaves in a manner that implies “I want”, then that person is placing themselves into a perpetual state of “wanting” but never of actually receiving. The vast majority of the human race today exists to some extent in a state of such wanting, while never being in a state of Mind, Energy and vibration to receive that which they “want”.

The Universe, The Source, God is immutable, absolutely perfect in every possible respect, and will accordingly always respond to a thought in its absolute terms rather than a human concept. “I want” literally creates a state of “wanting” perpetually until if or at such time whatever is associated with that thought is shifted to a state of “having” in the Now, which will then allow the object of that thought to manifest from a perpetual want into the actual Now, and accordingly into the individual, observable reality of the person originating that thought.

The importance of the Eternal Now simply cannot be over-emphasised. It is one of the most fundamental influences on the ability to create our own realities Now, rather than perpetually being frozen in a state of wanting but never receiving, a state that many find themselves in today.

The next chapters of this book we will address the importance of only thinking and acting in terms of the present tense in the context of total control over your own life and reality, enabling you to realise the potential that is within every human being, to have anything you can possibly desire. Always remember, there is nothing that you cannot be, do or have.

The importance of the Eternal Now must be fully grasped and fully understood as a continuous aspect of enjoying total fulfilment, joy and evolution. How we think has the most profound effect over the effects that occur in our lives; nothing has a more profound effect.

It is not sufficient to only recognize and express these fundamental Universal laws when it suits us, when we desire something or when there is a situation that demands it, it is absolutely necessary to live life completely in accordance with these immutable Universal laws. Those who do live their lives, either consciously or subconsciously according to these Universal laws will always seem to others to live a “charmed”, “lucky” “fortunate” existence, when in fact they are in reality living a Magical life, always in total control over their own individual reality, and always in a higher degree of harmony, Energy and vibration with the Universe compared to their less notionally “charmed”, “lucky” or “fortunate” family, friends and others around them.

In order to begin the process of living the life of your desires in which you have a total control first of all requires awareness. Rather than thinking random thoughts, all of which will have their corresponding effects whether observable or not, start to become fully aware of how, what and why you are thinking what you are. This is where powers of concentration as developed by virtue of the exercises in the previous chapter of this book are so valuable. Presence of Mind, awareness and concentration are a very powerful combination indeed in creating your own reality and living that Magical life that many can only dream of.

Always think as you wish things to Be, Now.

Two of the most powerful words that you can possibly think or say are “I Am”. As you live your life therefore the first stage of awareness is to always stop your thoughts short of a statement that implies the future tense and to transmute it into the present tense. So “I will” becomes “I am”, “I want” becomes “I have” and “I might” becomes “I do”. Also keep in Mind that there is absolutely no such concept as “try”. We either Do something in the present Now, or we do not Do anything; “try” simply does not exist except as a concept of a person wishing to achieve something.

I “want to feel well” should not be allowed to proceed as a thought and should be immediately become “I am feeling so well”. This thought takes the reality of feeling well from some point in the perceived future that never arrives, to actually feeling well in the present. So a strong thought of “I am feeling so well” will manifest into your reality in the Now, and you will indeed feel well in accordance with the effect of the causation of your “I am feeling so well” thought on the causation of the Universal Energy involved.

Similarly, if you have a bill that needs paying and you believe that you do not have the money, another human construct, to pay the bill, never think in terms of “I want the money to pay this bill”, but rather “I have the money to pay this bill effortlessly”. Bringing this statement into the present tense rather then a future statement of lack will cause the means by which the bill can be paid to manifest into your reality, and the bill will be paid in full.

Please always keep in Mind; the Universe always delivers in absolute accordance with your thoughts; there are no exceptions to these Laws. Again, “I might succeed at this objective” implies never “actually” succeeding. The “might” places the success into the indefinite and infinite range of possibilities and never as an actuality. So “I might succeed with this objective” should become “I am enjoying complete success with this objective”, and that success will then become your reality as that vibration of Universal Energy has its effect.

In summary, always think in terms of the present tense, and always remember those words “I Am”, using them all the time in the context of the reality you wish to create for yourself. In the next chapters of this book we will deal with consciously creating your own reality, an extremely important aspect of which is recognition of the Eternal Now. Creating your own reality is an ongoing, joyous and productive life, not just something to “do” when it suits you or to conform to the demands of others, vanity or ego. Those who understand and consciously apply these facts to their lives will be richly rewarded with health, wealth and happiness to the exact extent of the focus of the thoughts that created the same reality.

In the next chapter we will discuss in great depth The Law of Attraction, and aspect of Causation, the law of Cause and Effect, that once, fully understood and practiced, which is well within the abilities of everyone, will enable you to attract into your physical life absolutely anything you could wish for, desire or need, thus enabling you to live a life of complete abundance, joy and fulfilment.

Adrian Cooper is the author of “Our Ultimate Reality, Life, the Universe and the Destiny of Mankind”

Law of Attraction – Hukum Daya Tarik – Hari Pertama


Marshall Silver dalam bukunya Passion, Profit, & Power mengatakan
bahwa 1% orang menguasai 50% uang yang beredar di dunia dan 5% orang
menguasai 90% uang yang beredar.

Jika uang yang ada di seluruh dunia ini dibagi rata. Ternyata
sebagaimana diramalkan oleh Marshall Silver, dalam 5 tahun sejak
orang mendapat porsi yang sama dari uang yang dibagi, komposisi
tersebut akan kembali ke angka semula yaitu : 1% orang menguasai 50%
uang yang beredar dan 5% orang menguasai 90% uang yang beredar di

Mengapa demikian? Apakah karena Tuhan yang menentukan hal tersebut
alias `nasib dari sono-nya’ ataukah ada faktor lainnya?

Ternyata menurut Jack Canfield – pengarang, guru, pembimbing hidup,
pembicara motivasi – orang-orang tersebut bisa mencapai komposisi
demikian karena mereka tahu suatu RAHASIA dan mereka tahu cara untuk

Bob Proctor – filsuf, pengarang, pembimbing pribadi – mengemukakan
bahwa kita semua bekerja dengan satu daya yang tak terhingga. Hukum
alam semesta ini begitu tepat dan universal, contoh : apel di
Indonesia, di Amerika, di Inggris, di China, ketika jatuh dari
pohonnya maka dia akan menuju ke pusat gravitasi bumi (bukan misalkan
ketika di Indonesia, apel tersebut mengambang dan ketika di China,
apel tersebut jatuh ke atas, dsb nya).

Rahasia tersebut adalah DAYA TARIK. Apapun yang terjadi dalam hidup
kita ditarik oleh pikiran kita ke dalam hidup kita.

John Assaraf – wiraswastawan, ahli pengolah keuangan – menggambarkan
hukum daya tarik tersebut sebagai sebuah magnet dan magnet akan
menarik sesuatu ke arahnya.

Bob Doyle – pengarang, spesialis hukum tarik menarik – mengatakan
bahwa kemiripan akan menarik kemiripan. Jadi ketika kita memikirkan
sesuatu, kita akan menarik pikiran-pikiran serupa ke diri kita.

Contoh : seorang salesman mengeluh akan susahnya mencari order,
susahnya mendapatkan bonus, susahnya naik jabatan, dll kepada rekan
salesman lainnya. Berarti dia menarik pikiran `susah’ tersebut ke
dirinya. Pernah Anda amati, biasanya yang terjadi adalah
salesman-salesman lainnya turut menimpali atau menambahkan atau
mengompori hal-hal `susah’ tersebut sehingga energi `susah’ menyebar
dari satu orang ke orang lainnya dan memperkuat pikiran `susah’ dalam
diri salesman pertama tersebut karena dia menarik pikiran `susah’ ke
dalam dirinya.

Intinya apa yang berlangsung dalam pikiran Anda, Anda menariknya ke
dalam diri Anda – Bob Proctor
Contoh : Kita berpikir kita bisa atau kita tidak bisa, kedua-duanya
adalah benar. Jika kita berpikir kita bisa maka kita pasti bisa.
Tetapi jika kita berpikir kita tidak bisa maka memang betul kita

“Mengapa tidak semua orang hidup dalam impiannya?” Jawabannya adalah
karena : kita seringkali memikirkan apa yang tidak kita mau lebih
sering dan lebih kuat daripada apa yang kita mau.

Contoh : seorang salesman mau membeli mobil 1000 cc karena sehari-
dia menggunakan motor 110 cc. Dia berpikir bahwa dengan mempunyai
mobil, dia akan bisa mengajak anak dan istrinya berjalan-jalan ke
kota, dia akan dihargai oleh rekannya sesama salesman, dia akan
dipandang oleh mertuanya, dll. Tetapi ketika, sudah 3 bulan order
belum dapat, bonus tidak keluar, atasan marah-marah, dsb nya dia
kendor. Akhirnya setelah 6 bulan dengan pikirannya yang mulai pesimis
akhirnya dia menarik “bukan mobil 1000 cc” tapi hanya motor 125 cc.
Itu karena dia tidak benar-benar memikirkan dan `menarik’ mobil 1000
cc tersebut.

Banyak orang, ketika mengetahui prinsip Daya Tarik ini, mereka mulai
ketakutan terhadap semua pikiran negatif yang mereka punya. Mereka
harus sadar bahwa terbukti secara ilmiah : Pikiran/ Afirmasi positif
ratusan kali lebih kuat daripada pikiran negatif – Michael Bernard
Beckwith – visioner, pendiri agape international spiritual center

Untungnya apa yang kita pikirkan tidak seketika itu terjadi – Lisa
Nichols – pengarang, penasihat pemberdayaan pribadi. Tetapi ada jeda
waktu. Jeda waktu ini berfungsi untuk mengatur ulang apa yang kita
pikirkan sehingga kita bisa membuat pilihan baru. Bayangkan jika kita
memikirkan ada perampok di rumah kita dan tiba-tiba perampok tersebut
langsung muncul. Jeda waktu membuat kita menjadi lebih waspada dalam
mengatur sistem keamanan di rumah kita, misal memasang gembok,
menyalakan lampu taman, ikut siskamling, dll.

Selanjutnya kita akan membahas bagaimana cara mengendalikan PIKIRAN
kita, bagaimana cara mengendalikan PERASAAN kita, bagaimana cara
merubah PERASAAN kita, bagaimana cara menggunakan RAHASIA ini, dan
bagaimana cara untuk mempercepat PROSES ini.

Sampai saat itu, tetap bersemangat dan sukses selalu untuk Anda!

Putera Lengkong
Direktur, Motivator, Trainer