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The Little Soul & The Sun




Simply the best and most transforming children book ever written.Perfect gift for your kids! I love it very much!

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“The Little Soul and the Sun”
by Neale Donald Walsch
Illustrated by Frank Riccio


Once upon no time there was a Little Soul who said to God, “I know who I am!”

And God said, “That’s wonderful! Who are you?”

And the Little Soul shouted, “I’m the Light!”

God smiled a big smile, “That’s right!” God exclaimed. “You are the Light.”

The Little Soul was so happy, for it had figured out what all the souls in the Kingdom were there to figure out. “Wow,” said the Little Soul, “this is really cool!”

But soon, knowing who it was was not enough. The Little Soul felt stirrings inside, and now wanted to be who it was. And so the Little Soul went back to God (which is not a bad idea for all souls who want to be Who They Really Are) and said, “Hi, God! Now that I know Who I Am, is it okay for me to be it?”

And God said, “You mean you want to be Who You Already Are?

“Well,” replied the Little Soul, “it’s one thing to know Who I Am, and another thing altogether to actually be it. I want to feel what it’s like to be the Light!”

“But you already are the Light,” God repeated, smiling again.

“Yes, but I want to see what that feels like!” cried the Little Soul.

“Well,” said God with a chuckle, “I suppose I should have known. You always were the adventuresome one.” Then God’s expression changed. “There’s only one thing…”

“What?” asked the Little Soul.

“Well, there is nothing else but the Light. You see, I created nothing but what you are; and so, there is no easy way for you to experience yourself as Who You Are, since there is nothing that you are not.”

“Huh?” said the Little Soul, who was not a little confused.

“Think of it this way,” said God. “You are like a candle in the Sun. Oh, you’re there all right. Along with a million, ka-gillion other candles who make up the Sun. And the sun would not be the Sun without you. Nay, it would be a sun without one of its candles…and that would not be the Sun at all; for it would not shine as brightly. Yet, how to know yourself as the Light when you are amidst the Light–that is the question.”

“Well,” the Little Soul perked up, “you’re God. Think of something!”

Once more God smiled. “I already have,” God said. “Since you cannot see yourself as the Light when you are in the Light, we’ll surround you with darkness.”

“What’s darkness?” the Little Soul asked.

God replied, “It is that which you are not.”

“Will I be afraid of the dark?” cried the Little Soul.

“Only if you choose to be,” God answered. “There is nothing, really, to be afraid of, unless you decide that there is. You see, we are making it all up. We are pretending.”

“Oh,” said the Little Soul, and felt better already.

Then God explained that, in order to experience anything at all, the exact opposite of it will appear.

“It is a great gift,” God said, “because without it, you could not know what anything is like. You could not know Warm without Cold, Up without Down, Fast without Slow. You could not know Left without Right, Here without There, Now without Then.”

“And so,” God concluded, “when you are surrounded with darkness, do not shake your fist and raise your voice and curse the darkness. Rather be a Light unto the darkness, and don’t be mad about it. Then you will know Who You Really Are, and all others will know, too. Let your Light shine so that everyone will know how special you are!”

“You mean it’s okay to let others see how special I am?” asked the Little Soul.

“Of course!” God chuckled. “It’s very okay! But remember, ‘special’ does not mean ‘better.’ Everybody is special, each in their own way! Yet many others have forgotten that. They will see that it is okay for them to be special only when you see that it is okay for you to be special.”

“Wow,” said the Little Soul, dancing and skipping and laughing and jumping with joy. “I can be as special as I want to be!”

“Yes, and you can start right now,” said God, who was dancing and skipping and laughing right along with the Little Soul.

“What part of special do you want to be?”

“What part of special?” the Little Soul repeated. “I don’t understand.”

“Well,” God explained, “being the Light is being special, and being special has a lot of parts to it. It is special to be kind. It is special to be gentle. It is special to be creative. It is special to be patient. Can you think of any other ways it is special to be?”

The Little Soul sat quietly for a moment. “I can think of lots of ways to be special!” the Little Soul then exclaimed. “It is special to be helpful. It is special to be sharing. It is special to be friendly. It is special to be considerate of others!”

“Yes!” God agreed, “and you can be all of those things, or any part of special you wish to be, at any moment. That’s what it means to be the Light.”

“I know what I want to be, I know what I want to be!” the Little Soul announced with great excitement. “I want to be the part of special called ‘forgiving’. Isn’t it special to be forgiving?”

“Oh, yes,” God assured the Little Soul. “That is very special.”

“Okay,” said the Little Soul. “That’s what I want to be. I want to be forgiving. I want to experience myself as that.”

“Good,” said God, “but there’s one thing you should know.”

The Little Soul was becoming a bit impatient now. It always seemed as though there were some complication.

“What is it?” the Little Soul sighed.

“There is no one to forgive.”

“No one?” The Little Soul could hardly believe what had been said.

“No one!” God repeated. “Everything I have made is perfect. There is not a single soul in all creation less perfect than you. Look around you.”

It was then that the Little Soul realized a large crowd had gathered. Souls had come from far and wide ~ from all over the Kingdom ~ for the word had gone forth that the Little Soul was having this extraordinary conversation with God, and everyone wanted to hear what they were saying. Looking at the countless other souls gathered there, the Little Soul had to agree. None appeared less wonderful, less magnificent, or less perfect than the Little Soul itself. Such was the wonder of the souls gathered around, and so bright was their Light, that the Little Soul could scarcely gaze upon them.

“Who, then, to forgive?” asked God.

“Boy, this is going to be no fun at all!” grumbled the Little Soul. “I wanted to experience myself as One Who Forgives. I wanted to know what that part of special felt like.”

And the Little Soul learned what it must feel like to be sad. But just then a Friendly Soul stepped forward from the crowd.

“Not to worry, Little Soul,” the Friendly Soul said, “I will help you.”

“You will?” the Little Soul brightened. “But what can you do?”

“Why, I can give you someone to forgive!”

“You can?”

“Certainly!” chirped the Friendly Soul. “I can come into your next lifetime and do something for you to forgive.”

“But why? Why would you do that?” the Little Soul asked. “You, who are a Being of such utter perfection! You, who vibrate with such a speed that it creates a Light so bright that I can hardly gaze upon you! What could cause you to want to slow down your vibration to such a speed that your bright Light would become dark and dense? What could cause you ~ who are so light that you dance upon the stars and move through the Kingdom with the speed of your thought–to come into my life and make yourself so heavy that you could do this bad thing?”

“Simple,” the Friendly Soul said. “I would do it because I love you.”

The Little Soul seemed surprised at the answer.

“Don’t be so amazed,” said the Friendly Soul, “you have done the same thing for me. Don’t you remember? Oh, we have danced together, you and I, many times. Through the eons and across all the ages have we danced. Across all time and in many places have we played together. You just don’t remember.”

“We have both been All Of It. We have been the Up and the Down of it, the Left and the Right of it. We have been the Here and the There of it, the Now and the Then of it. We have been the male and the female, the good and the bad; we have both been the victim and the villain of it.”

“Thus have we come together, you and I, many times before; each bringing to the other the exact and perfect opportunity to Express and to Experience Who We Really Are. And so,” the Friendly Soul explained further, “I will come into your next lifetime and be the ‘bad one’ this time. I will do something really terrible, and then you can experience yourself as the One Who Forgives.”

“But what will you do?” the Little Soul asked, just a little nervously, “that will be so terrible?”

“Oh,” replied the Friendly Soul with a twinkle, “we’ll think of something.”

Then the Friendly Soul seemed to turn serious, and said in a quiet voice, “You are right about one thing, you know.”

“What is that?” the Little Soul wanted to know.

“I will have to slow down my vibration and become very heavy to do this not-so-nice thing. I will have to pretend to be something very unlike myself. And so, I have but one favor to ask of you in return.”

“Oh, anything, anything!” cried the Little Soul, and began to dance and sing, “I get to be forgiving, I get to be forgiving!”

Then the Little Soul saw that the Friendly Soul was remaining very quiet.

“What is it?” the Little Soul asked. “What can I do for you? You are such an angel to be willing to do this for me!”

“Of course this Friendly Soul is an angel!” God interrupted. “Everyone is! Always remember: I have sent you nothing but angels.”

And so the Little Soul wanted more than ever to grant the Friendly Soul’s request. “What can I do for you?” the Little Soul asked again.

“In the moment that I strike you and smite you,” the Friendly Soul replied, “in the moment that I do the worst to you that you could possible imagine ~ in that very moment…”

“Yes?” the Little Soul interrupted, “yes…?”

“Remember Who I Really Am.”

“Oh, I will!” cried the Little Soul, “I promise! I will always remember you as I see you right here, right now!”

“Good,” said the Friendly Soul, “because, you see, I will have been pretending so hard, I will have forgotten myself. And if you do not remember me as I really am, I may not be able to remember for a very long time. And if I forget Who I Am, you may even forget Who You Are, and we will both be lost. Then we will need another soul to come along and remind us both of Who We Are.”

“No, we won’t!” the Little Soul promised again. “I will remember you! And I will thank you for bringing me this gift ~ the chance to experience myself as Who I Am.”

And so, the agreement was made. And the Little Soul went forth into a new lifetime, excited to be the Light, which was very special, and excited to be that part of special called Forgiveness.

And the Little Soul waited anxiously to be able to experience itself as Forgiveness, and to thank whatever other soul made it possible. And at all the moments in that new lifetime, whenever a new soul appeared on the scene, whether that new soul brought joy or sadness–and especially if it brought sadness–the Little Soul thought of what God had said.

“Always remember,” God had smiled, “I have sent you nothing but angels.”

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Excerpt: Secrets and Mysteries of The World




Book by: Sylvia Browne
Excerpt by: Johnny Lone

Part I: Mysterious Places


(no excerpt from me)

Easter Island

(no excerpt from me)

Shangri – La

…Francine says that there is a lotus-shaped city in the center of the Himalayas that is inhabited by beigns from outer space. Might these be the Dropa of the stone discs and crystal skulls that were found in the mountains of China?) This mysterious place is also called Shamballa by the local Tibetian inhabitants. According to an article in The People’s Almanac #3 by David Wallechinsky, it is known as the “Hidden Kingdom”, where perfect and semiperfect human beings exist who are guiding the evolution of humankind (i dont want to be harsh, but they arent doing too good a job as far as i can tell; then again, maybe we would be a lot worse off if they werent there)

Shangri-La is supposedly protected from the outside world by psychic barriers and what the Tibetians call “snow guardians.”…

…Shamballa or Shangri-La is also supposed to be the source of the Kalacakra, the highest form of Tibetian mysticism…

…The People’s Almanac reports that “the prophecy of Shamballa states that each of its kings will rule for 100 years and that there will be 32 in all.” As each reign passes, “conditions in the outside world will deteriorate” until the last king saves the world by leading a mighty host against evil….

The Bermuda Triangle

…Francine says that from Mexico to Egypt and from Peru to China Sea, there are vortex points on each side of the equator that interconnect to form a grid of highly electromagnetic areas (there are approximately 12 in all) that cause strange phenomena to occur -not only in these 12 areas but also the interconnecting lines that tie them together. She states that the lines made travel easier for early alien visitors and were also a sort of radio or transmission grid to get information from one place to another quickly on the planet’s surface, almost like the satellite system we use today…

…My doctor friend reported seeing a pyramid with a crystal on top under the water. He tried to get closer to it, but was repelled by what seemed to be an electrical force that went through his body

This I believe wasn’t just because of the pyramid (or pyramids – reports indicate that there may be more than one); the crystals also send out an electromagnetic force. I am sure that in the next ten years or so, we will find the remains of a pyramid with a crystal sphere as my friend saw, probably near Bimini, which is off the coast of Florida. Divers have found what looks like steps near Bimini, but for some reason, there has been no further investigation….

…Francine said that the Bermuda Triangle was and is an intergalactic highway in which people could transport themselves from one planet to another – a kind of “Beam me up, Scotty” experience from Star Trek…

…She said that the only problem is that we don’t have the technology to understand its concepts, or do we know how to get in touch with the planet we are trying to reach so that they can employ the mechanism to utilize it. Imagine getting on an elevator without knowing how to push the buttons – you would just be stuck standing there, not knowing what to do or how to get anywhere…

…Also, many people don’t know that the Bermuda Triangle isn’t the only place where there have been a lot of missing ships, planes, and the like. There is also an area in the China Sea known as “the Devil’s Sea”, which has experienced much of the same phenomena as the Bermuda Triangle…

…An old book by the English explorer Percy Fawcett tells of isolated South American Indians who described great crystals atop ruined and buried temples in the jungles of Brazil. They spoke of glowing columns and shafts of glass and crystal, just like Edgar Cayce, the great “sleeping prophet”, and Francine have…

The Lost Continent of Atlantis

…The eastern part of Atlantis of Atlantis was off the coast of Spain and Africa, and Francine says that the western part extended into the Caribbean and the Yucatan Peninsula, also encompassing the Bermuda Triangle and the Sargasso Sea.

…The continent of Atlantis seems to have first appeared approximately 500,000 years ago, and reached its prime about 12,000 to 15,000 years ago as a very artistic, scholarly, and science-oriented continent – unlike Lemuria, which had a strong spiritual base rooted in its culture (I will talk more about Lemuria in the next chapter). And whereas Lemuria got destroyed because of a natural progression of events by Mother Nature, the highly competitive Atlanteans actually destroyed themselves as a result of their knowledge of atomic energy and nuclear physics.

…what was discovered was that the crystal amplified energy that passed through it.

…Francine said many years ago that Atlantis had three great cataclysms in its history: the first about 50,000 years ago; the second about 25,000 years ago; and the third, which destroyed their civilization, about 12,000 years ago…

…Many think that what happened to Atlantis was much like what I have often said on TV: a polar tilt puts a strain on some land masses along with a planetary shift, causes a crack in the continents. Lemuria and Atlantis both went under due to a polar tilt, and the result was that much of the earth was covered with water.

Atlanteans were experimenting with electromagnetic energy and gravity, which Francine says was a major cause of so much devastation. Normally a polar tilt will only precipitate volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and some land masses to move or crack slightly, but this one was the largest In Earth’s history. (and without stretching it, this could explain why we have the story of Noah and his ark). Most of this “covering of the earth with water” can also be found in ancient Sumerian texts.

Life on Atlantis

There are many theories about what Atlanteans were like. We do not know that their hierarchy basically consisted of two classes: wealthy citizens and slaves. Of course they had their rulers and various councils of elders and advisors, but these were included in the class of “citizens”, most of whom were fairly wealthy, probably in large part due to the fact that there was also a slave class. Interestingly enough, slaves were treated well and respected for their talents – in fact, by today’s standards, they would be called “middle class” – and some even attained wealth in large degrees. Atlantis was a very indulgent civilization, and almost everyone shared its bounty.

People on the lost continents had life spans of 800 years (sounds like Methuselah in the bible) and were 8 to 12 feet tall (the Bible also speaks of giants, in Chapter 6 of Genesis). We might think that these “giants” were only fantasy, but archaeologist were shocked when more than a dozen skeletons measuring 8 to 12 feet tall were found in various locations throughout the world. The diaries of Spanish conquistadors also describe blond-haired giants 8-12 feet tall running around in the Andes during the conquest of the Incas.

Atlanteans’ love for the arts and culture was paramount in their lives, but so was technology – the pursuit of which led to their downfall when it got out of control. The lost continent’s civilians started out pursuing creative endeavors such as philosophy, writing, sculpting, and painting, but they gradually become more technocratic and very commercialized. (on this planet right now, I see a similar situation in that we have both the spiritual faction, which goes along with aesthetics, and highly commercial money-making technocrats)…

…Many theorists (including Granma Ada and myself) believe that Atlantis was a colony of extraterrestrials – some believe they came from the Lyrian star system, while Francine says that it was Andromeda. This possibly explains why Atlanteans could levitate. And perhaps because they were from another planet, that is how they knew how to use Earth’s gravitational fields. They had sky cars, nuclear-powered vehicles, and machines that cooled or warmed entire cities. They knew so much bout the atmosphere that they were able to control it with powerful ionized machines, and they were the ones who constructed the portal in the Bermuda Triangle.

They also had some control over weather, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions, although at the time of their existence, our planet was even more violent in nature than it is today. This control over weather contributed greatly to the Atlantean economy by helping to produce bumper crops that would put our puny vegetables to shame. In addition, their preservation of food was stunning: While under hypnotic regression, one of my clients said that they “saw” the Atlanteans used a type of alum that would preserve food for years and never destroy its taste.

Atlanteans have breathtaking gardens and waterways, almost like a canal system, which went through and around many of their cities. Their homes and public buildings were spectacular in their beauty: Many lived in pyramid-type structures; in fact, the Atlanteans made pyramids the focal point of their civilization. My grandmother and I both intuited that some of their pyramids were holistic center, as well as communication hubs that were used as relay or phone stations form which people could send and receive messages instantly. These structures could be built speedily, using a type of anti gravitational rod, and the technology was carried over to ancient Egypt and other cultures and then lost. Most Atlantean architecture contained many columns and aches, designs that were also embraced by the Greeks and Romans.

People on the lost continent didn’t bury their dead; instead they cremated them, using a type of laser energy focused through crystals. They built large pyramids for healing, again using crystals. Their healing centers had what we might call a massage table today, on which the ill person would lie down, and multiple crystals would be focused on him or her to employ light and color therapy, laser surgery, and magnetic energy. Healing technicians (doctors) would come in with different types of ointment and balms or drugs, depending upon the treatment needed, and use the crystals in the healing process.

Atlanteans also had a type of machine for the rejuvenation of the body that employed electromagnetic energy through crystals, which helped in life extension…and, as I stated, life spans in Atlantis were usually very long. In addition, they used this machine for the diagnosis of maladies, because the person would go into a type of chamber and the machine would “read” the person’s aura, almost doing a magnetic X-ray (but more sophisticated than an MRI) that provided comprehensive pictures of the body.

Artificial organs were used for transplants when needed, but toward the end, when their civilization became more corrupt, Atlanteans began to experiment with animals and humans in bizarre and dangerous ways, even to the point of trying to make man-beast combinations. Francine says that many of our mythological creatures, such as the Satyr or the Minotaur, derived from stories of these experiments. It started with just trying to make different creatures out of two distinct species, but deteriorated from there.

As time progressed, it seems that the Atlanteans used their technology to attain more power, and not just for healing and staying young. As in all things great and small, greed became its own master – so they began to use crystals to enhance their technology and barter more for bigger and better things. It seems that the power of the crystal was then used for destructive purposes such as wiping out groups of people who didn’t please the ruling classes. (Maybe these are the flying machines described in Sanskrit texts, with death rays that wreaked havoc and destroyed thousands of people)….


Lemuria, a continent that existed in the Pacific Ocean around the same time as Atlantis, seems to have become forgotten, even thought it was Atlantis’s spiritual opposite. Lemurians believed that materialism was not an end in itself; instead, they placed more emphasis on healing, art, music, and spirituality.

… Lemurian homes were shaped like pyramids, just like Atlantean domiciles. (You will notice that pyramids show up a lot in this book – after all, look at the tepee of the American Indian: Isn’t it pyramid shaped? This shape seems to be efficient, as it can keep the warmth in and the cold out.)

… Francine says that every 12,000 to 15,000 years, the polar tilt causes continents to rise and fall, so Lemuria and Atlantis will rise again around the years 2020 to 2030.

Part II: Strange Creatures


…A Tulpa, according to traditional Tibetan doctrines, is an entity created by an act of imagination, rather like the fictional character of a novelist, except that tulpas are not written down. [Alexandra] David Neel became so interested in the concept that she decided to try to create one.

The method involved was essentially intense concentration and visualization. David-Neel’s tulpa began its existence as a plump, benign little monk, similar to Friar Tuck. It was at first entirely subjective, but gradually, with practice, she was able to visualize the tulpa out there, like an imaginary ghost flitting about the real world.

In time the vision grew in clarity and substance until it was indistinguishable from physical reality – a sort of self-induced hallucination. But the day came when the hallucination slipped from her conscious control. She discovered that the monk would appear from time to time when she had not willed it. Furthermore, her friendly little figure was slimming down and taking on a distinctly sinister aspect.

Eventually her companions, who were unaware of the mental disciplines she was practicing, began to ask about the “stranger” who had turned up in their camp – a clear indication that a creature which was no more than solidified imagination had definite objective reality.

At this point, David-Neel decided things had gone too far and applied different lamaist techniques to reabsorb the creature into her own mind. The tulpa proved very unwilling to face destruction in this way so that the process took several weeks and left its creator exhausted.

…Through my research, I ran across a group of six people in England who were also able to create a tulpa some years ago. Every night, Marian Hallsley gathered her friends together in order to try to contact the dead. These people weren’t uneducated or frivolous – among them were a journalist, a scientist, a dentist, a doctor and a businessman. After numerous attempts to connect with the deceased, they still had no success. Mediums were even called in, yet on one could manage to contact anyone on the Other Side.

One night Marian had an idea: The group would make up their own spirit! So night after night, this gathering took painstaking details to bring an entity into being. They gave him a birth date, a birthplace (Liverpool), and a name (Edward Howard). His height was noted; as was his exact weight, hair color and mustache. They gave him a wife and two children, and an occupation as a banker; they even determined that he wore a bowler hat and a tweed suit, smoked a pipe, and carried a walking stick. The group began to create a childhood for Edward and imagine his thoughts. As one of the six participants remarked, “WE know more about Edwards than we do about each other.”

One night, after almost a year and a half of constructing the full scope of Edward’s life, the table at which the gathering sate began to move so violently that they all jumped away form it. Sure enough, there was Edward Howard in all his glory! The group, with their unbelievable concentration, had created a tulpa. This story has been well documented – I even talked to Minnie Bridges, who was a student at the Spiritualist college that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle frequented and she corroborated that she had also seen Edward; in fact, many of the area mediums were called upon to get rid of him.

Now, I don’t mean to give you any fear of creating a tulpa, and I should mention that this process only seems to work for those who have too much time on their hands; in addition, the atmosphere and conditions have to be just right. Tibet would be and ideal place because of its mysticism and meditative practices, as would England, for its fog helps conduct electrical energy (in this case, mental energy). So again, the idea that thoughts are things takes on a new meaning!

The Loch Ness Monster

…However no matter how often science debunks Nessie, believers keep popping up and more sightings keep occurring. What is the explanation for this? Well, clearly there is a type of monster – possibly even one with a dinosaur-shaped body and head – but I believe with all my heart that Nessie is a tulpa that has been created by a belief, many books and supposed sightings. She is real, in a manner of speaking, because thousands of thought forms have helped create her.


(no excerpt from me)

The Leviathan

(no excerpt from me)

The Fairy World

…Francine says that there is a subphylum of creatures that helps Mother God keep the world in balance as much as She can: fairies.



(no excerpt from me)

Banshee and Sirens

Francine told me that when someone is going to die, his or her psyche or soul will know that its passing time is imminent. The soul lets out a psychic scream, even before the person passes, and because of the dense air and dew in the British Isles, the “silent” scream is often heard – which has been attributed to the banshee.

The Incubus and Succubus

(no excerpt from me)


(no excerpt from me)

…As Francine says, “If you can think of the question, the answer will become available to you.” So read and explore, and you will find enlightenment and the answers to all your questions.

Witches and Werewolves


…Wiccans do employ spells, but true practitioners use them for positive ends, such as bringing rain where there is a drought, healing cattle or livestock, or dealing in herbs and folk medicines to create wellness. People don’t realize that affirmations are actually part of a type of Wiccan ritual – these white witches believe that what we repeat comes to us, and we are programmed for good…


(no excerpt from me)

Vampires and Chupacabras


(no excerpt from me)


I believe that the chupacabra is quite different from the vampire bat – it is actually a creature from another planet that was put there for research purposes and sometimes runs amok.

Children’s Invisible Friends

…Children’s eye are so unclouded by the world that they see the dimension from which the guides come. Yet their invisible friends seem to fade from their reality – I am convinced that life crowds in and pushes them away, or well-meaning parents tell them that they have an overactive imagination. To encourage our children, we should get them to talk about their friends. In fact, our kids can even give us very psychic messages from their guides.

For example, a little boy named David recently told his mother that Marty (his imaginary friend) said that her dad (David’s grandfather) was going home to God’s house. David’s mother did not pay much attention until the next day, when she got word that her father had died suddenly of a heart attack. Likewise, Francine told me when I was staying with my grandmother that my grandpa, whom I loved dearly, had gone to heaven – she even gave me the exact time he made the transition.

You don’t have to probe, but in a conversational or matter-of-fact way, question your child and act interested. I bet you will be amazed at the information that comes through. Don’t be afraid – if we listen to our children, we will enhance their communion with their guides and with God and their angels. Then we will have a group of people who will grow up not feeling so alone, and who realize that God sends emissaries to guide us along the way.


…As Grandma Ada said later, if aliens looked so grotesquely different, they wouldn’t be able to visit our planet undetected. (Here my guide Francine interjects to say that whatever you want to believe is great, but she and all her fellow guides have only seen what are humanlike creatures: Some are tall and some are short; some are dark and some are light; some look Caucasian and some look Asian; and so on. Doesn’t it make sense that this is how they blend in with us? After all, they are walking among us, even in politics.)…

…”Why did you come to us?”I queried. “Maybe someday you will write that we are not here to hurt your planet, but rather to observe and help,” he responded …[excerptor’s note: from the conversation the author had during an encounter with an alien (the alien also turned out to be from those well-intentioned ones, not mentioning the fact that some other alien races are bad -mentioned, such as the Greys and the Reptilians)]

Part III: Unexplained Objects

The Crystal Skulls

…Francine says that, as with the stones of Egypt`s pyramids, we don’t yet possess the technology to tap in to the knowledge that was put in the crystal skulls. Since crystal has always been a conductor) after all, the first radios were old crystal sets), much ancient information was put into the skulls. Francine also says that these artifacts were made by her ancestors – who were very adept at carving and polishing with a white, powdery sand – and they were apparently religious symbols that dated back thousands of years before her birth. These symbols showed Francine’s people two things: (1) Life is fleeting; and (2) we should always honor and remember the dead we will someday join. …

I was also reminded that Francine told me that all the world’s pyramids carried crystals on their apexes because they brought knowledge from the ancients. Even today, we wear crystals because they absorb negativity. And an old Native American tradition that’s been passed down through the ages claims that when we lose our negativity and our shortsighted minds, crystals can be used as instruments for seeing evil things and warding them off, as well as for healing the sick. Are they trying to tell us that crystals can heal? Yes. Are the artifacts telepathic? Yes.

The Ica Stones

…After studying the Ica stones for years and consulting with various geologists and scientists, Dr.Cabrera had his theories. He postulated that a very ancient civilization, which was originally from a star system in the Pleiades, landed on Earth and attempted to colonize it. He also claimed that at that time, this planet was entirely different from the one we live on today. It was comprised of an 80 percent land mass with very little water, and because of the planetary conditions, the atmosphere had heated up considerably. Therefore, he theorized, this ancient civilization tried to manipulate the biological cycles of nature to correct the situation, but the attempted corrections caused massive tectonic shifts, great floods, and the movement of continents (in other words, cataclysmic events that changed the planet’s land masses). With Earth’s stability in question, this ancient civilization prepared to depart for their home planet in the Pleiades. (A large stone in Cabrera’s library shows the hemispheres of that planet having intelligent life and space-traveling capability.) …

…It was also rumored for many years that he had a secret chamber of stones in his museum that he never let the public see. These special rocks held a “message for humankind” that Dr.Cabrera insisted would be let out someday when we were ready…

…Francine goes on to state that the stones were indeed a record left behind by extraterrestrials who inhabited the area millions of years ago and whose effect also extended to Pampa Colorada and the surrounding areas. They also had an impact on very early cultures in not only Peru, but in Atlantis and LEmuria as well, which influenced other highly advanced later civilizations such as the Egyptians. Francine also told me that in about 15 years, humans will be able to tap in to these stones for the information contained therein, which she said functions like computer databases. …

Otherworldly Maps and Instruments

The Piri Reis Map

…Francine, as well as my own psychic abilities, tells me that the map was actually drawn about 12,000 years ago by extraterrestrials from the Andromeda galaxy, who ten gave it to the Atlanteans. From there, it ended up in the library at Alexandria, and copies were transferred before it was burned down. …

The Antikythera Mechanism

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The Pyramids and the Sphinx

… He immediately came back with, “We used antigravity rods from the large spaceships, which would then leave – and in seconds we’d have a stone that was instantly placed on top of another.” He also kept saying that the stones contained imprints of knowledge, much like a library. … [Excerptor’s note: ‘He’ refers to one patient of the author during a hypnosis session that “flipped” during the session.]

The Great Pyramid

… Scientists have tried to x-ray (for lack of a better word) the Great Pyramid with sound, and each time they get a different reading. Francine says that knowledge put there by an intelligence greater than ours is trapped inside the stones, and it will be revealed in the not-too distant future. …

…Oh my God, I thought, this isn’t really a tomb – it’s a symbol of man’s ascent through his lifetime! This logically explains why they never found any mummies buried in the King’s or Queen’s Chamber. It also reminded me of the ancient riddle of the Sphinx: What walks on four legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon, and three legs at night? The answer, of course is the human. A baby crawls on all fours, a young person walks on two legs, and an elderly person uses a crane. …

… As the group I was with ascended higher, we came to a place where the ceiling was so low that it was like a crawl space. After bending down and getting through, we emerged in the King’s Chamber, where only an open sarcophagus stared at us. Rebirth, I realized. The open sarcophagus symbolizes rebirth. We climb through life, through good times and bad; keep on going, no matter how difficult it gets; and then are reborn until our final death here on Earth – at which point, we are released to go to the Other Side. This is a real temple of worship and knowledge, I thought, and Francine said, “Very good! Now you are getting it.”…

…I descended, suddenly feeling so vibrant and energized – especially after I stayed in the King’s Chamber with the sarcophagus, which greatly reverberated with positive psychic energy, thoughts, songs, rituals and prayers. …

… Regardless of what you believe, the Great Pyramid is a mystical place, and no one ever comes out feeling the same. After all the trips I’ve made there, I have a file cabinet full of hundreds of people’s accounts of the life-changing experiences they had. Some folks I have taken with me have even been physically healed in the King’s Chamber. The first time I went to Egypt, as I mentioned before, I took about 80 people, but on my next trip I took 275, many of whom experienced great cures. Take Nan, for instance: “I had migraines for 20 years, but after coming down from the King’s Chamber, I haven’t had a headache since.”…

The Sphinx

… Francine dropped a bombshell when she told me that the Ark of the Covenant is buried beneath what is left of the Sphinx. (After all, what better place to hide the Ark than beneath the Sphinx, where no one would think to look for it?) Since the Ark was made of wood and gold, it conducted some kind of electrical current because it housed so many secrets about life and how it should be lived. It even contained plans on how the Sphinx and Egyptian pyramids were built – it was almost like a small reference library…

…Dr.Zahi Hawass told Abass and me that some Egyptologists were beginning to look beneath the Sphinx and had found a hidden room, but there was some problem or diplomatic confusion that was holding up the excavation.

Abass said, “Sylvia, the fact that you knew there was a room beneath the Sphinx is remarkable, especially when no one heretofore believed that anything was there.”

Someday I know they will find the Ark there. Maybe the tables are in it, but even if they aren’t, I am convinced that there is enough evidence to prove its authenticity – and this theory. …

Other Pyramids and Tombs

… Francine says that if you look at a map, you will see that pyramids form a triangle form the jungles of the Yucatan in Mexico to Peru to Giza; they were also used as a sort of telegraph station. She said that in the beginning, all the pyramids had crystals on top (which have eroded over time), and that is how the ancient people communicated with each other. …

… It seems that those who have questioned popular theories have either been blackballed or called downright frauds. Such was the case with Michael Cremo, who put together a controversial documentary challenging the building of the Egyptian pyramids. When his film was aired, NBC was deluged with calls by scientists who called him a completely unscientific sham.

Dr.Virginia Steen – McIntyre was another maverick who offered controversial data what wasn’t unlike that of Hart and Cremo. She was asked to retract her information, and when she refused, she lost her job at an American university. Scientists today are much like doctors – that is, their organizations hold a lot of power to suppress new information and truths, … [Excerptor’s note: Bold is special emphasis particularly made by me, the excerptor. Also take into consideration rumors that cures to great diseases such as AIDS, cancers was found by some sincere scientific individuals but was greatly suppressed by the medical community, so as to make profit from ever-growing sick population, what the heck INSANITY!!!]

… Aliens interacted with ancient humans because primitive people already believed that God came from the sky, so it wasn’t unusual for them to accept extraterrestrial visits. However, after the advent of the One God, an alien might have appeared to Moses in a burning bush, but that was about the end of it, except for Elijah, who “went up to heaven” in a “chariot of fire.” (2 Kings 2:11). Many scientists have tried to duplicate the way Elijah’s journey was described in the Bible, and they came up with a machine that looked like a space vehicle, but they didn’t know how to make it go. …

… Francine says that extraterrestrials colonized us – … Later on, I was floored to discover that Edgar Cayce had said the same thing as Francine…

…Francine did say that anyone who comes to this planet is the bravest of the brave and learns faster than anywhere else because this is the insane asylum of the universe…

Crop Circles

…Do not believe all that you hear from televisions, newspapers, magazines, and the like. If you do, you will often miss the truth. Being under constant media scrutiny myself, I know firsthand how many mistakes the press in general makes by jumping quickly without proper investigation. I have many friends who are celebrities and many who are scientific researchers, and the horror stories they have related to me about misrepresentation, misreporting of facts and downright lies are mind-boggling.

This entire journalism profession has one big problem that they try to push under the rug, but cant – and that is that they are in their business for profit. This results in stories being released quickly in order to “scoop” the competition, which then leads to falsehoods and poor research. It also culminates in stories being fabricated, pictures being falsified, quotes being misrepresented or made up, and a general unprincipled attitude. …

… Crop circles have been discovered mostly in barley and wheat crops, but they have appeared in corn, oats, canola, grass, rice fields, trees, sand, and even snow. They have been found in more than 70 countries around the globe – many near ancient or sacred sites. Inexplicably, many farmers have reported greater yields (a 30 to 40 percent increase in their crops in the years following the appearance of formations in their fields. …

…Francine says that not only are they (the extraterrestrials) trying to communicate by symbols, but they are also trying to show where they are from in the galaxy…

Part IV: Mystic Phenomena

Spontaneous Human Combustion

…She (Francine) said that SHC is caused by a buildup of phosphorous, which is highly flammable – that is what causes the body to implode upon itself and start burning from the inside out. …

…It is interesting to note that phosphorous burns with high heat and intensity, as do most metals, such as sodium (just expose some to the air and see what happens and magnesium. This would explain why, if the body did start to incinerate inside, the power of the fire would literally burn up the body, but not necessarily any of the surrounding area, as the intensity would immediately cease once the phosphorous in the body was gone. …

Kinetic Energy and Auras

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Voodoo, Astrology, and Shamans


…Devlin began to explain that voodoo was a religious practice that was very old and had existed in Africa for longer than recorded history. Followers believe that anything in nature carries energy (somewhat like the Wiccan belief), and the religion deals with spirits of the dead. …

… belief is a powerful thing, and if people feel as if they have been cursed, then they begin to almost fulfill their own prophecy. …

…Voodoo is practiced extensively in Brazil, Haiti, and a lot of South American countries. One of their primary aims is to get rid of the devil (or evil) and align oneself with God or spirit gods for protection. …

… “What doesn’t kill me just makes me stronger.”… (Excerptor note: refers to the ridicule, criticism, and scorn the author had gone through)

…Like all faiths, voodoo has its beautiful and wonderful side, as well as its dark aspects, which are grossly overexaggerated.


…The different birth configurations in the sky then began to take on the component parts of what the stars represented. For instance, if born under the sign of Taurus, a person was said to be stubborn like a bull; a Libra was seen to be balanced like the scales of justice; Virgo was pure like a virgin; Sagittarius was a fearless and outgoing as an archer; Leo was as proud and regal as a lion; Capricorn was as steadfast and steady as a goat; Aquarius was fluidly moving and artistic; Cancer was as tenacious and home-loving as a crab; Gemini had a dual nature, like twins; Aries was as fiery and headstrong as a ram; Scorpio was as intense as a scorpion – with as deadly a sting; and Pisces was a deep, psychic, and submerged in self as a fish.


(No excerpt from me)

Universal Enigmas

Black Holes

Francine said that first and foremost, a black hole is like the universe’s vacuum cleaner: A star explodes (or implodes) and creates a type of crater in the atmosphere, piercing the veil of the universe and bringing everything around it into a funnel-like aperture, which then shows up in a parallel universe. In other words, there are universes backed up to this one, which is possibly the reason why we discover new stars of planets.

The Polar Tilt

Approximately every 15,000 years or so, Earth goes into what I call a polar tilt, in which the axis of the planet shifts to a point at which the magnetic polarities change and move. At this time, great upheaval in the world’s ocean and land masses can and do occur. The last polar tilt was in the time of th destruction of Atlantis and was also the cause of the “great flood” described in the Bible and other religious and historical facts.

A polar tilt also affects the planet’s animal population as well as its weather. For example, as geologists know, the Sahara was once a very abundant part of Earth, yet today it is one of the driest place we know. And creatures that have followed migratory paths for hundreds of years are becoming confused; we now see, for instance, that the swallows are intermittently failing to come back to Mission San Juan Capistrano, in Southern California, where they used to show up every March 19 without fail.

We are also going to see more and more sea life beached – just like all those whales in California that, for no apparent reason, seemed to lose their way and died not long ago, regardless of how many marine biologists tried to save them. Even when they got some of the whales out to sea with the help of volunteers, the creatures turned around and beached themselves again. Did they want to die together, or were they convinced that they were going in the right direction because somehow their perception of topography had changed?

The polar tilt is also the reason for our strange climate change. Right now, some areas of the world are enjoying very mild weather, while others endure harsh conditions -almost the opposite of what they normally get for different periods of the year. Aside from the greenhouse effect, people will be most affected by weather changes and more intensive natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and the rise and fall of land masses. Californians will be greatly affected, with massive land upheavals in about 20 or 30 years (although the polar tilt itself will take longer), and land will rise in the Atlantic. Although loss of life and extensive damage will be enormous, as always, humankind will survive.

The Hollow Earth Theory

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Alien Abductions

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Part V: Christian Controversies


…Stigmata can be termed a “miracle” or it can be a type of deep conviction or state of devotion that brings about a type of self-hypnosis. It is a known fact, as simplistic as it may sound, that you can hypnotize someone and tell them that you are putting a hot poker on their arm but instead apply an ice cube, and a high, angry blister will appear. …

The Shroud of Turin

…In any case, Granma Ada looked to the left and said, ” Well, it is not Jesus. For one thing, the height is all wrong on the Shroud. Also he wasn’t the only one crucified back then – countless people received that punishment.” …

…I always remember what Granma Ada used to say: The only thing we seem to remember about Jesus Christ is that he died on agonizing death. I have to agree -after all, what about the happy Christ, the teaching Christ and the healing Christ? We only seem to recall the terrible sadness. (Many years after my grandmother passed, Francine told me that Jesus felt that his teachings fell short and all people remembered was his suffering and death). …

The Holy Grail and The Holy Spirit

The Holy Grail

(Full excerpt)

Historians and writers have hinted that a group of high-profile writers, scientists, and artists – including WaIt Whitman, Victor Hugo, Arthur Conan Doyle, Isaac Newton, Sandro Botticelli, and the great Leonardo da Vinci – were not only reincarnationists, but also members of secret societies such as the sacred Priory of Sion, the Knights Templar, or the Masons.

In fact, not many people realize that along with being a great painter, Leonardo da Vinci was a prophet of sorts – not so much in written matter but in his sketches. I recommend that you check out his wondrous knowledge of technology and the structure of the human body. Long before science and medicine caught up to him, he’d made sketches of flying machines, helicopters, rockets, war machines, and cars; as well as finely detailed sketches of muscles, tendons, organs, and other body parts. He was way ahead of his time, and it wouldn’t be until centuries later that much of what he drew would come to pass.

Leonardo also had knowledge of the Holy Grail, including where and what it was. The books Holy Blood, Holy Grail and The Messianic Legacy by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh, and Henry Lincoln scratch the surface of this topic, but Dan Brown’s novel The Da Vinci Code breaks it wide open. Most Gnostics (which my church is dedicated to) have known this “secret” information all along, but the Rosicrucians guarded it with a vengeance because the known world of Christianity would have branded this the worst of heresies.

So now with information about the Holy Grail coming out all over, we Gnostics feel a certain amount of exhilaration over a real truth of Christianity being brought forth. That’s why long before The Da Vlnci Code came out, I told my publisher that I wanted to write about Mother God and uncover Her once and for all-no matter how controversial it might be.

You see, the Crusaders knew that there wasn’t really a grail (or cup as such) at all; instead, there was a holder of the sacred knowl­edge, which was the womb of mankind. Early Christians even went underground with this knowledge to avoid persecution by the Catholic Church. Some French libraries have much information on this subject, but after Holy Blood, Holy Grail was published, they shut their doors to more research. (It’s also interesting to note that The Da Vlnci Code takes place in France for the most part.)

So concerned was the paternal side of Christianity that they feigned ignorance on what da Vinci knew about the Grail, and many people were mysteriously killed because they possessed this knowledge. As God will have it, though, we can only keep truth buried for so long before Mother God will rise up and re establish a kinder, gentler Christianity. It’s now becoming quite apparent that there must be two sides.

If you’ve read my book Mother God, then you probably have a better handle on this long-buried, supposedly mysterious infor­mation that’s been known since long before Christ’s birth, but was suppressed by men who felt it tool away from Christianity. How it would is beyond me-unless it just points to patriarchal control and the fact that these men would have had a hard time explaining what they’ve covered up for all these years.

Dan Brown also has another powerful book that addresses this topic, called Angels & Demons. And if you read the Dead Sea Scrolls in depth, you’ll discover that Mary was known to chan­nel information, another fact that seems to be hidden and only held by the Essenes (the forerunners of the Gnostics) . . . it’s only a matter of time before the truth about the Mother Goddess­es well as the “Holy Grail”-becomes common knowledge.

The Holy Spirit

When I was in Catholic school and we made the sign of the cross, it was for the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Then, many people began to change Ghost to Spirit (I guess they felt that the words Holy Ghost smacked of being too esoteric).

Anyway, there has always been a controversy regarding the idea of three persons in one God. St. Patrick was supposed to have taken a shamrock (which we still see in Irish dishes, rings, and so on) to try to explain the Trinity, saying that it was three sep­arate entities on one stem. It still seemed so confusing to me, until I came to understand that the third person in the Trinity was actu­ally Mother God.

Some people believe that the Holy Spirit was the love between the Father and Mother that made the Son. Logically, this takes more sense when you see that the Church tried to obliterate the feminine principle. We have the Father, the Mother, and the Son, who came horn the divinity of male God and female God. So the early Church decided to just name Mother God the “Holy Ghost.”

The Holy Spirit’s symbol of the dove came about because such a bird was seen over the head of Jesus. So horn then on, the dove was used as a symbol of the Holy Spirit, which of course means peace, but doesn’t have anything to do with Mother God.

I don’t by any means think that you have to change your sign of” the cross-I’m just giving you an insight into history and what your logical mind and heart will tell you.

The Lost Years of Jesus

(Full Excerpt here

The Devil

…The greatest tulpa ever perpetuated is good ol’Lucifer, or Beelzebub, or whatever name the culture deems to give to this “fallen angel.”…

The Mythology of Popular Holidays


…It just goes to show that some organized religions – and ultimately, some of humankind – seem to need to focus on fear, demons, and devils, instead of love, peace and goodwill …

Other Holidays

(No excerpt from me)


…”Take with you what you want and leave the rest” …

…”Life is a banquet!”…

… Never quit searching and exploring because therein lies our heritage – and, at the bottom of it all, we discover humankind’s search for ourselves and especially our search for God. …

(Excerpt)Living with the Himalayan Masters




Book by Swami Rama

Excerpt by Johnny Lone

[Much more accounts of miracles, philosophies and interesting narratives can be found within the book. I find the book enjoyable as easy reading. This excerpt is made out of the 456 pages of the book]

Download: PDF Version

Spiritual Education in the Himalayas

The sacred Himalayas

…Not having human company or communication brought me great peace and serenity. I realized that nature is very peaceful. She disturbs only those who disturb themselves, but she teaches wisdom to those who admire and appreciate her beauty. This is especially true in the Himalayas. …

…As the breeze blew its stem, it shook and then bent toward me, saying, “Do you think I am lonely being all alone? All alone means all in one.

…That was the last day I ever picked a flower. I felt that I had been depriving Mother Nature by snatching her child from her lap. I never picked a flower again. Beauty is to be admired and not to be used, possessed, or destroyed. Aesthetic sense develops when one starts appreciating the beauty of nature. …

…A bottle of Ganges water is kept in every home and practically all of the villagers give it to a dying person to drink. When bottled, bacteria do not survive in it, although they do in the water from other rivers. Long ago, sailors learned that drinking water from the Ganges carried by ships travelling from Calcutta to London did not stagnate, but water from the Thames carried by ships travelling from London to India had to be replaced by fresh water along the way. The unique chemical components and minerals of this water have been analyzed by many scientists from all over the world. Dr. Jagdish Chandra Bose, a prominent Indian scientist, analyzed the Ganges water and concluded: “There seems to be no other river water like this anywhere in the world. Its mineral qualities have powers to cure many diseases.” …

…The swan is said to have the power of separating and drinking only the milk out of a mixture of milk and water. Similarly, this world is a mixture of two things: the good and the bad. The wise person selects and takes the good and leaves the bad. …

My Gurudeva and Parents

…A genuine teacher never condemns his student, no matter how bad the student may be. Instead, the teacher gently helps and corrects. However much a child misbehaves, a truly loving mother will continue to tenderly care for him. As a mother raises her child with love, gentleness, and guidance, so a master raises his student.

…My master gave me everything, and he has never expected anything in return, nor had I anything to give. My love for him is immense, for he has done everything for me – educated me, trained me – and so far I have not been able to do anything for him. A master need nothing. True spiritual leaders are like that: they take nothing and they give everything. …

My Master and the Prince Swami

…Many times the people of India wondered who this great was, but my master preferred to remain unknown, and says that the aspirant who genuinely wishes to follow the path of enlightenment should avoid crowds, publicity and creating large followings. Name and fame are the greatest barriers and downfalls for a spiritual man.

The Master Teaches

Crossing a Flooded River

… It is said in the scriptures that with the help of sankalpa shakti (the power of determination) nothing is impossible. Behind all the great works done by the great leaders of the world stands this shakti. With this power behind him, such a leader says, “I will do it; I have to do it; I have the means to do it.” When this power of determination is not interrupted, one inevitably attains the desired goal.

Maya, The Cosmic Veil

…Many people confuse attachments with love. But in attachment you become selfish, interested in your own pleasure, and you misuse love. You become possessive and try to gain the objects of your desires. Attachment creates bondage, while love bestows freedom. When yogis speak of non-attachment they are not teaching indifference, but are teaching how to genuinely and selflessly love others. Non-attachment, properly understood, means love. Non-attachment or love can be practices by those who live in the world as well as those who are renunciates.

Blessings in a Curse

… A selfish man always think and talks about himself. His selfishness makes him self-centered and miserable. The shortest cut to self-enlightenment is to cut through the ego; surrender before the Highest One. Satsanga – company of the sages – and constant awareness of the center within help one in going beyond the mire of delusion. The ego is also purified by cultivating selflessness. …

…those who try to be constantly aware of their unity with others can remain happy and fearless, enjoying every moment of life. Those who are selfless, humble, and loving are the true benefactors of humanity. …

The Path of Direct Experience

Direct experience is the Highest of All Ways of Gaining knowledge. All other means are only fragments.

Direct experience alone is the Means

All knowing is in vain if it is not direct. Indirect knowledge is of course informative, but not fulfilling. All wise people throughout history have gone through great pains in order to know truth directly. They were not satisfied by the mere opinions of others. They were not frightened off from this quest by the defenders of orthodoxy and dogma, who prosecuted and sometimes even executed them because their conclusions were different. …

Direct experience alone has access to the real source of real knowledge.

Real Knowledge Removes Suffering

… A little or partial knowledge is always dangerous, like partial truths. A partial truth is not truth at all

A Mantra for Happiness

…At last he said, “No matter where you live, live cheerfully. This is the mantra. Be cheerful at all times, even if you are behind bars. Anywhere you live, even if you have to go to a hellish place, create heaven there. Remember my boy, cheerfulness is of your own making. It only requires human effort. You have to create cheerfulness for yourself. Remember this mantra of mine.”

A Mantra for Bees

… He replied, “Do as I say. Talk to the bees. Your lips should be so close you can whisper to them.” I asked, “How do they know Hindi?” He answered, “They know the language of the heart, so they know all the languages – just talk to them.” …

I Receive a Beating

Among all the methods for training and therapies, the highest of all is that of self-training in which one remains conscious of one’s mind, actions and speech.

A Firethrower Swami

… Later I realized that all such siddhis are but mere signs on the path. These powers have nothing to do with spirituality. I later found out, after experiencing and examining, that these psychic powers have little value. To the contrary, they can create serious obstacles on the path. Sometimes psychic powers develop: you start telling the fortunes of others, you start knowing things. These are all distractions. Do not allow them to obstruct your path. Too many people, including swamis, have wasted time and energy on such distractions. Anyone who wants to develop siddhis can do so and can demonstrate certain supernatural feats; but enlightenment is an entirely different matter.

An Astounding Mystic

Selflessness is one of the prominent signs of a spiritual man …

… It is true that some amount of money is one of the necessary means of making oneself comfortable in the world. But it is also true that having more than necessary can be a source of misery. Hoarding money is a sin, for we are depriving others and creating disparity in society

My Mother Teacher

… I had many questions I wanted to ask her, but she told me to remain silent. I followed her instruction and received answers to my questions without either of us speaking. This silence was more communicative than any other type of teaching. The most advanced teachers impart their knowledge in silence.

Learning Humility

My Swollen Ego

… I protested, “If I keep on looking at the sky and continue walking, I will stumble and fall down.” He said, “Bow your head and then you will be able to walk without stumbling. For going through this hazardous journey of life, you should learn to be humble. Ego and pride are two stumbling blocks on this journey. If you are not humble, you cannot learn. Your growth will be stunted.” …

I Thought I Was Perfect

… “For a wise man, there is nothing to be called bad. Any adversity of life provides a step for his growth, provided he knows how to utilize it.” …

… We all know what to do and what not to do, but it is very difficult to learn how to be. Real knowledge is found not in knowing but rather in being.

Practice Makes Perfect

… Knowing is useless without practice. Knowing is mere information. Practice gives direct experience, which alone is valid knowledge.

The Sage from the Valleys of Flowers

… So far the opinions that you have are actually the opinion of others. Those who live on the opinion of others do not ever have the ability to decide and express their own opinions. Boys, this informative knowledge is not considered by us to be real knowledge. …

Conquering Fear

FEAR is the GREATEST OF ALL FOES. IT IS A DEVIL residing within. Fearlessness is the first rung on the ladder of freedom.

The Devil

…”A rope in darkness can be mistaken for a snake. A mirage in the distance can be mistaken for water. Lack of light is the main cause of such a vision. Does the evil exist? If there is only one existence, which is omnipresent and omniscient, then where is the place for the existence of the devil? Those who are religiously sick believe in the existence of the devil by forgetting the existence of God. A negative mind is the greatest devil that resides within the human being. Transformation of the negativity leads toward positive or angelic visions. It is the mind which creates hell and heaven. Fear of the devil is a phobia which needs to be eradicated from the human mind.” …

My Fear of Snakes

… The unconscious fear welled up nevertheless. My mind said, “It is a death that you are holding in your hand.” I believed my master, but my fear was stronger than my belief.

He said, “Why do you not love the snake?”

“Love?” I cried, “How can you love something when you are under the influence of fear?” This is a familiar situation in the world: if you are afraid of a person, you cannot love him.

… My master said, “Look, it is such a beautiful creature. It roams all over, but look how clean and neat it is. You do not remain clean; you have to take a bath every day. A snake is the cleanest creature in the world.”

I said, “It is clean, but it is also dangerous.”

He told me, “Man is more unclean and poisonous than a snake. He can kill and injure others. Each day he projects poison in the form of anger and other negative emotions on those with whom he lives. A snake never does that. A snake bites only in defense.”

He went on: “When you are fast asleep, does your finger prick your own eyes? Do your teeth bite your tongue? There is an understanding that all your limbs belong to one body. The day we have a like understanding that all creatures are one, we will not fear any creature.” …

… Animals are instinctively very sensitive and are receptive to both hatred and love. If one has no intention to harm animals, they become passive and friendly. Even wild animals would like to associate with human beings. In the valley of the Himalayas I observed this tendency in animals over several years. …

… A human being, with all his selfishness, attachments, and hatred, loses touch with his essential nature and thus frightens the animals, who then attack in self-defense. If a person learns to behave gently with animals, they will not attack him. I often remember the way Valmiki, St.Francis, and Buddha loved animals, and I try to follow their example. …

… All of our dreams(read: thought forms) materialize sooner or later. Thus it is really fear that invites danger, though we usually think that danger brings on the fear. Fear is the greatest sickness that arises from our imagination. I have seen that all fears and confusion need only to encounter some practical experience and then they can easily be overcome.

The Path of Renunciation

My Whole Being Is an Eye

… Closing the eyes unconsciously, without having any content in the mind, is sleep. Closing the eyes consciously is a part of meditation. A yogi closes his eyes and withdraws his senses from the sense perceptions. He remains free from the pair of opposites of pain and pleasure. Closing the eyes is for him the opening of the inner eye. Ordinary people see the objects of the world with the help of two small eyes – but do you know that my whole being has become an eye?

My Experience with a Dancing Girl

… When awakening comes we can completely transform our personalities, throwing off the past. Some of the greatest sages of the world had been very bad – like Saul who later became St.Paul. Suddenly the day of awakening came for Saul on the way to Damascus, and his personality was transformed. Valmiki, the author of the Ramayana, one of the ancient epics of India had a similar experience. Don’t condemn yourself. No matter how bad or how small you think you have been, you have a chance to transform your whole personality. A true seeker can always realize the reality and attain freedom from all bondage and miseries. In just one second you can enlighten yourself.

Transformation of a Murderer

…The sadhu, who had nothing in his possession, shared the food with us. We all said grace before taking our meal. The grace is: “This is all Brahman, being offered by Brahman, and taken by Brahman.” Such affirmations are very helpful in maintaining God-consciousness. …

Taste the World and Then Renounce

… My master replied, “Then why do you desire worldly things- why do you need the world? Being a renunciate and living in the cave and yet thinking of the world means you have a latent desire to fulfill. It is a headache that cannot be cured by any other means than self-discipline. Self-discipline leads to self-training, and self-training leads to direct experience. Through direct experience you expand your awareness. Expansion is the purpose of life.” …

Jewels or Fire?

My master never insisted that I renounce the world and become a swami. He wanted me to experience and decide things for myself. He always said, “Whatever you want to learn from me, learn – but grow independently. Whenever you need my help, I am here.” If I asked him a question he would say, “Are you tired? Cant you find the answer for yourself? Why should you come to me again and again with questions? I will teach you the method of resolving questions, but I will not simply give you answers.” …

Should I Get Married?

… The decision was left to me, but after listening to my master I decided to break this tie and go back to the path of renunciation. There are two well-known paths: the path of renunciation, and the path of action in the world. My path was the path of renunciation. One should not compare paths and think one superior and the other inferior. I certainly do not condemn the path which involves living and working in the world while having a family. That path furnishes the means of living, but is also time-consuming. In the path of renunciation there is ample time for spiritual practices, but limited means like food, shelter, and clothing. The renunciate must depend on the householder for fulfilling such needs. It is not important which path one follows. What is important is the honesty, sincerity, truthfulness, and faithfulness which one has in either path. …

A Miserable Experiment

… He said, “Without asking for money, you get money. This cottage is at your disposal. Drivers come for you. Many people come and sit with you. Why?” I replied, “You know, when I wanted such things, they never came to me. But the day I determined I didn’t want them, I began getting them.

Remember this, as Swami Vivekananda says: “Fortune is like a flirt – she will run away from you when you want her, but if you are not interested in her, she will come chasing you.”

Two Naked Renunciates

… Renunciation without being aware of the purpose of life creates problems for the renunciates and for the people of the world who look for examples from them. The people of the world think that renunciates are the best examples to be followed. But I have met many householders who are far superior to renunciates. The inner condition is more important than the external way of living.

In the World and Yet Above

Decide that no mater what happens, you will do what you set out to do. If you are determined, possible distractions will still be there – but you will continue on you path and remain undisturbed. Sankalpa (determination is very important. You cannot change your circumstances, the world, or your society to suit you. But if you have strength and determination you can go through this procession of life very successfully.

Experiences on Various Paths

A Renowned Lady Sage

…In his ignorance this student was very adamant that his path was the only one. Our discussion soon led to an argument, and Anandamayi Ma intervened by saying to her follower, “Don’t argue with these two young renunciates. One should try to understand one’s one inner worth and then follow the path best suited to him.

Karma Is the Maker

… Actually it is not necessary to renounce the objects of the world, because a human being does not actually own or possess anything. Therefore it is not necessary to renounce anything – but the sense of possessiveness should be renounced.

… Again the baba spoke: “The law of karma is applicable to all equally. Our past samskaras are deeply rooted in the unconscious. These latent samskaras, or impressions, create various bubbles and express themselves through our speech and actions. It is possible for the aspirant to get freedom from these samskaras. These memories have a stronghold in the bed of our samskaras. Those who can burn these samskaras in the fire of non-attachment are free from the bondage created by them. It is like a burnt rope, which loses its binding power though it still looks like a rope. When the latent impressions, though still in the unconscious, are burned by the fire of knowledge and lose the power of germination, they never grow. They are like roasted coffee beans. You can use them to brew a cup of coffee, but they have no power to grow.

…”Non attachment is like a fire that burns the binding power of past samskaras. The benefits which are derived by the renunciate by renouncing the world are derived by the householder by the practice of non-attachment. The renunciate attains enlightenment outside the world, and the householder in the world.” …

In the Ashram of Mahatma Gandhi

…Hatred is not overcome by hatred, but rather by love. This is an unalterable law. …

…Gandhi believed in the art of living without concern for the fruits of one’s action. He practiced not worrying about success or failure, but paid attention to the work at hand without feeling the slightest anxiety or fatigue…

…In order to enjoy life one should not be selfishly attached to anything. Non-attachment means to have a pure motive and a correct means without any worry or desired result. He who gives up actions falls, but he who gives up the reward rises and is liberated. …

Setting History Straight

…My master said, “You are from the cosmos and a citizen of the world. Why identify with the people of India only? Your concern should be for the whole humanity.” …

…Culture and civilization are two inseparable aspects of the lifestyle of a community, country or nation. A man may be considered cultured if he dresses nicely and then presents himself before others – but this does not necessarily make him a civilized person. Civilization refers to the way a nation thinks and feels; to its development of ideals such as non-killing, compassion, sincerity, and faithfulness. Culture is an external way of life. Culture is a flower, while civilization is like the fragrance of the flower.

…Culture is external, civilization is internal. …

Maharshi Raman

… According to Maharshi Raman, contemplating on the single query, “Who am I?” can lead the aspirant to the state of self-realization. …

By knowing oneself, one knows the self of all.

Meeting with Sri Aurobindo

… The philosophy of tantra consistently maintains that one can advance spiritually by awakening the latent primal force called the kundalini. When this spiritual potential is systematically channeled along higher levels, living becomes effortless, spontaneous, and attuned to the ultimate goal of existence. …

The Wave of Bliss

… The body is seen as a temple and the inner dweller, Atman, as God. A human being is like a miniature universe, and by understanding this, one can understand the whole of the universe and ultimately realize the absolute One. …

… The chakras are wheels of life which form our spiritual body and connect the entire flow of consciousness …

… The heart chakra (anahata) separates the upper hemisphere from the lower hemisphere and is accepted as the center of divine tranquility. …

Beyond the Great Religions

A Christian Sage of the Himalaya

… He said, “As long as you remain conscious, be with God consciously by remembering Him. When your conscious mind starts fading as you fall asleep, surrender yourself. The last thought before you go to bed should be, ‘O Lord, be with me. I am Thine and Thou art mine.’ The whole night the Lord will remain with you. You can always remain together.” …

My Meeting with a Jesuit Sadhu

… This Jesuit swami was a very humble man and talked to me about walking with the Christ. I asked him, “How can you walk with someone who lived two thousand years ago?”

He laughed and said, “What ignorance. Christ is a state of perfection, a state of oneness, and a state of truth. Truth is everlasting reality and is not subject to death. I live with Christ-consciousness. Follow his footprints. ”

I said, “Where are those footprints?” And he again laughed and said, “Anywhere I go toward any direction I move, I find Him guiding me. They are everywhere – but you will have to see with the eye of your faith. Do you have that?” …

Jesus in the Himalayas

… A Kashmiri pandit who was a learned man was my guide on this journey. He started telling me a story about Jesus Christ, claiming that Jesus had lived in Kashmir practicing meditation. The pandit referred to a manuscript written in the Tibetian language that is preserved in a monastery situated at the height of 14,000 feet in the Himalayas. It was later translated by a Russian writer and then into English and published as The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ. In this part of Himalayas many people believe in this story, and you dare not disagree with it. There is a nearby mount which is famous because Jesus lived practicing meditation there. My guide have me three reasons to support this statement: first, the garb which Jesus wore was a traditional Kashmiri garb; second, his hairstyle was also Kashmiri; and third, the miracles that he performed are well-known yogic miracles. The pandit claimed that Jesus Christ left Asia Minor for the unknown period of his life when he was thirteen years of age, and that he lived in the valleys of Kashmir until he was thirty. I did not know whether to believe him, but I certainly didn’t want to dismiss this idea. His love for Jesus Christ was immense. I did not want to argue with him. …

… All this – whatever you see in the world – is unreal because of its constantly changing nature. Reality is hidden beneath all these changes. “

A Vision of Christ

… This sadhu would say, “I love Christianity, but not ‘Churchianity’.” …

… He believed that the kingdom of God is within every human being and that Jesus, after being anointed, became Christ. He held that Christ is universal consciousness and that no one can reach the ultimate reality without reaching Christ-consciousness. This is rarely understood by Christians in general, although the mystics of Christianity understood it well. …

… Truth always existed. The founders and great messengers of the religions of the world were only narrators, but actually the sages, and not the reincarnations of God, are the founders of the noble truths. This itself is proof that great incarnations of God only modified the message given by the sages. The reincarnation of God are the messengers of the sages. They only change the baskets, and the eggs are the same.” …

… Worshipping the leaders and founders of religions is just like creating a dogma and cult without any solid philosophy behind it. There is no hero worship in following the path of the sages, for their teachings are universal and for all times. …

… Love alone has the power to change. …

I Belong to None but God

… This was the fourth hour after his death – but suddenly he got up and said, “Look, I have decided not to die because you are fighting!” The magistrate and all the people looked at him with awe. The sage said, “Get out of my sight, you Hindus, you Christians, and Muslims; you are all foolish people. I belong to God and no one else. ” Then he looked at me and said, “My son, don’t worry. Now I will stay with you and teach you for three days, and on the fourth day I will cast off my body quietly.” …

… The great sages do not identify themselves with any particular religion or creed. They are above all such distinctions. They belong to the whole of humanity.

Divine Protection

An Appointment with Death

… I repeated all the mantras I knew. I even repeated Christian and Buddhist mantras. I had been to many monasteries and had learned mantras from all faiths – but no mantra worked. I remembered many deities: I said, “O bright Being such-and-such, please help me.” But no help was forthcoming. There was only one thing which I had not tested: my courage! When I started testing my courage I suddenly remembered: “I am not going to die, for there is no death for my soul. And death for this body is inevitable but unimportant. I am eternal. Why am I afraid? I have been identifying myself with my body – what a poor fool I have been.” …

Powers of the Mind

Lessons on the Sands

If you look at someone with full attention by focusing your conscious mind, it can immediately influence him. A swami taught me this when I was young. … …

… Thought power is known all over the world. A one-pointed mind can do wonders, …

… I said, “Swamiji, you can change the course of the world.” He said, “I don’t claim to do that; that is not my purpose. I am demonstrating this so that you can understand how a man can influence the mind of another from any part of the world if it is for good reason. Helping others is possible from a distance.

I asked him to give me the secret of this power. He said, “I will give you the secret, but you wont want to practice it. ” I did practice the method for some time and it helped me, but later I discontinued it because it was distracting and time-consuming. …

… The last day of his teaching was enchanting. He said, “Now make a zero first, then put one afterwards: 01. Every zero has value if one is put first, but zero has no value if the one is not put first. All the things in the world are like zeros, and without being conscious of the one Reality they have no value at all. When we remember the one Reality, then life becomes worthwhile. Otherwise it is burdensome.” …

Transmutation of Matter

… Aghor is a path which has been described in the Atharva Veda, but in none of the scriptures have I ever read that flesh should be eaten. I asked him, “Why do you live like this, eating the flesh of dead bodies?”

He replied, “Why do you call it a ‘dead body? It’s no longer human. It’s just matter that is not being used. You are associating it with human beings. No one else will use that body, so I will. I’m a scientist doing experiments, trying to discover the underlying principles of matter and energy. I’m changing one form of matter to another form of matter. My teacher is Mother Nature; she makes many forms, and I am only following her law to change the forms around. …

… His external behavior was very crude, but he told me that he was behaving that way knowingly so that no one would disturb him as he studied and so that he would not become dependent on the villagers for food and other necessities. He was not imbalanced, but to avoid people he behaved as though he were. …

…He had the power to transform matter into different forms, like changing a rock into a sugar cube. One after another the next morning he did many such things. He told me to touch the sand-and the grains of sand turned into almonds and cashews. I had heard of this science before and knew its basic principles, but I had hardly believed such stories. I did not explore this field, but I am fully acquainted with the governing laws of the science.

At noon the aghori insisted that I eat something before leaving. This time he took out a different sweet from the same earthen jar. He was very gentle with me, all the time discussing the tantra scriptures. He said, “This science is dying. Learned people do not want to practice it, so there will be a time when this knowledge will be forgotten.”

I asked, “What is the use of doing all this?” He said, “What do you mean by ‘use’? This is a science, and a scientist of this knowledge should use it for healing purposes, and should tell other scientists that matter can be changed into energy and energy into matter. The law that governs matter and energy is one and the same. Beneath all names and forms there lies one unifying principle, which; is still not known in entirety by modern scientists. Vedanta and the ancient sciences described this underlying principle of life. There is only one life-force, and all the forms and names in this universe are but varieties of that One. It is not difficult to understand the relationship between two forms of matter, because the source is one and the same. When water becomes solid, it is called ice; when it starts evaporating, it is called vapor. Young children do not know that these three are forms of the same matter, and that essentially there is no difference in their composition. The difference is only in the form it takes. The scientists today are like children. They do not realize the unity behind all matter, nor the principles for changing it from one form to another.” …

Healing Power

My First Exposure to the Power of Healing

… Human history has provided many instances of spiritual leaders who suffered for others. Such sages become examples, and many people even today follow in the footsteps of such great people. When individual consciousness expands itself to cosmic consciousness, it becomes easy to feel delight in suffering for the sake of others. For them it is not suffering, though the ordinary people think that they are suffering. When one’s consciousness remains limited to the individual boundaries only, then the individual suffers.

… All such healing powers flow through the human being from the one source of consciousness. The moment the healer becomes conscious of his individuality, that spontaneous flow of healing power stops. Healing is a natural power in man. The healing of others is possible through that willpower which is not interrupted by the lower mind.

My Master Sends Me to Heal Somebody

… I asked, “What shall I do?”

“Just give him a love pat on the cheek. Don’t consider yourself a healer. Think that you are an instrument and go there, for I have promised him and his wife that we will always help them. Go as quickly as you can.” …

One who is free from the conditioning of the mind knows past, present, and future alike. These conditionings are called time, space and causation. The ordinary mind cannot fathom these conditionings, but great men do. It becomes difficult for ordinary men to understand this science, but it does not take extraordinary ability for those who are on the path …

Grace of the Master

Guru Is a Stream and a Channel of Knowledge

… Don’t believe anyone who comes to you and demands, “Worship me.” Even Christ and Buddha did not ask that. Never forget that guru is not the goal. Guru is like a boat for crossing the river. It is very important to have a good boat, and it is very dangerous to have a boat that is leaking. But after you have crossed the river you don’t need to hang on to your boat, and you certainly don’t worship the boat.

Many fanatics think they should worship a guru. A guru should receive your love and respect – that is different from worship. If my guru and the Lord come together, I will go to my guru first and say, “Thank you very much. You have introduced me to the Lord.” I will not go to the Lord and say, “Thank you very much, Lord. You have given me my guru.”

My Master’s Photograph

On three or four other occasions I attempted to get a picture of my master, but he always said, “A picture of the mortal body might obstruct your vision of the light within me. You should not be attached to my mortal body; be aware of our divine link.

Who Can Kill the Eternal

Once in the mountains a landslide started rumbling toward us. I cried, “We are going to die!”

My master said, “Who can kill the eternal?”

I said, “The mountain is coming down and you say, ‘Who can kill the eternal?’ Look at the mountain!”

He shouted, “Stop! Let us cross!”-and the landslide stopped! Then we passed that place and he said, “Now you can fall down,” and the landslide continued. …

… The power of will-force is very little known among modern man. There are three channels of power: one is called kriya shakti another is called ichchha shakti and the third is called jnana shakti. Shakti is that force which manifests itself through these three channels. This power may be either latent or active. With the help of kriya shakti we do our actions; with ichchha shakti we will to act; and with jnana shakti we decide to act. One can cultivate one or another aspect of this force. Some yogis learn to perform their actions skillfully and become successful in the world. Others develop their willpower and then direct their speech and actions in accord with their will. Some sharpen buddhi, the faculty of discrimination, and atttain a state of prajna – a unified state of tranquility. The discipline undertaken differs according to the aspect of shakti which is being developed, though discipline is necessary in each case. Developing ichchha shakti strengthens willpower, and with the help of willpower one can have command over the phenomenal world exactly as one has command over his limbs. It was through this power that my master was able to control the forces of nature.

Half “Here,” Half “There”

… I told him, “It’s been almost one hour now. You have had enough bath!” “Have I?” “Yes!” Finally after a long time I convinced him to come out. Everyday he would take a bath, but his mind would be somewhere else. I would say, “Now you have taken your bath. Come out.”

He lived most of the time “there,” in a constant state of bliss, and very little of the time “here,” conscious of the mundane world.

Shaktipata – Bestowing Bliss

… I did not know if he really mean it, but I thought, “I can at least wait a minute to see.” I sat down in my meditation posture and he came and touched me on the forehead. I remained in that position for nine hours, and did not have a single worldly thought. The experience was indescribable. When I returned to normal consciousness I thought it was still nine o’clock in the morning, for Samadhi annihilates time. I begged, “Sir, please forgive me.”

The first thing that I lost with that touch was fear, and I also found that I was no longer selfish. My life was transformed. After that I started understanding life properly.

Later I questioned my master. I asked, “Was it my effort, or your effort?” He replied, “Grace.”

What does grace mean? People think that by the grace of God alone they will be enlightened. That is not the case. My master said, “A human being should make all possible sincere efforts. When he has become exhausted, and then cries out in despair in the highest state of devotional emotion, he will attain ecstasy. That is the grace of God. Grace is the fruit that you receive from your faithful and sincere efforts.” …

Preparing to Tear the Veil

.. How will you find the right master? There is a saying in the scriptures: “When the disciple is prepared the master appears.” If you are not prepared he will be there, but you wont notice or respond. If you do not know what a diamond is, the diamond may be there, but you ignore it and pass it by, taking it to be just a piece of glass. Further, if you do not know the difference, you may acquire a piece of glass, think it is a diamond, and cherish it your whole life. …

We should not worry about who will guide us. The important question is: Am I prepared to be guided? Jesus had only twelve close disciples. He helped many, but he imparted the secret wisdom only to those few who were prepared. The Sermon on the Mount is comprehended by only a few, not the multitudes. …

… You do need one who can guide and help you. You need an external guru as a means to attain the guru within you. …

You will never meet a bad guru if you are a good student. But the reverse is also true: if you are a bad student, you wont meet a good guru.

… Once when I complained to my master that he was not teaching me, he said, “Come one, I will become your disciple for the time being. You become the teacher. Act exactly as I have.” I told him, “Sir, I do not know what to do.” He said, “Don’t worry, you will know.”

So he came to me with his eyes closed, carrying a bowl which had a big hole in it, and he said, “Teacher, give me something.” I asked, “How is it possible for me to give you anything? Your bowl has a hole in it.” Then he opened his eyes and said, “You have a hole in your head, and you want something from me.”

Increase your capacity. Purify yourself. Acquire that gentle strength within. God will come and say to you, “I want to enter this living temple that you are.” Prepare yourself for that situation. Remove the impurities – and you will find that he who wants to know reality is himself the source of reality. …

Mastery over Life and Death

Birth and Death Are but Two Commas

… I asked, “How does one feel existing without a body?”

He replied, “How do you feel when you go without a shirt? It’s nothing.” …

Journey to the West

Ways of East and West

To get freedom from all fears is the first message of the Himalayan sages. The second message is to be aware of the reality within. Be spontaneous and let yourself become the instrument to teach pure spirituality without any religion and culture.”

(Excerpt) Mata Ketiga- Otobiografi Seorang Lama Tibet





Buku yang saya sadur ini menceritakan tentang perjalanan hidup seorang lama Tibet dari masa kecilnya sampai saatnya beliau dikirim meninggalkan Tibet. “Seorang anak lelaki berumur tujuh tahun akan memasuki biara, setelah ia berhasil melewati semua ujian. Dan disana ia akan dididik menjadi rahib ahli bedah. Ia akan mengalami penderitaan berat, akan meninggalkan tanah airnya, dan akan berkumpul dengan orang-orang yang aneh. Ia akan kehilangan semuanya dan harus memulai dari awal lagi, tetapi akhirnya akan berhasil”, demikianlah penetapan karier dan penggambaran hidupnya berdasarkan perhitungan astrologi sebagaimana tradisi kehidupan di Tibet pada saat beliau berumur tujuh tahun.

Buku ini memuat banyak sekali penggambaran kehidupan, budaya, tata cara kehidupan, spiritualisme, dan kepercayaan Tibet beserta kisah-kisah dan peristiwa-peristiwa yang terjadi pada hidup Tuesday Lobsang Rampa. Terlalu banyak hal-hal mendetail lainnya yang sangat menarik untuk diketahui namun tidak termuat dalam saduran diatas. Membaca keseluruhan buku ini akan membuka perspektif pembaca lebih luas tentang hal-hal yang sebelumnya tidak terbayangkan sekaligus memperkenalkan pembaca pada hal-hal berbau Tibet di masa sebelum kedatangan komunis, yang mana merupakan hal yang unik dan sangat jarang bisa ditemukan pada peradaban lain. Very enjoyable reading.

Mata Ketiga

Otobiografi Seorang Lama Tibet

Book By: Tuesday Lobsang Rampa
Excerpts by: Johnny Lone

Download this excerpt here

1. Masa Kecil di Rumah

… Di Tibet para narapidana tidak dipandang rendah dan tidak dianggap sebagai sampah masyarakat. Kami menyadari bahwa kebanyakan dari kita pun akan menjadi terpidana – bila ketahuan – sehingga mereka yang tidak beruntung tetap diperlakukan secara layak. …

… Menurut ayah, anak yang miskin tidak punya harapan untuk hidup senang di kemudian hari, maka berikanlah kepadanya kebaikan dan perhatian selagi ia masih muda. Anak dari kalangan yang lebih tinggi memiliki semua kekayaan dan harapan untuk dinikmati dikemudian hari, jadi bersikaplah keras kepadanya selagi ia masih muda, supaya ia bisa merasakan susahnya kehidupan dan akan menunjukkan keprihatinannya kepada yang lain. …

… Di tempat yang lebih tinggi orang membenamkan bayi-bayi yang baru lahir di sungai-sungai kecil yang airnya sedingin es untuk menguji apakah bayi-bayi itu cukup kuat untuk hidup. Sering saya melihat iring-iringan kecil orang menuju ke sungai kecil serupa itu, mungkin di ketinggian sekitar 5200 meter diatas permukaan laut. Iring-iringan itu akan berhenti dipinggir sungai, dan sang nenek akan mengambil bayinya. Di sekitarnya berkumpul keluarga bayi tersebut: ayah, ibu dan keluarga dekat. Pakaian si bayi dilepas, kemudian sang nenek membungkuk dan membenamkan tubuh mungil itu kedalam air, sehingga hanya kepala dan mulutnya saja yang tampak. Di dalam air dingin yang menggigit itu tubuh bayi itu berubah menjadi merah, lalu biru, dan tangisannya yang seakan memprotes berhenti. Bayi itu kelihatannya seperti sudah meninggal tetapi sang nenek sudah mempunyai banyak pengalaman dengan hal-hal seperti itu. Si kecil lalu diangkat dari air, dikeringkan, dan diberi pakaian. Jika sang bayi bertahan hidup, maka itu adalah kehendak para dewa. Jika meninggal, berarti ia telah dibebaskan dari penderitaan dunia ini. Cara ini bisa diterima di negeri yang sangat dingin ini. Jauh lebih baik bayi-bayi itu meninggal daripada mereka nantinya tumbuh menjadi orang-orang cacat yang tak terobati di negeri dimana bantuan medis sangat langka ini. …

2. Akhir Masa Kanak-Kanak Saya

(No excerpt)

3. Hari-Hari Terakhir di Rumah

…Perpisahan yang terlalu emosional akan membuat saya sulit meninggalkan rumah…

4. Gerbang Kuil

…Kami harus selalu ingat akan ajaran lama dalam agama Buddha: “Jadikanlah dirimu sendiri sebagai contoh. Lakukan kebaikan, dan jangan menyakiti orang lain. Inilah intisari ajaran Buddha.” …

5. Kehidupan sebagai Seorang Chela

…Tetapi apa sebenarnya arti kata “rahib”? Kita tahu kata itu berarti siapapun, dengan jenis kelamin laki-laki, yang hidup di biara. Tidak harus orang yang religius. …. Biara-biara memiliki “rahib-rahib” sebagai pembantu rumah tangga, pekerja bangunan, pekerja kasar dan tukang sampah. Di negara Barat mereka disebut “pelayan” atau sejenisnya. … Bagi kami sendiri, istilah “rahib” sebetulnya sinonim dengan “orang”….

6. Kehidupan di Biara

… Lebih baik merawat seseorang sesuai jenis astrologinya daripada meresepkan sesuatu dengan cara mencoba-coba, dengan harapan resep itu akan menyembuhkan karena sebelumnya pernah dicoba pada orang lain dan berhasil …

… Sebuah cara untuk melatih ingatan telah dikembangkan selama berabad-abad. Kami diminta membayangkan bahwa kami berada di sebuah ruangan dimana terdapat ribuan laci yang disusun berderet-deret. Setiap laci diberi label, dan tulisan pada labelnya bisa dibaca dengan mudah dari tempat kami berdiri. Setiap fakta yang diberitahukan kepada kami harus digolong-golongkan, dan kami diperintahkan untuk membayangkan bahwa kami membuka laci yang benar dan meletakkan fakta itu ke dalamnya. Kami harus membayangkannya dengan sangat jelas pada waktu kami melakukannya, membayangkan “fakta” itu dan lokasi “laci” – nya secara tepat. Dengan sedikit latihan, sangatlah menakjubkan bahwa mudah sekali untuk – dalam bayangan kita – memasuki ruangan itu, membuka laci yang benar, dan mengambil fakta yang diperlukan serta fakta-fakta lain yang berhubungan.

Guru-guru kami mengalami banyak kesulitan saat meng­ajarkan tentang perlunya ingatan yang bagus. Mereka mem­berondongi kami dengan pertanyaan-pertanyaan semata-mata untuk menguji ingatan kami. Pertanyaan-pertanyaan itu sama sekali tidak berhubungan satu dengan yang lain sehingga kami tidak bisa mengikuti polanya dan mengambil jalan yang mudah. Pertanyaannya bisa mengenai halaman-halaman yang tidak dikenal dari buku-buku suci yang selang-seling dengan pertanyaan mengenai tumbuh-tumbuhan. Hukumannya sangat berat apabila kami sampai 11 Lupa merupakan kejahatan yang tak termaafkan dan hukumannya berupa pukulan-pukulan yang sangat menyakitkan. Kami tidak diberi waktu terlalu lama untuk mengingatnya. Setiap waktu guru bisa mendadak mengajukan pertanyaan seperti: “Kamu, Nak, saya ingin tahu baris kelima pada halaman delapan belas dari Kan-gyur jilid ­tujuh. Bukalah lacinya sekarang, dan apa isinya?” Kalau tidak bisa menjawab dalam waktu sekitar sepuluh detik lebih baik tidak usah menjawab sama sekali, karena hukumannya akan lebih berat bila jawaban kita ada yang salah, meskipun kesalahannya sedikit sekali. Bagaimanapun sistem ini merupakan cara yang baik, dan benar-benar melatih ingatan kami. Kami tidak bisa membawa buku-buku kami. Buku-buku kami biasanya memiliki lebar hampir satu meter dan panjang sekitar empat puluh enam sentimeter, lembaran-lembaran kertasnya disusun tanpa ikat di antara sampul-sampul kayunya. Di kemudian hari saya menyadari bahwa ingatan yang baik merupakan keuntungan yang tak temilai. …

7. Terbukanya Mata Ketiga

…Dengan berlalunya hari, senja pun turun, dan saya pergi ke sebuah ruang kecil di mana saya harus tinggal. Terdengar gesekan lembut, sepatu boot di lantai batu di luar, kemudian masuk tiga orang lama dari tingkat yang tinggi. Mereka meletakkan kompres tumbuh-tumbuhan ke kepala saya dan mengikatnya erat-erat. Malam harinya ketiga lama itu datang lagi, seorang di antaranya adalah Lama Mingyar Dondup. Dengan hati-hati balutan itu dilepas, dan kening saya dilap sampai bersih dan kering. Seorang lama yang kelihatannya kuat duduk di belakang saya dan meraih kepala saya lalu meletakkannya di antara kedua lututnya. Lama yang kedua membuka sebuah kotak dan mengeluarkan sebuah alat yang terbuat dari baja mengkilat. Alat itu kelihatannya seperti alat bor tanpa uliran yang batangnya berbentuk “U”, dan bukannya bulat, dan pada ujungnya terdapat gigi-gigi kecil. Untuk beberapa saat sang lama memandangi alat itu, lalu memanggangnya di dalam nyala api untuk mensterilkannya. Lama Mingyar Dondup memegang tangan saya dan berkata, “Rasanya akan lumayan sakit, Lobsang, dan ini hanya bisa dilakukan pada waktu kau sadar sepenuhnya. Tidak akan lama, jadi cobalah untuk tak bergerak selama kau bisa.” Saya bisa melilhat berbagai macam alat diletakkan, dan beberapa cairan tumbuh-tumbuhan, lalu saya berpikir: “Yah, Lobsang, Anakku, mereka toh tetap akan melakukannya pada dirimu dengan cara  apa saja dan tidak ada yang dapat kamu lakukan lagi-kecuali tetap diam!”

Lama yang memegang alat itu melihat kepada yang lain-lainnya, dan berkata: “Semua siap? Mari kita mulai sekarang, matahari baru saja terbenam.” la menekan alat itu ke tengah kening saya dan memutar pegangannya. Untuk sesaat ada perasaaan seakan-akan seseorang sedang mencocok saya dengan duri-duri. Saya merasa waktu sama sekali tidak bergerak. Tidak ada rasa sakit yang khusus sewaktu alat itu memasuki kulit dan daging, tetapi ada sedikit sentakan ketika ujungnya mengenai tulang. Ia menekan alatnya lebih keras lagi, sedikit menggoyang-goyangkannya sehingga gigi-gigi kecilnya bisa mengikis tulang kening. Rasa sakitnya tidak menggigit sama sekali, hanya terasa seperti sebuah tekanan dan nyeri yang ringan. Saya tidak bergerak karena Lama Mingyar Dondup terus memandangi saya; lebih baik saya mati daripada bergerak atau menjerit. la memiliki kepercayaan kepada saya, seperti saya kepadanya, dan saya tahu apa yang ia kerjakan atau katakan adalah benar. la melihat dengan sungguh-sungguh, otot-otot di sudut-sudut mulutnya sedikit menegang. Tiba-tiba terdengar bunyi “krek” dan alat itu memasuki tulang. Dengan segera gerakannya dihentikan oleh operatornya yang sangat waspada. Ia memegang tangkai alat itu erat-erat sementara Lama Mingyar Dondup mengulurkan kepadanya potong kecil kayu yang sangat keras dan sangat bersih yang telah dibakar dan diramu dengan tumbuh-tumbuhan untuk membuatnya sekeras baja. Potongan kayu itu lalu dimasukkan ke dalam bagian alat yang berbentuk “U” dan meluncur ke bawah sehingga masuk ke lubang di kepala saya. Lama yang mengerjakannya bergeser sedikit ke samping sehingga Lama Mingyar Dondup juga bisa berdiri di depan saya. Lalu, setelah mendapat tanda anggukan dari Lama Mingyar, sang operator dengan sangat hati-hati meluncurkan kayu itu lebih jauh dan makin dalam saja. Tiba-tiba saya merasakan adanya rasa seperti tersengat, tertusuk di.batang hidung saya. Rasa itu lalu mereda, dan saya menyadari adanya bau yang lembut yang tak dapat saya jelaskan.Bau itu pun lalu menghilang dan digantikan oleh perasaan seakan saya sedang mendorong, atau didorong ke tirai yang lentur. Tiba-tiba ada cahaya yang sangat menyilaukan, dan pada saat itu Lama Mingyar Dondup berkata, “Hentikan!” Untuk sesaat rasa nyerinya menguat, seperti terbakar oleh api yang putih. Rasa itu lalu berkurang, hilang, dan digantikan oleh lingkaran-lingkaran cahaya dan gelembung-gelembung asap yang berpijar. Alat logam itu dengan hati-hati disingkirkan. Potongan kayunya ditinggal, dan tetap akan berada di sana selama dua atau tiga minggu, dan sampai potongan itu diambil saya harus tetap tinggal dalam ruangan kedil yang temaram ini. Tak seorang pun akan mengunjungi saya kecuali tiga orang lama ini, yang akan terus melanjutkan pelajaran saya hari demi hari. Sampai potongan itu diambil saya hanya akan makan dan minum secukupnya saja. Sementara potongan kayu yang mencuat itu diikat di tempatnya sehingga tidak bisa bergerak, Lama Mingyar Dondup menoleh dan berkata: “Sekarang kau adalah salah satu dari kami, Lobsang. Selama hidupmu kau akan melihat orang sebagaimana adanya dan bukan seperti yang pura-pura mereka tampilkan.” Sungguh merupakan suatu pengalaman yang aneh melihat orang-orang ini diselubungi cahaya keemasan. Baru kemudian saya menyadari bahwa aura mereka keemasan karena kehidupan suci yang mereka jalani, dan bahwa kebanyakan orang memang kelihatan sangat berbeda.

Setelah indera saya yang baru saja ditemukan dibantu perkembangannya oleh para lama yang ahli, saya mampu mengamati bahwa ada penampakan lain yang melampaui aura yang paling d lam. Lambat, laun saya bisa menentukan kondisi kesehatan seseorang melalui wama dan intensitas auranya. Saya juga bisa mengetahui apakah seseorang berkata jujur, atau sebaliknya, melalui pergerakan naik turunnya wama. Tetapi tidak hanya badan manusia saja yang menjadi subjek dari kemampuan clairvoyance saya. Saya diberi sebuah kristal, yang masih saya miliki sampai sekarang, dan saya telah banyak belajar melalui penggunaannya. Sama sekali tidak ada yang bersifat magis dalam mengamati kristal. Kristal itu hanya alat. Seperti sebuah mikroskop, atau teleskop, yang dapat membuat benda-benda yang biasanya tidak terlihat menjadi terlihat dengan menggunakan hukum-hukum alam, hal ini juga berlaku pada kristal. Kristal itu hanya berfungsi sebagai fokus bagi Mata Ketiga, di mana melalui bantuannya seseorang dapat memasuki alam bawah sadar orang lain dan menyimpan ingatan dari fakta-fakta yang terkumpul. Kristal itu harus disesuaikan dengan penggunanya. Beberapa orang paling baik bekerja dengan kristal batu, sementara yang lainnya ada yang lebih suka dengan kristal kaca. Ada juga yang menggunakan mangkuk berisi air atau sebuah lempengan yang hitam legam. Tidak masalah benda apa yang mereka gunakan, prinsip-prinsip yang dipakai tetap sama. .. .

8. Potala

… Benda adalah energi yang dipadatkan. Pikiran, bila diarahkan dengan seksama dan sebagian dipadatkan, dapat menyebabkan sebuah benda bergerak. Jadi, benda bisa digerakkan “dengan pikiran”. …

… Gudang gudang di Potala penuh berisi patung patung yang indah, buku-buku kuno, dan lukisan lukisan dinding bernafaskan keagamaan yang sangat indah. Beberapa orang Barat yang telah melihat lukisan lukisan itu menganggapnya tidak senonoh. Lukisan lukisan itu menggambarkan roh laki-laki dan perempuan berpelukan erat, tetapi maksud lukisan-lukisan itu jauh dari cabul, dan tidak ada orang Tibet yang akan menganggapnya seperti itu. Gambar dua orang telanjang yang sedang berpelukan itu menggambarkan kegembiraan akibat bersatunya Pengetahuan dan Hidup Selaras. Saya mengakui bahwa saya merasa ngeri sekali ketika pertama kali melihat bahwa orang Kristen memuja seorang lelaki yang disiksa dan dipaku di salib sebagai simbolnya. Sangat disayangkan bahwa kita semua cenderung menilai masyarakat dari negeri lain dengan menggunakan ukuran kita sendiri.

…Saya memikirkan cerita itu dan berharap saya memiliki rakit untuk menyelidiki danau itu. Pembimbing saya rupanya memperhatikan air muka saya; tiba-tiba ia tertawa dan berkata: “Ya, akan menyenangkan sekali kalau bisa menyelidikinya, tetapi mengapa harus menyia-nyiakan badan kita kalau kita bisa, menjelajahinya di astral! Kau mampu, Lobsang. Dalam beberapa tahun saja kau akan mampu meneliti tempat ini bersama saya, dan menambah jumlah pungetahuan yang sudah kita miliki. Tetapi untuk sekarang, belajar, Nak, belajar. Untuk kita berdua.” …

9. Di Pagar Mawar Liar

… Kami meninggalkan kepala biara tua itu dengan seorang lama dan pergi keluar ke lorong. Tempat itu tidak sebersih Chakpori, dan kelihatannya juga tidak ada disiplin yang ketat. Para rahib datang dan pergi semau mereka. Kuil­-kuilnya tidak dirawat, berbeda dengan kuil-kuil kami, bahkan dupanya pun lebih menyengat. Kelompok-kelompok anak lelaki sedang bermain di halaman – di Chakpori me­reka tentu sedang bekerja keras. Sebagian besar roda doa tidak diputar. Di sana sini rahib-rahib tua duduk dan me­mutar Roda, tetapi tidak ada keteraturan, kebersihan, dan disiplin yang bagi saya sudah merupakan hal yang biasa. Pembimbing saya berkata: “Nah, Lobsang, maukah kau ting­gal di sini dan hidup santai seperti mereka?”

“Tidak, saya tidak mau, menurut saya kebanyakan mereka ini seperti orang liar,” kata saya.

la tertawa. “Tujuh ribu orang semuanya! Dan selalu, ha­nya beberapa orang saja yang membuat keributan, tetapi akibatnya akan mencemarkan yang lain-lain yang jumlahnya lebih banyak dan lebih banyak diam.”

…Di Chakpori kami diberi pelajatan yang saya namakan ’Judo”, Itu merupakan kata dalam bahasa Inggris yang paling dekat artinya, yang merupakan penggambaran dari bahasa Tibet sung-thru kyom-pa tu de-po le-la-po yang tidak bisa ditetjemahkan, demikian juga kata “teknis” kami, amaree, ‘Judo” merupakan bentuk yang paling mendasar dari sistem kami, tidak semua biara memberikan latihan ini, tetapi kami di Chakpori diberi latihan ini supaya kami mempunyai kemampuan untuk mengendalikan diri, memungkinkan kami untuk menghilangkan kesadaran orang lain untuk tujuan pengobatan, dan memungkinkan kami bepergian dengan aman di tempat-tempat yang keras di negeri ini. Sebagai lama rabib kami akan sering bepergian.

Tzu tua merupakan salah satu guru yang mengajarkan seni tersebut, mungkin merupakan yang terbaik di Tibet, dan ia telah mengajarkan kepada saya semua yang ia ke­tahui-demi kepuasannya sendiri karena telah melakukan tugas dengan sebaik-baiknya. Kebanyakan pria dewasa dan, anak-anak tahu dasar-dasar memegang dan menjatuhkan, tetapi saya sudah mengetahuinya ketika baru berumur empat tahun. Kami percaya bahwa seni ini seharusnya digunakan untuk pertahanan-diri dan bukan de­ngan sikap seorang pegulat bayaran. Kami berpandangan bahwa orang yang kuat harus mampu bertindak lembut, sementara orang yang lemah dan penuh keraguan akan membual dan menyombongkan diri.

10. Kepercayaan di Tibet

…Orang Tibet yang telah mempelajari ajaran Buddha yang sesungguhnya, tidak pemah berdoa untuk memohon belas kasihan atau untuk mendapatkan kemurahan hati. Mereka berdoa supaya mendapatkan keadilan dari Manusia. Tuhan Yang Mahatinggi, sebagai hakikat dari keadilan, tidak bisa menunjukkan belas kasihan hanya kepada satu orang, karena itu berarti mengingkari keadilan. Berdoa untuk memohon belas kasihan atau kemurahan, dengan menjanjikan emas atau dupa bila doanya terkabul, mengimplikasikan bahwa keselamatan tersedia bagi penawar tertinggi, bahwa Tuhan kekurangan uang, dan bisa “dibeli”. …

… Doa kami: “Om! Ma-ni pad-me Hum!”-seperti tertulis di halaman berikut-sering diterjemahkan secara harfiah menjadi “Hail to the Jewel of the Lotus!”. Kami yang memahaminya sedikit lebih banyak tahu bahwa arti sesungguhnya dari doa itu adalah “Hail to Man’s Overself!Tidak ada kematian. Seperti orang menanggalkan bajunya di sore hari, jiwa pun menanggalkan tubuhnya ketika tubuh tidur. Seperti pakaian dibuang ketika sudah usang, jiwa pun akan membuang tubuhnya ketika tubuh itu sudah usang. Kematian adalah Kelahiran. Mati semata-mata adalah suatu kelahiran kembali ke tingkat ke­hidupan yang lain. Manusia, atau roh Manusia, adalah kekal. Tubuh kita hanyalah baju sementara yang menutupi roh, yang dipilih berdasarkan tugas yang ada di dunia. Penampil­an luaran tidaklah penting. Yang penting adalah jiwa yang berada di dalamnya. Seorang nabi besar mungkin datang dengan menyamar sebagai fakir miskin-bagaimana orang bisa menilai cara Manusia beramal kepada sesamanya bila tidak ada kemiskinan yang akan mendorongnya untuk beramal!

“Roda Kehidupan” adalah sebutan kami untuk suatu ke­adaan dilahirkan, hidup di suatu dunia, mati, kembali men­jadi bentuk roh, dan pada waktunya akan dilahirkan kembali di lingkungan dan dengan kondisi yang berbeda. Ada orang yang mungkin mengalami banyak penderitaan dalam suatu kehidupan, tetapi itu tidak berarti bahwa ia jahat di kehi­dupannya yang dulu; mungkin itu merupakan cara yang terbaik dan tercepat baginya untuk mempelajari sesuatu. Pengalaman seeara langsung merupakan guru yang lebih baik daripada sekadar mendengarkan kata-kata orang saja! Orang yang melakukan bunuh diri mungkin dilahirkan kem­bali untuk menjalani sisa kehidupannya yang terpenggal dulu, tetapi ini tidak berarti semua yang mati muda, atau mati ketika masih bayi, adalah orang orang yang dulunya bunuh diri. …

… Orang tidak bisa menerangkan kepercayaan Tibet dalam satu atau dua paragraf saja:’ Kan-gyur, atau Kitab Suci Tibet, terdiri lebih dari seratus buku, dan bahkan sampai sekarang pun belum dikupas seluruhnya. Ada banyak buku yang tersembunyi di biara biara yang terpencil, yang hanya dilihat oleh orang orang yang menjalani lnisiasi saja. …

… Para ilmuwan dan peneliti dari Timur telah berjuang meningkatkan kemampuan mereka diatas hukum hukum alam. Mereka tidak menyangkal keberadaan kekuatan kekuatan itu dengan alasan bahwa karena tidak bisa ditimbang atau diuji dengan asam, maka kekuatan itu tidak ada. Sebagai contoh, cara kerja kemampuan cenayang tidak menarik bagi kami, yang menarik adalah hasilnya.

Beberapa orang meragukankemampuan clairvoyance; mereka seperti orang yang buta sejak lahir, yang mengatakan bahwa melihat itu adalah hal yang mustahil, karena mereka belum pernah mengalaminya, karena mereka tidak bisa memahami bagaimana sebuah benda yang jauh letaknya bisa dilihat padahal jelas jelas tidak ada kontak antara benda itu dengan mata!

Orang memiliki aura, yaitu garis bentuk berwana yang mengelilingi tubuh. Dengan melihat kekuatan warnanya, mereka yang berpengalaman dalam seni ini bisa menyimpulkan kesehatan, integritas, dan perkembangan seseorang secara umum. Aura adalah pancaran kekuatan kehidupan yang berasal dari dalam, yang disebut juga ego atau jiwa. Di sekeliling kepala terdapat halo atau nimbus, yang juga merupakan bagian dari kekuatan itu. Pada saat kematian, cahaya itu memudar bersamaan dengan roh yang meninggalkan tubuh dan menuju tingkat kehidupan selanjutnya. Roh itu menjadi “hantu”. la akan melayang layang sedikit, mungkin kaget oleh sentakan mendadak karena terbebas dari tubuh jasmaninya. Roh itu mungkin tidak sepenuhnya menyadari apa yang sedang terjadi. ltulah sebabnya mengapa para lama menemani orang yang sudah menjelang ajal, yaitu supaya orang itu mendapat petunjuk mengenai tahap tahap yang akan dilaluinya. Jika hal tersebut diabaikan, maka rohnya mungkin akan tetap terikat dengan bumi karena kalah oleh keinginan keinginan tubuh. Tugas para rahiblah untuk memutuskan ikatan ikatan itu. Pada waktu-waktu tertentu kami mengadakan kebaktian untuk Membimbing Hantu-Hantu. …

…Kami benar-benar percaya bahwa manusia dilahirkan kembali dari waktu ke waktu. Tetapi tidak selalu ke bumi ini. Ada jutaan dunia, dan kami tahu kebanyakan dunia itu dihuni. Para penghuninya mungkin memiliki bentuk yang sangat berbeda dengan yang kita kenal, dan ada kemungkinan mereka lebih unggul daripada manusia. Kami di Tibet tidak pernah menganut pandangan bahwa Manusia adalah bentuk evolusi yang paling tinggi dan paling mulia. Kami percaya bahwa bentuk-bentuk kehidupan yang jauh lebih tinggi bisa ditemukan di tempat lain, dan mereka tidak menjatuhkan bom atom. Di Tibet saya telah melihat catatan-catatan mengenai kapal asing di langit. Orang-orang menyebutnya “Kereta Para Dewa”. Lama Mingyar Dondup memberitahu saya bahwa sekelompok lama telah mengada­kan komunikasi melalui telepati dengan “dewa-dewa” tersebut, yang mengatakan bahwa mereka sedang mengamati Bumi, kedengarannya banyak miripnya dengan cara “manusia mengamati binatang-binatang liar dan berbahaya di kebun binatang.

Sudah ada banyak tulisan tentang kemampuan rnelayang. Melayang ini bepar-benar bisa dilakukan, karena saya sudah sering melihatnya, tetapi memerlukan banyak latihan. Sebetulnya tidak ada perlunya mempraktekkan kemampuan melayang ini karena ada cara yang jauh lebih sederhana. Melakukan perjalanan astral lebih mudah dan lebih pasti. Kebanyakan lama bisa melakukannya, dan siapa pun yang mempunyai kesabaran bisa menikmati seni yang, bermanfaat dan menyenangkan ini.

Di Bumi, pada waktu kita sedang terjaga, jiwa kita terkungkung di dalam tubuh jasmani, dan hanya orang yang sudah terlatih saja yang bisa memisahkannya. Pada waktu kita tidur, hanya tubuh jasmani yang memerlukan istirahat. Roh kita akan melepaskan diri dan biasanya pergi ke alam roh, seperti seorang anak yang pulang ke rumahnya setelah sekolah. Hubungan antara jiwa dan tubuh jasmani dipertahankan melalui sebuah “tali perak”, yang bisa terulur sampai tak terbatas. T ubuh akan tetap hidup selama tali perak itu masih tersambung. Pada saat kematian, tali tersebut akan terputus karena rohnya lahir ke dalam kehidupan lain didunia roh, seperti tali pusat ,seorang bayi yang dipotong untuk memisahkan bayi itu dari ibunya. Kelahiran bagi seorang bayi adalah kematian bagi kehidupan yang terlindung dalam tubuh si ibu. Kematian, bagi roh, adalah kelahiran kembali ke dunia roh yang lebih bebas. Pada waktu tali perak masih terekat, jiwa bebas berkelana selama kita tidur, tapi bisa juga tetap dalam keadaan sadar bagi mereka yang sudah terlatih secara khusus. Roh yang mengembara itu akan menghasilkan mimpi mimpi, yang merupakan kesan-kesan yang diteruskan melalui tali perak. Ketika pikiran fisik menerimanya, kesan-kesan itu “dirasionalkan” supaya sesuai dengan kepercayaan yang ada di bumi. Di dunia roh tidak ada waktu-waktu, hanyalah konsep fisik semata – jadi kita mengalami kejadian-kejadian di mana suatu mimpi yang panjang dan ruwet rasanya terjadi hanya dalam hitungan detik. Mungkin setiap orang pemah ber­mimpi bertemu dan berbicara dengan seseorang yang misalnya berada di seberang lautan. Mungkin mereka sempat bertukar kata, dan pada saat terjaga biasanya akan ada kesan kuat mengenai sesuatu yang harus diingat. Sering kali dalam mimpi ada kenangan bertemu dengan seorang teman atau saudara yang tinggalnya jauh, dan bukan hal yang meng­herankan apabila beberapa waktu kemudian kita mendapat kabar dari orang tersebut. Bagi mereka yang tidak terlatih, ingatan mengenai mimpi tersebut sering menyimpang dan hasilnya adalah mimpi yang tidak masuk akal atau mimpi huruk.

Di Tibet, kami sering bepergian melalui proyeksi astral – bukan dengan melayang- dan seluruh prosesnya berada dalam kendali kami. Jiwa dibuat meninggalkan tubuh jasmani, meskipun tetap berhubungan dengan tubuh melalui tali perak. Orang bisa pergi ke mana ia mau, secepat orang berpikir. Kebanyakan orang memiliki kemampuan bepergian secara astral. Banyak yang benar-benar memulainya, dan karena tidak terlatih, kemudian mengalami suatu guncangan. Mungkin setiap orang pemah memiliki perasaan seperti se­dang melayang, kemudian tertidur, dan tanpa sebab yang jelas, tiba,tiba tersentak bangun. Hal ini disebabkan oleh keluamya roh yang terlalu cepat, tubuh jasmani dan tubuh astral berpisah secara kasar. Ini menyebabkan tali peraknya menyusut, dan tubuh astral tertarik kembali ke kendaraan jasmaninya. Yang menimbulkan perasaan lebih tidak enak lagi adalah ketika orang sudah melakukan perjalanannya dan sedang dalam proses kembali. Rohnya mengambang beberapa puluh sentimeter di atas tubuh, seperti sebuah balon diujung tali. Kemudian ada sesuatu, mungkin suara dari luar, yang menyebabkan roh kembali ke tubuh dengan kecepatan tinggi. Tubuh akan terbangun secara mendadak, dan ada perasaan yang menakutkan bahwa ia seperti akan terjatuh dari sebuah tebing, namun terbangun tepat pada waktunya.

Perjalanan astral, yang dilakukan secara terkendali dan dalam keadaan sadar sepenuhnya, bisa dilakukan oleh hampir semua orang. Seni ini memerlukan latihan, tetapi yang paling penting, dalam tahap-tahap awal latihan ini dituntut privasi, di mana orang bisa sendirian tanpa khawatir akan terganggu. Buku ini bukan buku tentang metafisika, jadi tidak ada perlunya memberi petunjuk tentang perjalanan astral, tetapi sangat ditekankan bahwa praktek perjalanan astral bisa memunculkan pengalaman yang menggelisahkan kecuali orang bersangkutan mempunyai guru yang tepat. Sebetulnya tidak ada  bahayanya yang nyata, tetapi ada risiko perasaan menjadi terguncang dan terjadi gangguan emosi jika tubuh astral dibiarkan pergi atau kembali ke tubuh jasmaninya dalam fase yang berbeda-beda atau secara kebetulan. Orang yang memiliki jantung lemah jangan penah mempraktekkan proyeksi astral. Walaupun tidak ada bahaya, dalam proyeksi itu sendiri, tetapi ada bahaya lain yang lebih besar-bagi mereka yang jantungnya lemah-yaitu jika ada orang lain yang mendadak masuk ke kamar dan mengganggu tubuh atau tali peraknya. Guncangan yang ditimbulkan bisa berakibat fatal, dan akan sangat tidak menyenangkan karena roh harus dilahirkan kembali untuk menyelesaikan masa hidupnya sebelum ia bisa melanjutkan ke tahap berikutnya.

Kami orang Tibet percaya bahwa setiap orang, sebelum Manusia Melakukan Dosa, memiliki kemampuan melakukan perjalanan astral, melihat dengan kemampuan clairvoyance, melakukan telepati, dan melayang. Versi kami mengenai Perbuatan Dosa Oleh Manusia itu adalah Manusia menyalahgunakan kekuatan gaibnya dan menggunakannya untuk kepentingan pribadi, dan bukan untuk pengembangan umat manusia secara keseluruhan. Pada zaman dulu manusia bisa bercakap-cakap dengan manusia lainnya melalui telepati. Suku-suku pribumi mempunyai jenis bahasa percakapan sendiri yang mereka gunakan terbatas di antara mereka sendiri. Telepati dilakukan melalui pikiran, jadi bisa dipahami oleh semua orang, tidak peduli bahasa daerah yang digunakan. Ketika kemampuan telepati lenyap, karena disalahgunakan, terjadilah Babel!-kekacauan akibat orang tidak saling mengerti bahasa yang digunakan. …

… Dalam kepercayaan kami, kemungkinan-kemungkinan dimasa depan bisa diramalkan. Bagi kami, ramalan, dengan cara apa saja, adalah ilmu pengetahuan dan akurat. Kami percaya pada astrologi. Bagi kami “pengaruh-pengaruh astrologis” merupakan sinar-sinar kosmis yang “berwarna” atau berubah karena sifat tubuh yang memantulkannya ke Bumi. Setiap orang akan sependapat bahwa orang bisa memiliki kamera dan sebuah lampu putih, kemudian mengambil gambar suatu benda. Dengan memasang berbagai macam filter pada lensa kameranya – atau pada cahayanya – kita bisa mengatur efek-efek tertentu pada foto yang dihasilkannya. Kita bisa mendapatkan misalnya elekrotokromatik, pankromatik, atau inframerah. Orang juga dipengaruhi oleh cara yang sama oleh radiasi kosmis yang menimpa sifat kimia dan elektris dari kepribadian mereka. …

… Ilmu-karena namanya ilmu – tentang menyiapkan horos­kop bukanlah ilmu yang bisa dibahas dalam beberapa halaman dalam buku seperti ini. Secara singkat, ilmu ini terdiri dari pembuatan peta langit seperti pada waktu terjadinya konsepsi, atau mulai terciptanya seseorang, atau waktu kelahirannya. Jam kelahiran yang tepat harus di­ketahui, dan waktunya harus diterjemahkan menjadi “waktu bintang”, yang sangat berbeda dari semua zona waktu yang ada di dunia. Karena kecepatan Bumi di orbitnya adalah sembilan belas mil per detik, maka terlihat bahwa ketidakakuratan akan menyebabkan perbedaan yang besar sekali. Di khatulistiwa kecepatan rotasi Bumi sekitar seribu empat puluh mil per Jam. Pada waktu berputar, posisi Bumi miring pada sumbunya; posisi Kutub Utara sekitar tiga ribu seratus mil lebih maju dari Kutub Selatan pada musim gugur, tetapi pada musim semi posisinya terbalik. Jadi, garis bujur pada tempat kelahiran sangatla:h penting.

Sutelah peta-petanya siap, mereka yang sudah mendapat cukup latihan bisa menerjemahkan artinya. Hubungan timbal balik masing-masing planet dan setiap planet harus di­perhitungkan, demikian juga dengan efek-efeknya pada peta itu. Kami menyiapkan Bagan Penciptaan untuk mengetahui pengaruh-pengaruh yang ada pada saat seseorang mulai tercipta. Peta Kelahiran menunjukkan pengaruh yang ada pada saat seseorang memasuki dunia yang tidak diperkirakannya. Untuk mengetahui masa depan-kami menyiapkan sebuah peta mengenai waktu yang ingin diketahui, dan memban­dingkannya dengan Bagan Kelahiran. Beberapa orang berkata: “Dapatkah Anda benar-benar memperkirakan siapa yang akan memenangkan 2.30?” Jawabannya adalah tidak! Tidak, tanpa membuat horoskop untuk setiap orang, kuda, dan pemilik kuda yang terlibat dalam pacuan tersebut. Untuk hal-hal seperti ini lebih baik kita menutup mata  dan melemparkan paku ke daftamya. Kita bisa mengatakan apakah seseorang akan sembuh dari penyakitnya, atau apakah Tom akan menikahi Mary dan hidup bahagia selamanya, tetapi ini berhubungan dengan individu-individu. Kita juga bisa mengatakan bahwa jika Inggris dan Amerika tidak menghentikan Komunisme, akan terjadi perang di Tahun Naga Kayu, di mana dalam putaran yang sekarang, berarti tahun 1964. Kemudian dalam kasus itu, pada akhir abad tersebut, akan ada tontonan kembang api yang sangat menarik untuk menghibur para penonton di Mars atau Venus. Dengan mengandaikan bahwa Kaum Komunis tetap tidak dapat dikendalikan.

Satu hal lagi yang sering membingungkan mereka yang berasal dari dunia Barat adalah pelacakan kehidupan masa lalu seseorang. Orang yang tidak memiliki keahlian dalam masalah tersebut mengatakan bahwa itu tidak bisa dilakukan, persis orang tuli yang mengatakan: “Saya tidak mendengar suara, jadi suara itu tidak ada.” Melacak kehidupan masa lalu bisa dilakukan. Prosesnya memakan waktu, dan melibatkan banyak bagan serta perhitungan-perhitungam. Seseorang yang berdiri di sebuah lapangan terbang mungkin bertanya-tanya mengenai pengumuman terakhir tentang pesawat yang akan datang. Para penonton mungkin bisa menduga, tetapi orang yang bertugas di menara pengawal dengan pengetahuan khusus yang dimilikinya bisa mengatakannya dengan tepat. Jika seorang penonton biasa memiliki daftar nomor penerbangan dan jadwal penerbangan yang bagus, ia mungkin bisa menentukan sendiri pesawati mana yang akan datang. Demikian juga kita dengan kehidupan masa lalu kita. Mungkin dibutuhkan paling tidak satu buku sendiri untuk menjelaskan prosesnya, jadi sekarang ini tidak ada gunanya untuk membahasnya lebih jauh. ..

… Kami juga bisa menyatakan perkiraan waktu, atau dalam kondisi yang bagaimana, peristiwa-peristiwa berikut ini ter­jadi:

– Cinta, tipe orangnya dan waktu pertemuannya

– Perkawinan, kapan dan bagaimana kelanjutannya

– Nafsu, jenis yang “pemarah”:

– Malapetaka, bagaimana terjadinya, atau apakah akan terjadi

– Kematian; Maut, kapan dan bagaimana

Penjara, atau bentuk-bentuk kekangan lainnya

Perselisihan, biasanya pertengkaran keluarga atau masalah bisnis

Roh, tahap evolusi yang suclah dicapai.

…Meskipun saya cukup sering mengerjakan astrologi, bagi saya psikometri dan “melihat melalui kristal” jauh lebih tepat dan tidak meleset sedikit pun. Ini juga lebih mudah bagi orang yang tidak pandai berhitung! Psikometri adalah seni mengumpulkan gambaran-gambaran masa lalu yang ka­bur dari sebuah benda. Setiap orang memiliki kemampuan ini sampai batas-batas tertentu. Orang yang memasuki se­buah gereja tua atau kuil yang sudah digunakan bertahun-tahun akan mengatakan: “Suasananya tenang sekali, dan menyejukkan!” Tetapi orang yang sama ketika mengunjung tempat di mana pemah terjadi pembunuhan yang brutal akan berseru: “Oh! Saya tidak suka di sini, menakutkan mari kita keluar.”

Melihat melalui kristal sedikit berbeda. “Kaca” itu hanya menjadi fokus bagi sinar-sinar dari Mata Ketiga, seperti halnya sinar- X yang difokuskan pada layar dan memperlihatkan sebuah gambar yang berpijar. Tidak ada sulapnya sama sekali, ini hanya masalah memanfaatkan hukum-hukum alam. ….

…Roda kehidupan melambangkan lingkaran yang tak berakhir dari kelahiran-kehidupan-kematian-roh-kelahiran,kehidupan, dan seterusnya. Banyak murid membuat kesalahan serius dengan mengira bahwa kami percaya pada neraka-neraka mengerikan yang digambarkan di Roda. Beberapa orang yang biadab yang buta huruf mungkin mempercayainya, tetapi mereka yang telah menerima pencerahan tidak akan. Apakah orang Kristen benar,benar percaya bahwa ketika mereka mati Setan dan Teman-temannya akan sibuk memanggang dan menyiksa? Apakah mereka percaya kalau mereka pergi ke dunia Lain (sebagai salah satu dari sedikit orang saja) mereka akan duduk di awan dengan baju tidur dan belajar bermain harpa? Kami percaya bahwa kita belajar di Bumi,dan di Bumi inilah kita “dipanggang dan disiksa”.

11. Trappa

…Salah satu yang harus segera saya pelajari adalah seni relaksasi. Tanpa seni tersebut pelajaran yang sesungguhnya tentang metafisika tidak akan dapat dipelajari. Pada suatu hari Lama Mingyar Dondup masuk ke ruangan tempat saya sedang mempelajari beberapa buku. Ia memandangi saya dan berkata: “Lobsang, kau kelihatannya sangat tegang. Kau tidak akan bisa berpikir lama dengan tenang dan tidak akan membuat kemajuan, kecuali kau rileks. Akan saya tunjukkan bagaimana saya melakukannya.”

Pertama-tama ia menyuruh saya berbaring. Meskipun orang bisa beristirahat sambil duduk atau bahkan sambil berdiri, untuk yang pertama kali lebih baik mulai dengan terlentang dulu. “Bayangkan kau terjatuh dari sebuah tebing”, katanya. “Bayangkan kau sekarang terkapar di tanah, tubuhmu remuk, semua otot kendur, seluruh anggota tubuhmu bengkok, dan mulutmu sedikit terbuka, karena hanya dengan demikian otot-otot pipi akan mengendur.” Saya terus mengubah posisi sampai seperti yang ia inginkan. “Sekarang bayangkan kedua lengan dan kakimu penuh manusia-manusia kerdil yang membuatmu bergerak dengan menarik-narik ototmu. Katakan kepada manusia-manusia kecil itu untuk meninggalkan kakimu sehingga tidak ada rasa, tidak ada gerakan, tidak ada ketegangan apa pun di situ. Biarkan pikiranmu memeriksa kakimu sampai merasa pasti bahwa tidak ada otot yang digunakan.” Saya berbaring sambil mencoba membayangkan manusia-manusia kedil itu. Bayangkan Tzu Tua menggelitiki jari-jari kaki saya dari dalam! Oh!Senang sekali saya mengusimya. “Kemudian lakukan hal yang sama dengan bagian kakimu yang atas, bagian betis, pasti ada banyak manusia kedl sedang bekerja di situ Lobsang. Mereka bekerja keras pagi ini ketika kau melompat. Sekarang suruh mereka istirahat. Sutuh mereka berbaris menuju kepalamu. Apakah mereka semua sudah keluar? Kau yakin? Rasakan dengan pikiranmu. Suruh mereka meninggalkan otot-otot itu, supaya otot-ototnya kendur dan melembut.” Tiba-tiba ia berhenti dan menuding: “Lihat”, katanya, “kau melupakan seseorang di pahamu. Satu manusia kecil masih memegang ototmu yang tegang di kaki atas. Keluarkan dia, Lobsang, keluarkan dia.” Akhimya kaki saya menjadi rileks dan ia puas.

“Sekarang lakukan hal yang sama dengan lenganmu”, katanya, “mulailah dengan jari.jarimu. Suruh mereka pergi, ke atas melalui pergelangan tangan, bariskan mereka menuju siku, terus ke bahumu. Bayangkan kau memanggil keluar  manusia-manusia kecil itu sehingga tidak ada tekanan atau tegangan atau rasa apa pun lagi.” Setelah saya melakukannya, ia berkata: “Sekarang kita sampai ke bagian tubuh. Bayangkan tubuhmu adalah sebuah biara. Pikirkan semua rahib di dalamnya sedang menarik-narik ototmu untuk membuatmu bekerja. Suruh mereka pergi. Pastikan mereka meninggalkan bagian bawah badan lebih dulu, setelah mengendurkan semua otot. Suruh mereka menghentikan pekerjaan dan pergi. Suruh mereka mengendurkan otot-ototmu, seluruh ototmu, sehingga tubuhmu hanya disatukan oleh penutup luar. Tunggu sampai semuanya mengendur, turun, dan menemukan permukaannya sendiri. Sekarang tubuhmu terasa rileks.”

Kelihatannya ia puas dengan kemajuan yang saya capai, karena ia melanjutkan: “Kepala mungkin merupakan bagian yang paling penting untuk relaksasi. Mari kita lihat apa yang bisa kita lakukan dengannya. Lihatlah mulutmu, otot-ototmu tegang di setiap sudutnya. Lemaskan, Lobsang, lemaskan setiap sisinya. Kau tidak akan makan atau bicara, jadi jangan tegang. Matamu bergerak-gerak.. Tidak ada cahaya yang akan mengganggunya, jadi tutuplah sedikit kelopaknya, sedikit saja, tanpa tegangan.” la berpaling dan melihat keluar melalui jendela yang terbuka. “Contoh relaksasi yang terbaik ada di luar, sedang berjemur diri. Kau bisa mengambil pelajaran dari cara kucing beristirahat, tidak ada yang bisa melakukannya dengan lebih baik lagi.”

Dibutuhkan waktu lama untuk menuliskannya, dan kelihatannya sulit dipahami saat dibaca kembali, tetapi dengan sedikit latihan, maka dalam hitungan detik Anda akan merasa rileks. Sistem relaksasi ini tidak pemah gagal. Mereka yang tegang karena tekanan kehidupan modern cocok berlatih dengan cara ini, dan sistem mental yang mengikutinya. Untuk yang terakhir ini, saya disarankan untuk melanjutkannya dengan cara yang agak berbeda. Lama Mingyar Dondup berkata: “Ada sedikit keuntungan dengan merasa rileks secara fisik jika secara mental kau tegang. Pada waktu kau berbaring dan fisikmu terasa rileks, biarkan ingatanmu untuk sementara menetap dalam pikiranmu. Dengan perlahan ikutilah pikiran itu dan perhatikan seperti apa mereka. Lihatlah betapa sepelenya pikiran-pikiran itu. Lalu hentikan mereka, jangan biarkan ada pikiran yang lewat lagi. Bayangkan sebuah kotak hitam hampa, dengan pikiran-pikiran yang mencoba melompat dari satu sisi ke sisi yang lain. Mula-mula beberapa pikiran itu akan melompat ke1uar. Kejarlah mereka, bawa mereka kembali, dan suruh mereka melompat kembali ke dalam ruang yang hitam. Bayangkanlah seakan-akan semua itu terlihat dengan jelas, dan dalam waktu yang sangat singkat kau akan ‘melihat’ kegelapan tanpa harus berusaha keras, dan nikmatilah relaksasi mental dan fisik yang sempurna.” …

12. Tumbuhan dan Layang-Layang

… Ramalan adalah kemungkinan, ramalan tidak menghapus kenyataan bahwa Manusia memiliki kehendak yang bebas. …

13. Kunjungan Pertama ke Rumah

(No excerpt)

14. Menggunakan Mata Ketiga

(No excerpt)

15. Daerah Utara yang Misterius – dan Yeti

…Semakin tinggi kekuasaan seseorang, semakin berkurang kebebasannya; semakin tinggi derajat seseorang, semakin banyak ia harus melayani. …

16. Kehidupan sebagai seorang Lama

Sejumlah latihan sekarang diberikan kepada saya dalam bentuk seni perjalanan astral, di mana jiwa atau ego akan meninggalkan tubuh namun tetap terhubungkan dengan kehidupan di Bumi melalui Tali Perak. Banyak orang sulit percaya bahwa kami melakukan perjalanan dengan cara seperti ini. Setiap orang melakukannya, pada saat mereka tidur. Di Barat perjalanan astral ini biasanya tidak disengaja dan tidak disadari; di Timur para lama dapat melakukannya

dalam keadaan sadar sepenuhnya. Oleh karena itu, mereka memiliki ingatan lengkap mengenai apa saja yang telah mereka lakukan, apa saja yang telah mereka lihat, dan dari mana saja mereka tadi. Orang-orang di Barat sudah kehilangan seni seperti itu, jadi ketika mereka terbangun kem­bali, dan setelah kembali sadar sepenuhnya, mereka akan berpikir bahwa mereka baru saja “bermimpi”.

Semua negara memiliki pengetahuan mengenai perjalanan astral ini. Di Inggris dikatakan bahwa “tukang sihir bisa terbang”, meskipun tidak ada buktinya. Sebetulnya tidak diperlukan sapu untuk terbang. Sapu itu hanya cara untuk merasionalkan apa yang tidak ingin dipercayai oleh orang-orang itu! Di Amerika Serikat, “Roh Roh Orang Indian” dikatakan bisa terbang. Di semua negara, di mana-mana, ada pengetahuan-pengetahuan semacam itu yang terpendam. Saya dilatih untuk melakukannya. Jadi setiap orang bisa melakukannya.

Telepati adalah seni lain yang mudah dikuasai, tetapi tidak untuk digunakan sebagai pertunjukan di panggung. Untungnya seni ini sekarang mulai mendapat perhatian. Hipnotisme adalah seni lain lagi yang berasal dari Timur. Saya sudah melakukan operasi besar pada pasien yang di  hipnotis, seperti mengamputasi kaki dan operasi operasi lain yang cukup serius. Pasien tidak merasakan apa apa, tidak menderita sama sekali, dan akan bangun dalam kondisi yang lebih baik tanpa melalui penderitaan yang muncul akibat efek pembiusan yang ortodoks. Baru baru ini saya diberitahu bahwa hipnotisme digunakan di Inggris secara luas namun terbatas.

Kemampuan supaya tidak terlihat oleh orang lain adalah masalah lain. Dan bagus sekali kemampuan ini tidak banyak, sama sekali tidak banyak, yang memilikinya. Prinsipnya mudah, prakteknya sulit. Pikirkan sesuatu yang menarik perhatian Anda. Suara? Suatu gerakan yang cepat atau ki­lasan wama? Suara dan gerakan yang cepat menimbulkan minat “orang, jadi buatlah mereka untuk memperhatikan salah satunya. Orang yang tidak bergerak sama sekali tidak mudah terlihat, juga jenis atau tipe orang yang “sudah akrab dengan kita”, misalnya orang yang mengantarkan surat. Sering orang berkata “tidak ada yang ke sini sama sekali”, padahal surat mereka sudah diantarkan. Lalu siapa yang mengantarkan surat itu, oleh orang yang tidak kelihatan? Atau orang yang kelihatannya biasa-biasa saja sehingga tidak “terlihat”? (Polisi akan selalu terlihat karena hampir setiap orang mempunyai perasaan bersalah!) Untuk mencapai keadaan tak terlihat itu orang harus menghentikan gerakannya, juga menghentikan gelombang otaknya! Jika otak fisik difungsikan (berpikir), setiap orang didekatnya akan menjadi sadar seeara telepatik (melihat), sehingga keadaan tak terlihat itu akan hilang. Ada orang-orang di Tibet yang bisa menjadi tak terlihat bilamana mereka menginginkan diri mereka tak terlihat. Mereka mampu menutupi gelombang otak mereka. Mungkin untung sekali jumlah mereka sangat sedikit.

Kemampuan melayang bisa disempumakan, dan kadang-kadang yang diperlukan hanya latihan teknis. Metodenya dengan bergerak berputar putar, dan harus dilakukan dengan sungguh-sungguh. Orang yang sudah ahli akan  menggunakan perjalanan astral, yang sebetulnya merupakan hal yang sangat sederhana… asalkan orang tersebut mempunyai guru yang bagus. …

… Bernafas dengan pola tertentu merupakan rahasia yang paling utama dalam fenomena di Tibet. Tetapi sekali lagi, keeuali seseorang memiliki guru yang bijaksana dan terlatih, latihan-latihan itu bisa sangat berbahaya, bahkan bisa berakibat fatal. Banyak orang sudah menulis tentang “orang orang yang berlari”, lama yang bisa mengontrol berat tubuhnya (bukan melayang) dan berlari dengan kecepatan tinggi selama berjam-jam di atas tanah, hampir tidak menyentuh tanah saat melewatinya. Kemampuan ini mll butuhkan banyak praktek, dan “orang yang berlari” harus berada dalam keadaan setengah tak sadar. Orang yang sedang berlari itu “juga berada dalam kondisi yang mirip orang yang berjalan saat tidur. la membayangkan tujuannya dan terus menjaga keadaannya supaya tetap demikian dengan menggunakan Mata Ketiga, dan tak henti-hentinya mengucapkan mantera yang tepat. la akan berlari selama berjam-jam, dan akan sampai ke tempat tujuannya tanpa merasa lelah. Cara ini hanya mempunyai satu kelebihan dibandingkan dengan perjalanan astral. Dalam perjalanan astral, yang bergerak adalah roh sehingga orang yang melakukannya tidak bisa membawa benda-benda  berwujud, misalnya tidak bisa membawa barang-barang miliknya. Arjopa, yaitu sebutan untuk “orang yang berlari” itu, bisa membawa benda,benda.

Cara bemafas yang benar memungkinkan orang TIbet duduk dengan tubuh telanjang di atas es, pada ketinggian sekitar lima ribu dua ratus meter di atas permukaan laut, dan bisa menjaga tubuhnya tetap panas, sedemikian panasnya sehingga es yang didudukinya akan mencair dan orangnya akan berkeringat.

Agak menyimpang sebentar: saya pemah mengatakan bahwa saya sendiri sudah melakukannya di ketinggian sekitar lima ribu lima ratus meter di atas permukaan laut. Seorang pendengar saya dengan serius bertanya: “Saat air lautnya sedang pasang atau surut?”

Apakah Anda pemah mencoba mengangkat benda berat dengan paru-paru yang kosong? Cobalah, maka Anda akan

tahu bahwa itu hampir tidak mungkin dilakukan. Jadi, isilah paru-paru Anda dengan udara sebanyak-banyaknya, tahan napas Anda, dan Anda akan bisa mengangkat benda tersebut dengan mudah. Atau mungkin Anda sedang merasa

takut, atau marah, cobalah tarik napas dalam-dalam, dan tahan selama sepuluh detik. Kemudian hembuskan perlahan-lahan. Ulangi sedikimya tiga kali, dan Anda akan merasakan detak jantung Anda melambat dan Anda akan merasa tenang. Cara-cara tersebut bisa dicoba oleh siapa saja dan tidak berbahaya samasekali. Pengetahuan mengenai

mengontrol pemafasan membantu saya dalam menahan siksaan Jepang dan siksaan siksaan yang lebih hebat lagi ketika saya ditahan oleh Komunis. Dibandingkan orang Komunis, orang Jepang yang paling keji pun masih bersikap sopan! Saya tahu keduanya, karena saya pemah mengalaminya. ….

… Bagi orang itu, ujiannya sudah selesai. Bagi saya, paro kedua dari masa ujian itu baru akan dimulai. Kertas kertas ujian hari keenam dibagikan satu jam lebih lambat. Metafisika. Yoga. Sembilan cabang yoga. Dan saya harus lulus semuanya.

Ada lima eabang yoga yang kurang begitu dikenal di dunia Barat. Hatha yoga mengajarkan penguasaan terhadap seluruh tubuh jasmani kita, yang kami sebut “kendaraan”. Kundalini yoga memberikan kekuatan batin, kemampuan

meramal, dan kekuatan kekuatan lain yang mirip. Laya yoga mengajarkan penguasaan terhadap pikiran, salah satu ba

giannya adalah mengingat secara permanen apa yang pemah dibaca atau didengar. Raja yoga menyiapkan kita dengan kesadaran dan kebijaksanaan. Samadhi yoga membawa kita pada penerangan yang tertinggi dan memungkinkan kita untuk melihat sepintas tujuan dan rencana kehidupan di Bumi. Cabang inilah yang membuat kita,   pada saat meninggalkan kehidupan di bumi, bisa memahami Realitas yang Lebih Penuh dan meninggalkan Lingkaran Kelahiran Kembali kecuali kita memutuskan untuk kembali ke Bumi dengan tujuan khusus, seperti membantu orang lain dengan cara-cara tertentu. Bentuk-bentuk yoga yang lain tidak bisa dibahas dalam buku seperti ini, dan pengetahuan saya me­ngenai bahasa Inggris tidak akan cukup untuk menjelaskan subjek-subjek yang sudah terkenal itu.

17. Inisiasi Terakhir

(No excerpt)

18. Tibet – Selamat Tinggal!

(No excerpt)


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Extracts of Rampa Books and Wisdom

Effects of Cold Water





Note of caution:

This information might not be true, check out:


For those who like to drink cold water, this article is applicable to you. It is nice to have a cup of cold drink after a meal. However, the cold water will solidify the oily stuff that you have just consumed. It will slow down the digestion. Once this “sludge” reacts with the acid, it will break down and be absorbed by the intestine faster than the solid food. It will line the intestine. Very soon, this will turn into fats and lead to cancer. It is best to drink hot soup or warm water after a meal. A serious note about heart attacks – You should know that not every heart attack symptom is going to be the left arm hurting. Be aware of intense pain in the jaw line. You may never have the first chest pain during the course of a heart attack. Nausea and intense sweating are also common symptoms. 60% of people who have a heart attack while they are asleep do not wake up. Pain in the jaw can wake you from a sound sleep. Let’s be careful and be aware. The more we know the better chance we could survive. A cardiologist says if everyone who reads this message sends it to 10 people, you can be sure that we’ll save at least one life. Read this & Send the link to a friend. It could save a life. So, please be a true friend and send this article to all your friends you care about.

(Excerpt) Philosopher At The End of The Universe

The Philosopher At The End of The Universe

Philosophy Explained Through Science Fiction Films



By: Mark Rowlands

Excerpt by: Johnny Lone

Learn about:

The Nature of Reality from THE MATRIX

Good and Evil from STAR WARS

Morality form ALIENS

Personal Identity from TOTAL RECALL

The Mind-Body dilemma from TERMINATOR


Death and the Meaning of Life from BLADE RUNNER

Cultural Relativism from LORD OF THE RINGS

A search for knowledge about ourselves and the world around us with a star-studded cast that includes: Tom Cruise, Plato, Harrison Ford, Immanuel Kant, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Friedrich Nietzsche, Sigourney Weaver, Rene Descartes and Keanu Reeves

Introduction – Sci-Phi Philosophy, From Socrates to Schwarzenegger

If you want to find out about someone  – if you really want to understand what makes them tick – then the last thing you should do is ask them to tell you about themselves. People make up all sorts of stuff about themselves, often without even realizing it. What you do is ask them to tell you about the world. The world as they see it is always a reflection of them, and staring back at you in what they tell you about the world is the person they really are.

Philosophy is not about knowing, it is about doing. As Lawrence Fishburne puts it in The Matrix, it is not enough simply to know the path, you must be able to walk the path. And, as Nietzche put it, one repays a teacher poorly by remaining a pupil all one’s life.

Frankenstein – Philosophy and The Meaning of Life

The idea of absurdity revolves around a clash of two perspectives we have on ourselves – a view from the inside and a view from the outside. The clash is between the significance of our actions to ourselves, and their significance to others. Or, put another way, the clash is between what we think we are achieving in making the speech, declaring our love, squeezing our significant other, and what we are actually achieving.

Philosophical problems arise from this peculiar combination of must and can’t. Things must be this way, but things can’t be this way. Whenever we have this combination of must and can’t, we have philosophy.

The true horror of Sisyphus’s punishment lies neither in its extreme difficulty nor in his hatred of it. The horror of the task lies in its futility. The task aims at nothing. It is empty; as barren as the boulder it so centrally involves.

Supppose there was a point to Sisyphus’s labours. Suppose that instead of rolling the same boulder up the hill, he was commanded to roll lots of different boulders. And suppose these did not roll back down the hill. Sisyphus’s task was to use these boulders to build a temple, or a pub, or whatever. Sisyphus, we can imagine, did have a deep desire to build this temple/pub, a temple/pub that would be strong and beautiful and/or serve delicious ale. And, after ages of grim and dreadful toil, we might imagine our Sisyphus succeding in his task. The temple/pub is now complete; his work is done. He can now rest on that high mountain and enjoy the fruit of his labour. Or several of them if it turns out to be a pub.

Now what does he do? Would our Sisyphus not now be bored? Eternally bored? If he was foolish and built a temple, would be not oh so wish he had built a pub, just so he could ameliorate his boredom by getting plastered? The horror of infinite and eternal labour has now been replaced with the horror of infinite and eternal boredom. Just as Sisyphus’s existence in the original telling of his tale has no meaning because it has no purpose, so too, in our retelling, Sisyphus’ life loses its purpose as soon as his goal is complete. His life on that high mountain, gazing forever at a goal he can neither change nor add to, is as meaningless as his life rolling a huge and intransigent boulder up a hill only to see it roll back down again as soon as he reaches the summit.

The Matrix – Can We Be Certain of Anything?

There is no way of telling, from within a dream, whether we are or are not dreaming.

And this is (one of) Descartes’s points. We cannot be certain that we are not, at any given time, dreaming. Therefore, we cannot be certain that our whole life has not been a dream. Therefore, we cannot be certain that what we call the real world actually exists. And if we cannot be certain of this, then we cannot really know it, because, according to Descartes, to really know something means that you have to be certain of it.

Cogirto, ergo sum. Translated into English, it reads: I think, therefore i am.

Now, this doesnt mean anything silly like we exist only as long as we think. Descartes was no fool. Think about it this way. Inspired by the dream and evil demon conjectures, or by the Matrix, we can think all sorts of things. You can think that the world around you does not really exist, and you can think that you dont really have a physical body at all. You can, that is, be sceptical about the existence of both these things. These sceptical thoughts may not be true, but they are coherent – they are, that is, genuine possibilities. But can you also – coherently – think that you do not exist? Try it! If you think that you dont exist, then who is it that is doing the thinking? Thinking that you do not exist, it seemed to Descartes, is enough to guarantee automatically that you do in fact exist – because you cant think that you dont exist unless you are around to do the thinking. Or, to put the point another way, doubting your existence automatically guarantees your existence, because otherwise you couldnt be around to do the doubting.

Therefore, Descartes thought, one thing of which you can be absolutely certain, one thing that you cannot doubt, is your own existence. That you exist is one thing that, in his view, you can know and know with certainty.

According to Nietzche, all we can really be certain of is that there are thoughts, we cannot be certain of the existence of the person to whom the thoughts, supposedly, belong. Perhaps there are just thoughts, and no person to whom the thoughts attach; but in any case, we can only be certain of the existence of thoughts, not of the person to whom the thoughts, supposedly, attach.

But no matter how good a theory, no matter how well it has stood the test of time, it is still possible that it is incorrect.

Morpheus: Why did i beat you?

Neo        : You are too fast.

Morpheus: Do you think that my speed has anything to do with my muscles in this place? … Do you think that is air you are breathing?

But this means you cannot be certain whether it is air-thoughts that you are now thinking, or thoughts about a computer-generated feature that merely seem as if they are air-thoughts.

Turbaned boy: Try not to bend the spoon, for that is impossible. Instead, try to realize the truth.

Neo             : What is that? 

Turbaned boy: That there is no spoon. Then instead of bending the spoon, you see that what is really bending is yourself.

The spoon is not a real physical entity. Instead, it is a construction of the mind. This is why bending is possible. This is a version of idealism.

Look around you at the world. You will, presumably, see various things. But what is seeing? According to the view we are looking at, seeing is having experiences – visual experiences. So what you are immediately aware of, when you look at the world around you, is not the world itself, but your experiences or ideas of the world. To the extent that you are aware of the world itself, this awareness is mediated awareness – you are aware of the world by virtue of being aware of your experiences.

We have arrived at the claim that we can never know anything about the world as it is in itself – the supposedly physical world – because we can never get outside our experiences and get at this world as it is in itself.

Color is no part of the physical world. Colour is a purely mental entity – an experience of some sort. Colour is part not of physical, but mental, reality.

Total Recall & The Sixth Day: The Problem of Personal Identity 

‘You cant step into the same river twice.’ Take a river – say Thames. The water molecules that made up this river a month ago are completely different from the ones that make it up today. The ones of a month ago, of course, flown down to the sea.

From the point of view of our identity, it is not so much what the brain is that is important but what it does. If we could find some replacement – based on focal stem cells, artificially constructed organic or inorganic chips, etc – that did exactly the same things as our original brain, then it seems, we would survive. So our identity is carried by what the brain does rather than what it is.

Instead of thinking of person in terms of identity – what makes you the same person from day to day, what makes you different from anyone else – think of them in terms of the notion of survival. There is nothing, nothing at all, that makes you the same person from day to day. And there is nothing, nothing in any absolute sense, that makes you different from everyone else. Rather, the you of today is a survivor, a very close survivor, of the you of yesterday. It is a survivor, though a slightly more distant survivor, of the you of last week, and a much more distant survivor of the you of last year. In a single body is not one self or person, but a successon of selves, a river of selves, each one a survivor of the one that went before. To the extent we can talk of the self, we are talking of something that has the character of a river, of a process, not a thing.

If we accept this, then we have a neat explanation of the duplication objection. Neither clone 1 nor clone 2 is identical with Adam Gibson. But they are both very close survivors of Adam Gibson. This should not make Arnie sad. None of us is ever identical with ourselves – we are all just survivors, very close survivors of the person we were a moment ago. There is no you – there is just a succession of yous, all of which are very, very close descendants of the you that preceded them.

At best, there is simply a succession of mes, a stream of river of Is which succeed each other with a seamless but astonishing rapidity.

Minority Report – The Problem of Free Will

Whereas our actions may be influenced by preceding events, they are not caused by those preceding events, and so are not made inevitable by them. Our actions, choices and decisions may be influenced by all sorts of things, but this does not mean that they are made inevitable by them.

According to compatibilists such as Hume, the opposite of freedom is compulsion, not causation. Therefore, they claim, my action is only not free if it is compelled. It can be caused and still be free as long as it is caused in the right sort of way.

Independence Day & Aliens: The Scope of Morality

Suppose you are a chicken. First you are born. And that, i’m afraid, is about as good as it is going to get. If you are born a ‘layer’, but are male, then your flesh will be deemed not good enough for eating and your life will, accordingly, be short. If you are lucky, you will be gassed. If you are not so lucky, however, then you will be thrown into a plastic sack and allowed to suffocate under the weight of other chicks. Alternatively, you may simply be ground up while still alive.

If, on the other hand, you are a layer and female, your troubles are just beginning. First, probably when you are between one and ten days old, you will find yourself being debeaked. That is, a guillotine-like device with a red-hot blade will slice off your beak. Just be thankful you were not born in the 1940s: then it would have been burned off with a blowtorch! But this wont hurt, will it? After all, arent beaks simply horny outgrowths? Isnt it just like cutting nails, or something like that? Actually, no. Under the beak is a highly sensitive layer or soft tissue, infused with nerve endings. It is something like the layer of skin under the human nail. So, debeaking would be like trimming nails if your preferred method of doing so involved ripping through half your finger as well.

Following a second debeaking, you will be moved to a battery cage in a laying facility. If you are in the US, the cage will be approximately 12 by 20 inches; if you are in the EU it will be approximately 46 by 51 centimetres. You will share this rather palatial residence with anywhere between three and six other birds. This, admittedly, is a little cramped. Being a bird of average size, at rest you need a little over 630 square centimetres to be able to sit down comfortably. If you wanted the luxury of turning around, then you would require just under 1700 square centimetres. The standard 12 by 20 inch cage, share with four other chickens, give you about 300 square centimetres. Total. Just to be clear on the sort of dimensions we are talking about here, 500 square centimetres is about the size of a sheet of A4 paper. If you are a very lucky bird, and share your cage with only three others, then you have 375 square centimetres. Either way, you can forget about stretching your 30 inch (75cm) wingspan.

Stretching and turning around are not the only things stymied by your close confinement. Any possibility of normal social interaction has also pretty much gone. Chickens have evolved as social creatures, and essential to the stability of any group chickens form is a social hierarchy, known colloquially as the ‘pecking order’. In more normal conditions, chickens lower down the order stay out of the way of their more dominant con-specifics. But it is a little difficult to stay out of the way of anything in a 12 by 20 inch cage. So lots of chickens are going to get pecked, and the chances are you are going to be one of them. Indeed, if you are at the bottom of the caged mini-hierarchy, then you may well be pecked to death.

Now, of course, the reason for your debeakings becomes clear. If too many chickens get pecked to death, profits drop. This is a pattern that is repeated time and time again in animal husbandry. An animal is raised in unpleasant and unnatural conditions, and this causes it to behave in unpleasant and unnnatural ways. But do we change the conditions? No, that would be unprofitable. Instead, we butcher the animal so that the damage caused by its unpleasant and unnatural behaviour does not eat into our profits too much.

After a few months of constant rubbing against the cage, and other birds pecking at you, you will have lost many, maybe most, of your feathers. Your skin will be red and raw, especially around your tail. You will be suffering from a severe form of osteoporosis, so much so that even being handled by a human may result in the snapping of your legs or wings, and the caving in your ribcage. By now, you and your cage-mates are demonstrably hysterical, almost certainly insane, and are very probably developing a penchant for cannibalism. After a year or two of this (if you are still alive – 35 percent of your cage mates will not be), your productivity will wane, making it unprofitable for the factory owner to feed or house you any longer. You will be delivered to the processors to be turned into stock cubes, frozen pies, or pet food. Such is the life of a battery hen.

If you are born a ‘broiler’ rather than a layer, then you are a little more fortunate: you wont live as long. A day-old chick, you will, along with anything from 10.000 to several 100.000 other chicks, be sent to a broiler house where you receive the mandatory debeaking. The broiler house is a large, windowless shed. If you are lucky, you will be allowed to live on the floor of this shed, although some producers use tiers of cages to get more birds into the same size shed. At first, you may have some room in which to move around; you and your shed-mates are still small. As you all grow, however, conditions become progressively more cramped. By the time you reach slaughtering weight, after about seven weeks, you may have as little as half a square foot of space.

As you all grow, of course, what grows with you is the mountain of excrement that covers the floor and the acrid stench of ammonia that fills the air. The ammonia itself is a serious health problem. You will, in all likelihood, be suffering from hock burn and breast blisters. How bad can things get? You are being burned by your own (and others’) urine. Also littering the floor in gradually increasing numbers are the bodies of your shedmates. Naturally enough, you are made unhappy by these unnatural conditions and develop various ‘vices’. Unable to establish a natural social hierarchy in a flock of 50.000 or more, you have a tendency to fight with you shed-mates, and, like your laying sister, a rapidly developing proclivity for cannibalism. But cannibalism, if you will forgive the pun, eats directly into the profits of the owner. So what does he or she do? Ameliorate the conditions that cause your behaviour? Allow you to live in more natural conditions? Give you more room? No, that would reduce profits. Instead, you are debeaked, and the light around you artificially controlled. In many system, this means that the light is reduced to as little as 2 lux (candlelight is approximately 10 lux). Thus, since reduced lighting has been shown to reduce aggression, you are likely to live out your last few weeks in near darkness.

Basically, it is no contest. Faced with a choice between a life like that and having an alien burst out of my chest, i would invest in some plastic tablecloths and go with the alien every time. And notice that i havent even gone into our worst abuses of the animals we eat – the sort involved in raising veal calves or intensively reared pigs, for example. Nor have i gone into the ways these animals die, which is not the painless, antiseptic death most people imagine.

Chickens and pigs are, typically, less intelligent than us – but to regard this as a relevant difference would run bang into the problem of marginal cases. Humans with moderate to severe brain damage, human infants, humans with degenerative brain disorders and so on need be no more intelligent than the average pig – which, despite a bad press, is, in fact, an intelligent and sensitive creature. So, would we treat these humans in the way we now treat pigs? Not unless we were total psychos. They cant use language, and so cannot tell us of their suffering. But this is no more relevant than our inability to communicate telepathically in the Independence Day scenario, and the same is true of many humans too.

The horrors that the aliens inflict upon us pale in comparison with the horrors we inflict on billions of animals every year. And, even overlooking our greater barbarity, the aliens have a much better excuse for their treatment of us. When the aliens lay their eggs in us, this is in aid of a vital interest of theirs: reproduction. Reproduction, continuation of yourself and your species is, unarguably, a vital interest of any living thing. Why, on the other hand, do we eat chickens and pigs? Is this a similarly vital interest of ours? Do we need to eat meat in order to survive? Or to be healthy? Of course not, as the existence of millions of healthy vegetarians all over the world attests. We eat meat for one reason and one reason only: we like the taste.

Star Wars: Good and Evil

The idea that evil is not a real, independent feature of the world but simply an absence of good has a long and distinguished philosophical history, stretching all the way back to the ancient Greek philosopher Plato (c. 428-348 BC) and possibly further. According to Plato, ultimate reality consists in a sort of pure and perfect goodness. To the extent anything diverges from this, it not only becomes less good, it becomes less real too. And the ultimate goal of human life is to attain true knowledge of what he called the form of the good.

So, in addition to the ordinary physical world, Plato asserted the existence of a non-physical world of forms. However, according to Plato, not only does this non-physical world of forms exist, it is, in fact, more real than the ordinary physical world. He had two reasons for this. The first was based on his preference for the eternal and unchanging over the shifting and ephemeral. The ordinary physical world is constantly changing, things coming into existence and going out of existence, and altering in countless ways through time. But the real – that is, the really real – for Plato, must be eternal and unchanging. This cant be the ordinary physical world; therefore it must be the world of forms. So it is the world of forms that is (really) real, and reality of the physical world, to the extent that it is real at all, derives from the world of forms. Secondly, any individual thing – say a circle drawn on paper – is what it is only because of its relation to a form. What makes the thing drawn on paper a circle is that it somehow resembles the form of circularity, pefect circularity. So, Plato concludes, what makes any physical thing the thing it is, is its relation to a form. But the same is not true of forms. Any form is the form that it is completely independently of its relation to physical things. And this, Plato concludes, shows that the forms are more real than physical things.

Plato used a famous analogy to explain the derivative and secondary status of the physical world: the analogy of the cave. Imagine you are prisoner in a cave. There you sit, chained to a post with a group of other prisoners. Worse still, you have lived your entire life as a prisoner in this cave. The only source of light in the cave is a fire, and this casts shadows on the wall behind you. Because of your predicament, you mistake these shadows for reality. You know no better; your life has been one of shadows. This is the situation of the average person – a prisoner in the physical world mistaking shadows of reality for reality.

One day, however, you escape from your chains and make your way to the mouth of the cave. At first, the light is too harsh, and you have to content yourself by looking at the shadows on the cave wall – this time cast by the sun, not the fire. Eventually, after suitable preparation, you are able to venture into the outside world and see not shadows but the real objects that are their source. One day, you may even be able to look directly at the sun. Escaping from the cave is analogous to the process of becoming a philosopher. Gradually, step by step, you are able to acquaint yourself with thingss that are more and more real. The visible objects you are eventually able to look at correspond to the forms, and the source of their visibility – the sun – corresponds to the form of the good.

So according to Plato, ordinary physical things and the ordinary physical world derive whatever reality they have from the world of forms – as shadows derive whatever reality they have from that which casts them. And so the physical world, for Plato, is real only to the extent that it relates to the world of forms. The reality of the world of forms is primary. The reality of physical things depends on the extent to which they resemble the relevant forms. And in so far as they deviate from their relevant form, they not only become less perfect, they become less real.

However, as we have seen, the most important of the forms, and hence the most real, is, for Plato, the form of the good. So, according to Plato, in so far as things deviate from the form of the good, they become less real. There is no form of the bad, no form of evil, at least not according to Plato. Evil is simply an absence, a hiatus, a lack: it is the absence of good. And what this means, for all intents and purposes, is that evil is unreal. Evil is an illusion. The more evil something becomes, the less real it also, thereby, becomes.

Attempt at repudiation and rejection is both futile and unhealthy. Drives – and the power they contain – can never be destroyed or renounced, merely converted into another form. And if they are not given outward expression, they will find an alternative form of inward expression. In particular, the failure to give expression to a powerful drive results in that drive being turned back against the person who has it. The typical result of this is illness – psychological, physical, or both.

Greatness, in Nietzche’s view, is going to be achieved neither by repression nor free expression of your most powerful desires and drives. Rather, it requires something quite different: sublimation. The basic idea is that powerful drives and desires can be transformed into something else- into quite different and, in Nietzche’s view at least, more worthwhile drives and desires. Their ultimate outward expression, therefore, can be very different from the drive or desire that provides its underlying force of power.

The key to greatness is the ability to transform these desires according to your will.

A war on your primitive drives and desires will leave you depleted, and in all likelihood diseased. Free expression of your drives will leave you, above all, average. The possibility of greatness requires sublimation, rather than repression or expression, of your primitive drives and desires.

The person with strong basic drives, who has attained the ability to sublimate these drives continually into higher and higher forms, is what Nietzche refers to as an ubermensch: an overman or superman. An overman is, basically, a highly sublimated bastard.

In Nietzche’s epigram, ‘Dionysus versus the Crucified’, Dionysus represents the overman, the person with powerful basic drives who continually sublimates these drives into increasingly higher and higher forms. The contrast with ‘the Crucified’ could not be more stark. The Crucified represents the person who wastes his or her life in a futile and self-destructive attempt to renounce and reject these drives.

‘Only as an aesthetic phenomenon is life and the existence of man eternally justified.’ We should, Nietzche claims, lives our lives as works of art.

The drives to dominate, control and destroy are all fairly primitive drives. Lord Vader seems far more concerned with simply expressing, acting upon, these primitive drives, rather than trying to sublimate them into something higher. The result is not an overman but an unbalanced megalomaniac.

Blade Runner: Death and The Meaning Of Life

Most of us, at least to some extent, have a tendency to ‘live for tommorrow.’ Much of what we do in the present we do not do for the sake of the present but for the future.

The more you have invested in the future, judged in terms of organization, orientation, disciplining and regimentation of your present behaviour and desires, then the more you lose when you lose that future.

Death harms us because it takes away a future. But we have a future only because each one of us is being-towards-a-future. Each one of us, in our essence, is a being who is directed towards the future. This, and only this, is why death can harm us when we are no longer around to be harmed.

We started off with the idea that death is the limit of a life, and so not an event in life, as the limit of visual field is not something in that field. But we can make the same sort of point about each moment in life. Suppose we divide a person’s life up into an arbitrary sequence of time-slices. It doesnt matter how long these are, but we will call each time – slice a moment. So, instead of considering a life as a whole, consider each moment in a person’s life, however long that might be. Now, consider what happens when one moment passes over into the next. At the transition point, we have the limit – the end of the previous moment and the beginning of the next. But, as a limit, this transition point is not part of either moment. If it was, then it could not be the limit of each moment. A limit cannot be part of that which it limits. The death of each moment of a person’s life is not part of that moment.

In these terms, to say that we are being-towards-a-future is to say that at each moment we are connected to future moments – even though they do not yet exist – because of the way we are in the original moment. This is what makes these future moments ours, and this is what makes these future moments that are ours succeed each other in a linear way. This is what makes the birht of one moment the death of the moment that preceded it. Our idea of a linear time derives from the sense we have that the birth of something that is mine is simultaneously the death of something that is also mine. And this sense of linearity is the key.

(Excerpt)Tomorrow’s God: Our Greatest Spiritual Challenge

Tomorrow’s God : Our Greatest Spiritual Challenge 

1.    Tommorow’s God does not require anyone to believe in God. 

2.    Tommorow’s God is without gender, size, shape, color or any of the characteristics of an individual living being 

3.    Tommorow’s God talks with everyone, all the time. 

4.    Tommorrow’s God is separate from nothing, but is Everywhere Present, the All in All, the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, the Sum Total of Everything that ever was, is now, and ever shall be. 

5.    Tommorrow’s God is not a singular Super Being, but the extraordinary process called Life. 

6.    Tommorrow’s God is ever changing. 

7.    Tommorrow’s God is needless. 

8.    Tommorrow’s God does not ask to be served, but is the Servant of all of Life. 

9.    Tommorrow’s God will be unconditionally loving, nonjudgmental, noncondemning and nonpunishing  


PART ONE: Redesigning God 

Goodbye to Yesterday’s God

The gift that you give is the gift that you experience.Giving transform Having into Being.I can imagine myself as “having” abundance, but only through the giving of my abundance to others that can I experience being abundant.

The miracle of giving is that we are giving only to ourselves.

Introducing Tommorrow’s God

Education is the key. It is the most powerful tool you have. Educate everyone. Tell everyone about God and about Life. Eliminate illiteracy, then eliminate functional illiteracy, then eliminate spiritual illiteracy.

The Creator and the Created are the same.

Nothing is observed is unaffected by the observer. In other words, the Creator and the Created are One, each creating the other.

Your message is your life, lived.

Others see their possibility in the reality of you. Be, therefore, a model to all the world.

It is important to be responsible only for the Self. You do your part, and do not worry about the person next to you. Otherwise, if you are not careful, you will be waiting for the person next to you. And they will be waiting for the person next to them. And so on. And nothing ever happens, nothing ever gets started.

Saving the World

The most immediate way for most human beings to expand their consciousness is to become conscious of the fact that they have a “consciousness.”
Having a consciousness is something of which you must become consciously aware. This is called self-awareness, and developing this can be a fairly easy thing.
The next 100 times you look at yourself in a mirror or reflection, do the Who Meditation.
Say the word “Who?” to yourself three times, for ten seconds each time, stretching the oo sound of “who”. You may do this aloud, or silently. Either way, stare directly at your own eyes in the reflection, take a deep breath, and ask, on a single breath, three times….
The question you are posing to yourself is, “Who is this? Who is this standing before me? Who is this being that I think I am? Who? Who?”
If you do this 100 times in the next 30 days, you will become aware of your Self. You may not have come to a full understanding of Who You Are, but you will come to an awareness that you ARE. That is, you will become Self-Conscious.
Once you know you have a Consciousness – that is, part of you that is larger than you, that can separate itself from the Little You and talk back to you – you are well on your way to discovering the truth of your being and stepping into enlightenment.
You will soon understand that enlightenment is experienced by not seeking to experience it. One does not become enlightened because one wishes to. One becomes enlightened because one is. That is, you are already enlightened, and simply now become aware of it.
It is awareness that we are talking about here. And now I will tell you a great secret. You cannot become aware of anything within yourself without seeing it outside yourself, and you cannot become aware of anything outside of yourself without seeing it inside of yourself.

When you are open to the Outside world, when you are moving in it and through it, keep keen your awareness of everything around you. Look at things as you have never looked at them before. Make every moment a meditation. See the cracks in the sidewalk the leaves on the tree, the petals on the flowers, the faces in the crowd. Practice seeing them all as You.
Just see yourself there. Don’t ask yourself what you are doing there or how you got there or how it is possible for you to be there, just see your Self there. Call yourself that. Do not say, “There, but for the grace of God, go I.” Rather say, “There, because of the grace of God, I go.”
“There I go again, being a street person without money. There I go again, being a flower in that field. There I go again, being a domineering spouse. There I go again, being a dictator in a foreign land oppressing my people. There I go again, being that blade of grass.”
Just see yourself everywhere. And smile when you see yourself there, knowing that you are there, and that what is there is in you.
Now then, set aside time each day to go to the world within. As you move through this inside world, lose all thoughts and images of the Outside World. Allow your mind to go blank. Breathe deeply and simply concentrate on the sound of your breath. Make your breath your mantra – the sound that takes you inside.
Now focus your awareness on a spot in the corner of your forehead, just above your eyes. Keep “looking” there with your inner eyes. Stare into the dark space of that nothingness until you “see” something. Keep focusing on your breath and look at what you see. Look deeply. Do not “put” something there, but wait until what is already there is opened to your consciousness.
Something will suddenly appear to you. To many, it will look like a dancing blue flame. You will not only see this flame, you will feel it. The feeling of it will wash over you. You will call this feeling Love. It may bring you to soft and gentle tears. Let that happen. And…
….say hello to your Soul.

Now, take this vision and this feeling of the Self that you have experienced in your inside World and place it in your Outside world, overlaying it on everyone and everything. You will soon fall in love with everyone and everything. You will have literally turned your world Inside Out.

This revolving, this revolution, will come to pass with humanity’s physical participation or without it. It does not need humanity for it to occur, and yet its occurrence will mean nothing without humanity.

Your brain is a part of your body. Your mind is not your brain, but you can open your mind using your brain.
Simply breathe in the Life that is all around you. Breathe deeply, with the natural rhythm of Life, for an extended period. Sit or lie quietly while you do this.
Yes, Now, as you inhale, feel yourself taking in the energy of Life. After breathing deeply for a while, imagine this energy of Life entering through a portal at the top of your head. Watch with you internal eye as it courses through your body. As you exhale, let it exit through your feet. Do this a number of times. Scan your body with your mind.
Now imagine filling your brain with this energy. Feel the oxygen fill your brain, feeding and nourishing the cells there. Feel the cells of your brain expand. Do this intentionally for seven minutes.
You may feel a little light-headed after this. Do not worry about that. You may feel light-headed because you will be light-headed. You have seen the golden-white light of the energy of life to your brain. You have directed it there, intentionally. This lightens your brain cells. You may feel a sense of enlightenment. With that physical feeling may come an increased awareness of Life, of everything around you. Do not be surprised if this occurs. You have opened your mind, exposing it to the gentle breeze of expanded consciousness.

Changing God’s Name

On humanity’s yesterdays most people who believed in God thought of God as Super Being, which allowed them to create a God in their mind who is like a person. In other words, a Bigger Version of themselves.
In thinking this way and constructing God in this way, they created God in the image and likeness of humans – which is exactly the opposite of what they said that God did.

But if I tell you that God is not a Super Being at all, but the process called Life, your theological apple cart is turned upside down. Suddenly, not only is humanity the image and likeness of God, everything else is as well. This changes your relationship with all things. Now, everything is one thing, and that One Thing is called God.

Human beings would never do the things they are now doing to the earth, much less the things they are doing to each other, if they thought they were doing all these things to themselves.

Now I said earlier that God is that which is Constantly present and Constantly Changing, suiting Itself to each moment, so that God may be understood in that moment, embraced in that moment, experienced in that moment, and expressed in that moment.
I also said that the words “God” and “Life” were interchangeable. And now what I want to tell you is that Life is a process of Change. This is why the words “God” and “Change” are synonymous.

In a sense, your old idea of God as that which never changes was correct. It was simply incomplete. It did not contemplate or consider that the one thing which never changed about God could be that God is always changing; that this could be the Constant.

All of life is energy in motion. Nothing stands still. Nothing. Not a single thing in the Universe is static. All is moving. And movement is change.

Everything is self-aware, but levels of self-awareness differ. Highly self-aware energy always seek to become more self-aware. Once an energy system becomes increasingly aware of itself, it seeks to become more self-aware.
The more you know, the more you want to know. The more you experience, the more you want to experience. This is the nature of Life.
Life seeks more Life through the Process of Life Itself.

The faster an energy vibrates, the faster it is going to vibrate.
An object in motion tends to stay in motion, and all objects are in motion.

All of Life, down to the tiniest cell, molecule, or sub-molecular particle, contains intelligence. This basic intelligence is built in. It is a cellular encoding. Because that is true, these tiny particles move in ways that make sense. Their movement produces a specific and predictable outcome.
This outcome is called Life.
At the macro level, it is called the cosmology of the universe. At the micro level it is called particle physics, superstring theory, and so forth.
Some of you call this built-in intelligence the “survival instinct.” All of your laws of physics and its predictability have been based on the understanding at which you have just arrived.
Now comes an interesting twist: At certain point in the Process of Evolution, Life Energy becomes aware that it is aware of itself.
It is Life becoming aware of what Life IS in its present form. It is supremely impacting, because it produces what I call the Separation Phenomenon. This is when an element of Life first has the “ideas” that it is separate from God. It is the First Pivotal Moment.
Prior to this moment, energy particles expressed themselves as part of an overall System. Their intelligence was experienced as the intelligence of the System.
In the First Pivotal Moment of self-discovery, an energy unit becomes conscious of Itself as part of the System, rather than as the System Itself. Its identity as part of the System soon expands into a thought that it is separate from the system.
This is the Great Oh-Oh of the Universe. It is the Mother of all Oh-Oh’s. Actually, that is true literally, because it gives birth to the next emerging process of Life: chaos.
Chaos? As in “chaos theory”?
Exactly. The thought of being something “other” than the System is what brings chaos to life.
While a unit of energy becomes self-aware, it is losing its awareness of the larger System of which it is a part, Its intelligence – which is really the intelligence of the System – is now experienced as its own intelligence.
An example of this is what is occurring right now.
 In what way?
You(the author) think that this is YOU talking, and really, this is ME. Part of you thinks that this explanation right now is something that is coming from your intelligence, and it is not, and could not be, because you don’t know any of this. Yet, because it came through you, you think it belongs to you. You think it is yours, and really it is ours.
(The intelligence, I am talking about, I am talking about the intelligence that is now bringing these words forth)
 Yeah right. Sometimes I do think that this is all coming from me. Even when I know better, I sometimes think that.
The intelligence IS coming from you. It is coming from the part of you that is me. That is, it is coming from the System, of which you are an intrinsic part.

Now the energy unit, or Life Form, experiences itself as part of a System again. It becomes aware that the more rapid is the vibration of its energy, the higher is its frequency, and the more impact it has on the energy around it.

Second Pivotal Movement: a disappearing of individual consciousness, a melting of it into the All in an experience that some Eastern mystics have called bliss or Nirvana.

Life is ruled by three basic principles: functionality, adaptability, and sustainability. It functions, or, having atrophied to the point of near dysfunctionality, it adapts, and having adapted, it sustains itself.

Bringing the Universe to Life

The Old Spirituality insists that Yesterday’s God created the heavens and the earth, while the New Spirituality says that Tommorrow’s God IS the heavens and the earth.

God is unified and one with everything, and breathes Life not into humans, but AS humans, and that humans may express and experience themselves as God-made-manifes, and may know that everything they touch and see and feel is likewise God in manifest Form.

The earth is a tiny part, a minuscule speck, in this unfathomably massive System, and you are a tiny part, a miniscule speck, within IT. And there are specks within YOU that, compared to the Whole of You, are tiny and miniscule. Yet no part and no speck of You is unimportant to the Whole of You, for each constitutes what that Whole IS. And so, too, is it with You and the Living System known as the All, which is Life itself.

Rupere Sheldrake, the groundbreaking biologist, talks of “morphic fields” that underlie the structure of systems such as our galaxy – and that exist within those systems as well, such as here, on earth. Sheldrake (in his book The Physics of Angels, written with theologian Matthew Fox) says that such fields actually animate those systems, giving them their habits and their capacity to organize themselves. “In this sense, molecules, stars, and galaxies are alive, not just microbes, plants and animals.”

How Religious Beliefs Create Civil Law

People become fanatics when they feel they are not being heard. People become fanatical when they feel their point of view is not being honored.
A point of view doesn’t even have to be accepted, but it does have to be honored. Because, you see, if you dishonor another’s point of view, it is as if you disappear it, discounting it as if it were not even there. And when you disappear it, discounting it as if it were not even there.

You’re Making It All Up

The moment you expect to be, you are not. The very act of expecting yourself to be something preludes you from experiencing it. You cannot “expect” to experience something that you are already experiencing. If you are experiencing something of yourself, that means you are not now experiencing it. Either you are experiencing something, or you are expecting to experience it. Expectation places what you wish to experience into the future. Remember that. Expecting something pushes it away from you.

You can create the best apple pie in the world, and still seek to create an even better one. You can know much about the world, and still seek to know more. This is called growth, and the urge to grow is not a negative energy, but a positive one. It is not a judgment, but a desire. It comes not from dissatisfaction, but from passion. The passion OF Life for MORE Life. This passion lies within you, and is the driving force behind all creation.

Judge not, and neither condemn.

Tommorrow’s God talks with everyone, all the time.
Yet the turn of phrase “a God with whom you can speak” can have a double meaning. It can mean that you are speaking “with” God – as in, “conversations with God” – and it can mean that God and you are speaking at the same time – as in, saying words “along with” me.
The first meaning is the meaning associated with yesterday’s God; the second meaning will be associated with Tommorrow’s God, God who speaks TO you and THROUGH you.

Until you see God in the face of your enemy, you cannot see God at all. For, in truth, there is no such thing as an “enemy”. There is only that part of you which is contrast to another part of you.

God exists in, as, and through all things. That God is absent from no one and nothing.

When someone has hurt you, you can do one of several things. You can (a)defend yourself, (b) attack back, or (c) find out what they thought their reason was.
Attacker feels that the one being attacked did something or is doing something to which a defensive response is required.

God is Love.
God is freedom.
God is joy.
God is peace.
God is unity.

You can act as if you are something you are not, but you cannot be something you are not.
“I will always see what you are being. I do not care what you are doing, because what you are doing is not who you are. I will always see you at the level of being.

Change yourself, change your world.

Yesterday has nothing to do with Who You Are. It has only to do with who you thought you were.

Here is a central tenet of the New Spirituality: the purpose – and the greatest opportunity and gift – of life is to re-create yourself anew in the next grandest version of the greatest vision you ever held about Who You Are. And you can do this in every single golden moment of Now.
The time of your transformation is at hand. It is always at hand. It is not a question of whether you “have what it takes,” but of whether you take what you have – and then use it.

If you have the desire, you will have what it takes – precisely because desire is what it takes.

You are affecting the All in All, right now. You can never not affect the All in All. You are affecting It because you are a part of it. What you do, It does. Especially that part of It that is in close proximity to you. You cannot do a thing without affecting the All, because you are It, and It is you. Therefore, what you do affects It, immediately and profoundly.

The Jesus Factor

The very fact that you are an individuated part of me means that, by definition, you cannot possess the Totality of Understanding, Recollection, and Knowing that the non-individuated Ultimate Reality you call God possesses.
For the same reason that a drop of the ocean does not contain the power of the ocean, even though it is made of the same stuff. It is identical in its composition and its characteristics and its qualities, but it is not the Collective, it is the Individuation, and the Individuation and the Collective are not equal.

“For as the body is one, and hath many members, and all the members of that one body, being many, are one body: so also is Christ. For by one Spirit we all baptized into one body, whether we be Jews or Gentiles, whether we be bound or free; and have been all made to drink into one Spirit. For the body is not one member, but many. If the foot shall say, Because I am not the hand, I am not of the body; is it therefore not of the body? And if the ear shall say, Because I am not the eye, I am not of the body; is it therefore not of the body? (I Cor. 12-16)

Jesus message was that he is greater than none, nor is any one greater than any other, for You All Are One, and a thing cannot be superior to Itself.

Foundations of The New Spirituality

We Are All One.

Tommorrow’s God will simply say, “I require nothing of you. You may do as you wish. I give you Free Will.” And Tommorrow’s God will mean it. She will not say, “ You have Free Will, unless, of course, you do not do as I require, in which case I will punish you forever.” What kind of Free Will is that? You are free to do what I want you to do?

Well, there is some good logic for you. You are free to vote, but if you don’t vote for me, I will have you shot. You are free to own your own business, but if you don’t give me most of the profits, I will have you fined and put out of business. You are free to speak, but if you say anything I don’t like, I’ll have you thrown into prison. No problem here. You have Free Will, right? You know, in the world in which you live, you call that kind of freedom a mockery. You call it a dictatorship.

Well, the Bible does say that we were made in the Image and Likeness of God.
And the Bible is right about that.
Then you are just a bigger version of us.
No. You are just a smaller version of me.

Life’s Secret Formula

The statement that you are made in the image and likeness of God does not mean that God is like you, but that you are like God.

A true Master is not the one who creates the most servants, but the one who creates most masters.

You are here to wake each other up.

When you give away that which you thought you lacked – love, compassion, companionship, money, anything – you suddenly experience that you had it to give all along. This changes everything. This turns your thinking completely around, allowing you to see that you have what you thought you lacked.
You have it. You have it. Now all you need to do is multiply it. It is impossible to multiply something you do not have. But now that you know you have it, you can expand that experience easily.
But remember, the experience ultimately has nothing to do with quantity. If you have a dollar and you give a quarter, it is as much as if you give a quarter million when you have a million. You cannot quantify beingness. You are either being Giving, or you are not. You are either being Loving, or you are not. “Givingness” cannot be quantified. Neither can love.

You cannot love one person “a lot” and another person “ a little”. You either love or you do not. How you demonstrate your love is another matter. Love may be demonstrated in many ways, but if it is love, it knows no condition, least of all condition of quantifiability.

Is God Needless?

Needlessness is the State of Being in which God resides. God needs nothing. You also, need nothing.

You did not have any needs. You were making it all up.

Life is obedient to Three Basic Principles. Life is functional, adaptable, and sustainable. When it moves toward the edge of functionality – when it cannot function much longer the way it is going – it adapts. Life on earth is about to adapt. It cannot go on like it is. Something is going to have to change, and it will. Life will not let Life down. It will adapt.

Unconditionality is a state of being having no condition at all.

So, Life exists, without any conditions. That means that God exists without any conditions. That means that Love exists without any conditions.

True love is unconditional. Love that places conditions is not love at all, but a counterfeit version of it. Real love, like the real God and like real life, knows no condition.

Love and fear, cannot exist simultaneously in the same space.

EVERY day is Judgment Day. Every moment is the Last Judgment. Everything you think, say, and do announces your judgment about yourself. Every act is an act of self-definition.

Every creative act is a last judgment because you don’t get to redo it. It is a one and only choice.

Wisdom is not having all the right answers, it is having all the right questions.

God is the Source of all that is creative. Answers are not creative. As soon as you think you have an answer, you stop creating. Answers kill creation.

The End of The Single Source

Search within, ask within, inquire within, seek within, go within – for if you do not go within, you go without. You go without answers that satisfy you, you go without peace that remains with you, you go without joy that emanates from you, you go without love that becomes you.
Love does become you – it makes you look very wonderful, indeed – and it turns into You while it turns You into it. That is what Love does. It is transformative. It turns everything inside out. Yet it, like wisdom, must come from within you – each of you – for the experience to be personal and lasting.

Nothing will kill the New Spirituality faster than the idea or impression that it is coming from One Individual Human Source. It IS coming from One Source, but not from one INDIVIDUAL HUMAN source. It is coming from the Single Source that flows through all humans – and indeed, through all of life – everywhere.

Do not say that the truth is exclusively “here” or exclusively “there”, but, rather, that the truth is “neither here nor there,” but everywhere.

Truth is found in Whole nowhere, and in Part everywhere. All of those sources(Qur’an, Upanishads, Bible, Bhagavad Gita, etc), taken singularly, contain incomplete understandings.

The living of your own life writes the book of your most sacred truth, and offers evidence to it.

PART TWO: The Fourth Transformation

New Ways For You to Experience God

Humanity cannot continue to resolve twenty-first century dilemmas with first-century guidelines – much less guidelines that came from before that time.
This is akin to going into a twenty-first-century operating room with first century healing tools.
Tommorrow’s moral, ethical, and social challenges cannot be met using eighteenth – or tenth – or sixth century understandings and instructions. Those instructions and those understandings were not “wrong”, they were not “bad”, they were simply incomplete.

Fundamentalist understandings of the holy scriptures of all your wisdom traditions are wise in many ways – and incomplete, and therefore dangerous, in many other ways. Honor the tradition, but expand the understanding. That is the trick now. That is what religions must do right now if they hope to be helpful to humans in the years ahead – or even to survive.
Honor your wisdom traditions, but expand their understanding.

For those who see themselves as witnesses, rather than participants, in the process of evolution, it will move more slowly.
The New Spirituality will never condemn traditional religion, but seek always to include it in the process by which divine truth continues to be revealed.
There are far too many treasures in your religious traditions to abandon them. The future of humanity with regard to religion is not about desertion, but dissection, not about rejection, but rejuvenation.

This will not occur through the leadership of one person, but through the leadership of many.

There is no area of your life that is not a demonstration of what you believe about Life Itself.
Politics is your spirituality, demonstrated.
Economics is your spirituality, demonstrated.
Education is your spirituality, demonstrated.
Relationship is your spirituality, demonstrated.
Sexuality is your spirituality, demonstrated.
Your life is your spirituality, demonstrated.

God does not call the qualified, God qualifies the called.

Those whose minds have not been closed, those whose hearts still beat boldly, those whose soul can yet be heard, will declare their membership on humanity’s team, and move with thunderous power and lightning speed to reclaim the future.

A Civil Rights Movement for The Soul

The first assignment for anyone wishing to seriously explore Tommorrow’s God and to personally live the New Spirituality will be to go within.
Begin a schedule of daily practice in meditation, deep prayer, silent listening, whatever you are comfortable with.
Exercise your body.
Third, eat well.

Smoking is eating the worst kind, because it is eating away at YOU – but you simply don’t seem to care. You don’t even care for those who deeply love you, for you are willing to deprive your spouse, your children, and your family of you by dying earlier than you were designed to, just so you can have your multiple nicotine hits each day.

When Life, rather than Instant Gratification, becomes your Prime Value, you will know that you have become truly spiritual.

Presently, most humans do not want to take care of themselves. They want someone else to take care of them.

If there is one thing that is doing you in, if there is an Achilles’ heel of the human race, here it is: Dependence

Only because you are dependent can you be oppressed by an unreasonable, violent God. Only because you are dependent can be oppressed by an unreasonable, violent government. Only because you are dependent can you be oppressed by an unreasonable, violent society, or an unreasonable violent economy, or even by unreasonable, violent schools – where now you have to not only educate yourselves, but defend yourselves. The second greatest weakness of your species is lack of interdependence.

To be “interdependent” is to be in a reciprocal relationship. To be “dependent” is to be abnormally reliant on something to the degree that it is physically or psychologically habit-forming.

Tommorrow’s God will not encourage any such thing. In fact, Tommorrow’s God will say, “You do not need me. You do not need religion. You do not need government. You do not need your employer. You do not need the social structures you have invented. They are your tools, you are not theirs. Use them for your convenience, do not be used by them for theirs.

Do not swallow anything whole, do not accept anything on someone else’s word, and do not “go along with the crowd” because it is the easiest thing to do.

Well, there are many authors whose books I(the author) would recommend, including Brad Blanton (Honest to God), Deepak Chopra (How to Know God), Ram Dass (Still Here), Wayne Dyer (There’s a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem), Duane Elgin (Promise Ahead), Thich Nhat Hanh (The Heart of the Buddha’s Teaching), Thom Hartmann (The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight), Robert Heinlein (Stranger in a Strange Land), Hazel Henderson (Building a Win-Win World), Esther and Jerry Hicks (Ask and It Is Given), Jean Houston (Jump Time), Barbara Marx Hubbard (Conscious Evolution), and Gerald Jampolsky (Love is Letting Go of Fear).
Also, Daphne Rose Kingma (The Future of Love), Dr. Illchi Lee (Brain Respiration), Rabbi Michael Lerner (Spirit Matters), Mary Manin Morrisey (No Less Than Greatness), Wayne Muller (Learning to Pray), Jack Reed (The Next Evolution), Don Miguel Ruiz (The Four Agreements), Rabbi Jonathan Sacks (The Dignity of Difference), Robert Theobald (Reworking Success), Eckhart Tolle (The Power of Now), Marianne Williamson (Everyday Grace), Paramahansa Yogananda (Autobiography of a Yogi and Gary Zulkav (Seat of the Soul).

Whole that is Greater than the Sum of Its Parts.

Standing firm in an “either/or” position rarely serves anyone – least of all, Life. You do not live in an “either/or” reality. The reality is “both/and.”

From your(the author) present point of view, it makes perfect sense, because you are standing firm in your black-and-white world. Yet if it’s true that “religions mean nothing if they mean everything,” then God would have to mean nothing, too, since God is everything.

Yet if God is “this” and not “that”, then something would have to exist that is “not God” – and such a thing is impossible.

Nothing exists, nor can exist, outside of God.

In the days of the New Spirituality many of your presently established religions will stop declaring that something can exists outside of God.

In the days ahead humanity will choose between Big God and Little God. Big God is the God That Is Everything, and Little God is the God that is Some Things, but Not Other Things.
In the world of Little God, God is the source of all things positive, and the Devil is the source of all things negative. This is how your major, exclusivist organized religions have resolved the duality between what you call the Positive and the Negative in your limited thinking.

When you deny the good in anything, when you deny the perfection of anything, you are seeing it as negative. In this you imagine that you are seeing Satan. SATAN is Seeing Any Thing As Negative.
Satan does not exist as a person. Satan is a State of Mind.
“See the perfection.” “All things are perfect.”

DEVIL is Denying Everything Valuable in Life! When we deny God’s perfection, calling anything in Life imperfection, we have got it all backward, we have lived backward. And “lived”, backward, spells “Devil”!

GOD is Getting Over Denial.

All of Life is a movement between the Macro and the Micro, between the largest and the tiniest expression of Itself. It is a pendulum process, a breathing in and a breathing out.

The human race has been in the process of expanding. Expanding its consciousness, expanding its awareness, expanding its state of being. Yet humanity is now making a decision, and the human race is holding its collective breath. You are asking, shall we become more, still more, than we are now, or shall we begin to become less? Shall we take in more air, even more life, or shall we stop expanding now, and begin to expel the air we have inhaled, releasing the life energy we have collected, and eventually starting the whole process over? Shall we inflate or deflate, expand or contract, become larger or become smaller?
It is no accident that your doctors call the act of breathing in “inspiration”. And so, do you choose inspiration or expiration?

When human see themselves as A PART of God, instead of APART from God, their whole perspective will change in such a way that life across the planet will become something it has never been before.

Tommorrow’s God and “Real Life”

To say that it is raining outside is not the same as saying that rain is bad.

God is all powerful, all creative, all knowing, unlimited, and everywhere present? And are these not the characteristics of one who is the essence of freedom itself?

Life will be rearranged to become part of the solution, rather than part of the problem.

Enlightened societies are self-determining societies.

Throwing The Money Changers Out – Again

Your society and the values you have established for it have made it virtually impossible for a business that does not make a profit to stay “in business”.

In the days of the New Spirituality, wealth will be defined not as possessions and power, but as access and happiness.

Shift from a “possessions-and-power” economy to a “use-and-cooperation” economy. Not everyone needs their own vacuum cleaner. They simply need the use of one. Not everyone needs their own washing machine. They simply need the use of one.

Right now many humans are paying an enormous amount of money to own and hold things, most of which they use a tiny fraction of the time that they own it.

It is simply a matter of changing your “every man for himself” economy to a “highest good for all” economy.

In the book ‘The Next Evolution’, the book by Jack Reed, wrote that the world could change overnight if humanity simply changed its definition of wealth from “possession and power” to “use and cooperation”.

“Live simply, so that others may simply live.”

In the days of the New Spirituality, the economy will be transparent.

(Conversation with God, book 2) Business practices as placing two numbers on every price tag – “Our Cost/ Your Price” – so that consumers would know at the point of purchase what a company’s per unit profit margin is. Also, sending around to all employees within a company a sheet each month indicating the to-the-penny salaries and benefits of every person employed.

Instead of creating one massive economy, create lots of “little economies” all over the place.

Humanity’s greatest weakness is dependency.

In the days of the New Spirituality, there will be no disproportionate holding of wealth and resources, and abject poverty will no longer be allowed to exist.
In the days of the New Spirituality, it will be recognized that every human being has a right to the basics of Life and the ability to survive.

In the days of the New Spirituality, it will be recognized that natural resources belong to all.

Our Kids and God

Children spend hours in front of screens – TV screens, computer screens, video-game screens, movie screens. They are being, quite literally, screened out from Life Itself.
This process removes them from reality and places them into an imaginary world.

Tommorrow’s God will teach children never to be afraid to fail, because failure does not exist in God’s kingdom. Only effort exists, and effort is all that matters and all that counts, because every effort leads to an outcome that moves Life Itself forward – and forward is where Life yearns to go.

Tommorow’s God will teach children that there are no losers, only those who have lost their ways.

Education is the single most important tool that can be used in the transformation of humanity. Those who seize power and seek to hold on to it understand this very well, and that is why they do whatever they can do to curtail or control education and learning among their people. The way to control a population is to control a population’s mind, and the best way to do that is to being with the young.

I(the author) wonder if educators will ever acknowledge that most of those problems and challenges that today’s kids are going to have to face will be in the end have little or nothing to do with geometry, geography, biology, or history, and everything to do with fairness, tolerance, equality, and honesty.

In the days of the New Spirituality, coercion and punishment will not be part of the educational process.

Spanking a child after telling the child that he should never deliberately hurt others does not teach the child to “be better”, it only teaches him that physical violence is the way that people in control deal with problems. It models for the child the exact behavior you are asking the child not to demonstrate.

There is no such thing as Right and Wrong, there is only What Works and What Doesn’t Work, given what it is you are trying to do.

You do not want the child to simply stop her behavior, but to alter it. There is a difference. Punishment, or the threat of it, can perhaps work once in a while in getting another to stop a certain behavior – but the behavior will start up again in some very near future (as parents…and presidents…have learned), because punishment merely halt behavior, it does nothing to change it.

Well, I (the author) have to say that there are some education experts who agree with you, and who do not say that punishment is sometimes the best and only last resort. Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish did write a book on this subject alone, and it filled with priceless wisdom for teachers and parents. It is called How to Talk So Kids Can Learn – At Home and in School.

Many people do believe that God punishes human beings for not obeying his laws, and that human beings, therefore, have the moral authority and the responsibility to do the same to each other.

Emphasis in future schools will not be on getting children to duplicate(memorization), but to create. Duplication is one thing, creation is another.

In the days of the New Spirituality the focus of education will be on creation.

It will be, most important, about connecting their minds to their souls, connecting their bodies to their minds, and experiencing all three as one.

Creation Education will be centered around the following major messages that the New Spirituality will bring to children:
1. You are One with everyone and everything in the Universe – including God. All things are part of One Living System
2. Because you are One with God, you have the power to create what you wish to experience in your life
3. The way you create is by what you think, say, and do.
4. It is not possible to make a mistake in the process of creation, and failure is an illusion. Everything that you create is perfect just as it is – including you.
5. When you create, you are fulfilling the purpose of your life, because creating is how you grow and evolve, and that is what you and all living things are on earth to do.
6. Life itself is your greatest teacher, and it has built-in consequences, but never punishments. Punishments is not a part of God’s plan, and has no place in God’s Kingdom. Learning was always meant to be easy – it is actually a process of remembering what your soul has always known. This kind of “learning” will be joyful when you use the experience that you are now having to remember as much as you can about Life. Then you will remember what you need to remember when you need to remember it to make life work in the future.
7. Try never to harm another person, place or thing in any way, but only to help others and love them as best you can, especially when they have made a mistake or have done something wrong. If you can do this, you will create a friend of just about everyone you know, and when you need one, you will never be without one.
8. There is enough for everyone. It takes very little to be happy, and the fastest way to create happiness for yourself is to create happiness for another.
9. Your very best friend is Life Itself, because it never ends. When portion of your life that you spend on earth is over, there will be no “Judgment Day,” no condemnation, and no punishment, but simply an opportunity for you to review all the thoughts, words and actions of your life and decide whether, as you go on to other adventures, you wish to choose again when confronted with similar circumstances. Choice is the process by which you evolve, and ultimately experience Who You Really Are.

The Three R’s that you would teach your children about are not nearly as important as the Three R’s that Tommorrow’s God will invite you to teach your children about.

Children do learn to read, write and work with numbers, but only as tools which they can create Reconciliation, Re-creation, and Re-unification.

In the days of “the New Spirituality the priority of education will no longer be the dissemination of facts, but the increasing of sensitivity and awareness and understanding and compassion and acceptance and celebration of and appreciation for the awe and wonder of Life.

Every teacher should be first, a teacher of humanity, and then a teacher of a subject.

These subjects(geography, history, etc) will be shared with children not as things to learn merely for the sake of learning them, but as things to use while they are learning the things that they came to learn.

When creation is experienced as fun, using the tools that it takes to create will be something that every child will want to do. They will not have to be convinced to do it.

There is no such thing as a “purely academic subject”. Everything has to do with Life, and the problem with your schools is that, too often, this connection is not made. Students do not see the relevance of what they are being required to learn, and so they do not want to learn it. When children have a reason to learn something – a reason they agree with – you will never see learning faster. Children can learn the most complex computer program in minutes, leaving adults in the dust. They have figured out how to operate the new TV remote before their parents have finished reading the instructions. They are the only ones in the house who know how to set the timer on the VCR.

All that children want to understand is, “Why do I have to know this?”
What will work is drawing a circle of relevance around a subject. This can best be done by not teaching the subject at all, but teaching something entirely different – something in which the child does have an interest. You might even ask the child on any given day what it is that they would like to learn.

In the days of the New Spirituality, the function of education will be to draw a Circle of Relevance around the raw data and systems that support Life.

The children will be engaged in exploring and experiencing life concepts, with a fact or an equation or a method or a formula not being learned as an end in itself, but used as a means to an end.

An early message of the New Spirituality is that you create your own reality, and much time will be spent in Creation Education opening children to their natural abilities, including their psychic abilities and their manifestation abilities.

The adults can be one of those who provides the “Creation Education”. You can offer classes right now in the New Spirituality, bringing people together on a weekly or biweekly basis, and exploring all of what Creation Education will be saying to children in the years ahead.
Author: How can people do that? How can people give a class in what they don’t even know?
The best way to learn something is to teach it. Go ahead and offer the class. Call it an informal study group in the New Spirituality. Go out and get some of those wonderful books mentioned earlier and build a program around them. Give the group reading assignments and then bring it together to discuss the material.
Create a learning environment in which the “teacher” is doing as much exploring as the “students”. You do not have to know everything there is to know about something in order to teach it. You need merely to have to want to know more about it, and be willing to share your growth process with others.
Remember that good teachers do not try to put something into, but rather seek to bring something out of, every student.
Author: It is not about putting in, it is about tapping in.
And so, in your study group, your job is to pull the wisdom out of the others, not to put your wisdom in there. To pull the wisdom out of others, you need to know nothing. In fact, the less you think you know, the better.

In the days of the New Spirituality, education will be more about creating, not a school, but a learning environment.

God’s Way in Relationships

In the days of the New Spirituality human relationships will be completely re-created in both purpose and process.

The purpose of a relationship is to create joy and happiness, completion and fulfillment, through the sharing of life with another.

In the days of the New Spirituality human relationships will no longer be seen as a means of need fulfillment.

Humanity will understand that need is an illusion, and while human beings may choose to dance in that illusion and play with that illusion – much as a magician who enjoys his own tricks – people will ultimately understand that the purpose of life’s most holy experience, union with another, is not about fulfilling needs.

If you are finding something, you do not have it, and if you do not have it, you will imagine that you need it.

You can only create something out of something you have.

If you think that the purpose of a relationship is to “find” something, then you will be continually looking for it. You won’t experience that it is inside you, because you wouldn’t be trying to find it if it were inside you. So you will be looking for it outside you – namely, in the person that you call your beloved.
If, on the other hand, you think that the purpose of a relationship is to “create” something, then you will be bringing to the relationship what it is that you wish to experience there. You will see yourself as the source of what you choose to create, because the creator of anything IS the Source.

In the absence of that which you are not, that which you are, is not. In the absence of “bad”, “good” is not.

You cant have one without the other in the Realm of Relative. This is not true in the Realm of the Absolute, where All That Is is All That Is.
In the Realm of the Absolute, nothing exists in relationship to anything else, for the simple reason that there isn’t anything else.

What God chooses to do is to Know Itself in Its Own Experience. This is God’s holy purpose: to know Itself Wholly.
God can know Itself conceptually easily enough. God merely has to think about Itself. Yet for God to experience itself, God has to encounter something that God is not. Only through such an encounter can God experience what God is.
The conditions however, that is there is nothing that God is not. And, I will repeat, in the absence of that which you are not, that which you are, is not.
God found a solution in this situation, however. God reasoned that since nothing other than God existed, God would have to create something that appeared to be “other than” God out of Itself. God did this by dividing Itself into a billion or more (actually, many more) smaller parts – and each of those parts would be something other than the Totality of God.
In this way, any individual part could know the Totality, and the Totality could know each individual part, and God could experience Who and What God Is.
And so, the Realm of the Relative was created, and along with it, relative experience. Now, all of the parts of God can experience themselves as Who and What They Are in relationship to Who and What everything else is, and thus know both the Individuality and the Totality of God – the magnificence and the wonder and the glory of the All, and of All That Comprises the All in Its Various Parts.

Something that is “bad” according to your terms, has to exist in your experience in order for you to experience something that you call “good”.

(Author)Well, that explains a lot. Now I understand why life is so often a pile of –
But here is what you would call the “good” news: The “bad” that has to exist in your experience does not have to exist in your immediate experience. It means that the so-called other side or opposite of what you wish to experience may exist either in your past, or in some location far away from you – such as the most distant location in your universe. It merely has to be something of which you are aware. It has to be part of your consciousness.
Now you can reach into this Contextual Field of memory and distance – what you have called Time and Space – and find the opposite of any experience you presently choose to have. You do not have to draw the opposite to you. You need only to know that it exists. Thus it is said that “Knowledge is Power.”

“Good” and “bad” are simply your point of view. From another perspective, what is “bad” might be called “good”. So life is just a matter of perspective.

You are living the story you have created, as a playwright who has fallen asleep and is dreaming that he is living his own script.

In the days of the New Spirituality all people will understand the purpose of relationship and the Process of Life, as well as their role in it, and they will bless the process and call it holy, they will engage the process and call it adventure, they will experience the process and call it joy – and they will complete the process and call it Nirvana… they to happily begin the process all over again at the time of their choosing in the never-ending cycle of bliss that is Creation itself.

If you feel alone within, if you feel incomplete inside yourself, you will search outside yourself for the rest of your life to find that which cannot be found. And, after experiencing this over and over, you could wind up with a series of relationships that do not last.

The relationships don’t last because you do not understand what you are doing there. You are trying to find fulfillment rather than create joy. You are trying to find completion rather than create completion. You believe that relationship is a process of discovery and it is not. It is a process of creation. The same thing can be said about Life.

You don’t need a relationship to create joy and happiness and completion. It’s all “within”. You use a relationship to experience it. Like God, you create relationships in order to experience who you are within.

In the days of the New Spirituality it will be clear that all relationships begin and end and are created with and within the human soul.

What you do not have within, you cannot live without.

(Author) Clever. But if I cant “live without it,” yet I do not have it within, how do I get it there?
Not from the other person in your relationship, I can tell you that. Put that burden on your beloved, and they will never be able to carry it. They will run from you as fast as they can. They will see that there is a hole within you that they cannot possibly fill even if they tried.
The purpose of relationship is not to find completion, but to share your completion. Not to find joy, but to share your joy. Not to find happiness, but to share your happiness.
If you are not happy going into a relationship, you will have no happiness to put there – and in human relationships, I will say again, you only find what you put there.
This is true of all of Life.
So relationship exists as a Contextual Field, as a holder or container into which you can pour all that you are. You can then reach into that and pull out whatever aspect or aspects of yourself you now wish to express and experience. Yet you cannot pull out of that container anything that you have not put in. You will be making the biggest mistake of your life if you are waiting for someone else to supply it for you.
(Author) In short, a relationship is about giving, not about receiving.
It is about both. But what you receive in relationship you receive from yourself. Your illusion is that you receive it from another. And so, what you receive is only what you give.

In the days of the New Spirituality, love and freedom will be understood to be the same thing.

All choices have outcomes. Yet outcomes are not punishments, they are results.

As I observe humanity, I would say that in the best case scenario all relationships between people, including marriage, are experienced as a constant ebb and flow, a continuing and ever-changing process, in which there are no rules or restrictions, in which the only agreement is to tell the truth right here, right now, and in which preferences are openly announced and decisions and choices openly made and outcomes openly embraced as the natural consequence of the ebb and flow itself.

In other words, everyone gets to say what they choose, do what they choose, and be what they choose, and if one’s choice impinge upon or prevent the happiness of the other, then the other gets to say that, and if the same choices continue to be made, then the other gets to make their choice, and so goes the process, free choice after free choice, in the name of Love and Life Itself.
In this scenario, there are no victims and no villains, no spouses or partners in the “right” or in the “wrong” but only awake, aware, conscious beings consciously observing and consciously choosing the continuous co-creation.

In the days of the New Spirituality, relationships will not include blame and judgment or victim-villain scenarios, but will be understood to be co-creative experiences in which all parties take responsibility for their choices and decisions.

What human like to do, however, is freely make a choice, then declare that they had no choice. This allows them to make themselves the “victim” and someone else the “villain”.

To say that you had no choice is to give your mastery away.

The bottom-line purpose of relationship is to evolve.

Evolution is the bottom-line purpose of everything. And there is no faster way to evolve than through the process of your exterior relationship with another.

Sex and Spirituality

Tommorrow’s God says that every church is “his church”, and every faith is “her faith”, and every soul is God’s soul, because it shares the same soul with God! And no person or living thing in the universe stands outside of the community of God.

It is true that too much emphasis on anything produces imbalance and depletion of energies. Too much work, too much eating, too much drinking, too much sugar, gardening, bowling, swimming, TV, carrot juice, sex… too much of anything – even too much spiritual practice – can create an imbalance.

Sex is Synergistic Energy Exchange.

(Author) Still, sexual crimes are rampant in our society.
That is because sexual repression is rampant. Wherever you see sexual repression, you will see sexual crime and sexual dysfunction.

The Way to Enlightenment

Every time you go within, search with a pure heart and deep desire to know your highest truth, you will receive it. All you have to do is listen to what you have to say to yourself – and then trust that.

(Author) To put this another way, God, or divinity, or enlightenment, if you please, appears in a form in the lives of every person that is most appropriate to their background, their culture, the level of their understanding, the level of their desire, and their willingness.
This very conversation, this book that many will be reading, falls into that category. For some, it will be perfect, the perfect tool of communication. For others it will not, and they will not even have read this far and will not know what is being said here.

(Author) The Buddha said, in effect, “I’m enlightened because I have realized that enlightenment is knowing that there is nothing you have to do to be enlightened.”

(Author) Nothing matters. If nothing matters intrinsically, then I am free to declare what I choose to have matter to me. But if something matters intrinsically, that is to say, if something matters to, shall we say, God, then I had darned well better figure out what that is, because if I don’t figure out what it is, I will be the thing called condemned, or at the very least, unenlightened. We are free to make matter what we choose to make matter in our lives. And I mean in two ways: not only to make matter, but to make something into matter, to manifest in physical reality something out of invisible energy. To turn it into, to turn energy into, matter.

(Author) Enlightenment, when it is all said and done, has nothing to do with what you do with your body and your mind. It has to do with what you do with your soul.

(Author) When you have so much happiness, peace, wisdom, and joy that you spend your life sharing it with everyone else, no matter what your predicament, that is enlightenment. You have become a master. When your life is no longer about you, has nothing to do with you, but is about everyone else whose life you touch, you have become a master. In the end, this is why you came here. You did not come here to somehow “get better” or to “work on your stuff”. Consider the possibility that all the work you will ever need to do is finished. All you have to do now is know that.

Stop working so hard on yourself that you don’t even enjoy it anymore. Do what works for you, but make sure it bring you joy.

(Author) You want to know the fastest way for anyone to experience that they are enlightened?
Yes, can you tell me? Can you really tell me?
(Author) The fastest way of all for anyone to experience that they are enlightened is to cause another to know that THEY are.
That is the message of Tommorow’s God. That will be the teaching of the New Spirituality. That is why Namaste has become such a powerful tool, such a meaningful and special exchange of energy:
“The God in me sees and honors the God in you.”
There is nothing more to be done if we really mean that. Of course, if we are saying that because it sounds good, then there is a great deal more to be done. But if we really mean that – if, when we say that, we really mean that – then the struggle is finished, the search is over, and enlightenment is ours at last.

Good Bye and Hello

1. Tommorow’s God does not require anyone to believe in God.
2. Tommorow’s God is without gender, size, shape, color or any of the characteristics of an individual living being
3. Tommorow’s God talks with everyone, all the time.
4. Tommorrow’s God is separate from nothing, but is Everywhere Present, the All in All, the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, the Sum Total of Everything that ever was, is now, and ever shall be.
5. Tommorrow’s God is not a singular Super Being, but the extraordinary process called Life.
6. Tommorrow’s God is ever changing.
7. Tommorrow’s God is needless.
8. Tommorrow’s God does not ask to be served, but is the Servant of all of Life.
9. Tommorrow’s God will be unconditionally loving, nonjudgmental, noncondemning and nonpunishing

(Written and copyrighted by Don Eaton, 2003)

I see so many people lost in despair.
They have no hope, and they cant find their way.
But I still believe that there is a fire in some hearts.
And that a few courageous souls will dare to say:

I am the hope of humanity.
I am a bringer of the Light.
My love will help to heal the world’s insanity.
I am a candle in the night.

Now some may call it arrogance or say it’s vanity.
To think that we’re part of what dreams may come true.
But do you imagine I could feel this Light inside myself
If I hadn’t seen it shining first in you?

You are the hope of humanity.
You are a bringer of the Light.
Your love will help to heal the world’s insanity.
You are a candle in the night.

Now I’ve been very blessed to travel
With some strong and humble hearts,
A family of those who’ve heard the call.
And I’ve bathed in their heartlight and I’ve come to understand
There’s just one reason we are here at all.

We are the hope of humanity.
We are a bringer of the Light.
Our love will help to heal the world’s insanity.
We are the candles in the night.